Modern Family – When a Tree Falls

modern family 4S04xE09 – Cam wants to save a tree in the park that holds sentimental value, but he’s an understudy for the local production of Cats, and gets called in. So now Mitchell has to sit in the tree and keep it from being chopped down. It works, and they eventually are able to save the tree.

Phil and Jay take the boys to a birthday party, and Jay doesn’t really want to stay and converse with the other fathers, but Phil convinces him to stay. Jay actually ends up telling Phil stories to the guys, and enjoys himself. Things escalate and Phil gets mad, and they end up fighting in the boxing ring that’s set up in the yard. Phil beats the crap out of Jay. Pent up anger is the reason.

Haley has to do community service after getting arrested earlier. Alex is hell-bent on getting an embarrassing photo of her doing the service, in revenge for the photos Haley has posted of Alex. Alex tries and fails miserably ending in Haley getting yet another embarrassing photo of Alex. Lesson learned on revenge.

Gloria has serious pregnancy brain and Clare has been asked to babysit Gloria. So they go to Costco, where Clare ends up accidentally leaving the store with a jacket on that she didn’t buy. Security apprehends them both and Gloria pretends to go into labor in order to get them out of being arrested.

Best of the episode: Phil beating the crap out of Jay. It’s kind of about time.

Worst of the episode: Alex not being able to get a bad picture of Haley.

Where did this episode leave us?: Cam and Mitchell saved a tree.

Best one-liner: Cameron – “They are literally chain-sawing paradise to put up a parking lot!”

What this episode ruined for us: Costco


– a la Chryshele


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