Parenthood – You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

parenthood3S04xE09 – As president of the student council, Max is being difficult. The other students want to use funds to throw a dance, and Max thinks it’s a waste because he wants the vending machines back, and the money should be used for that. After some coaxing by Kristina and Adam, they get Max to agree to fund the dance. Kristina wants Max to go to the dance, and Max is adamant about not going. Adam is ok with Max not going, but this upsets Kristina. Later we find out it’s because with her being sick, she’s not sure if there will be other chances for these life moments. Adam talks to Max and convinces/negotiates him into going to the dance. This makes Kristina very happy, and she even teaches Max how to dance. Tears are flowing.

Zeek is helping Ryan prepare for his interview by coaching him on how to answer the questions. When Amber gets home and sees Ryan is there, she asks him how the interview went, and Ryan says not so well because the guy kept asking him inappropriate questions about being in combat. This upsets Amber and she tries to console Ryan who is trying to brush it off, and as she hugs Ryan, he decides he’s going for a walk. So Amber goes to Zeek for some advice on how to handle Ryan’s mood swings. Zeek tells her patience and understanding are the keys.

Crosby is having a neighbor issue. The new neighbor who has just bought the condo next door to the studio is pissed because people keep parking in her spots and then leaving garbage around, as well as the studio is loud at night. So she goes to complain to Crosby about it, and it doesn’t go very well, because Crosby can barely get a word in edge-wise, and when he does he shoots off his mouth. So he goes to Julia for legal advice on how to handle the situation, and she advises him to play it nice. So Crosby brings a peace offering to her, of which she scoffs at, and the fight begins all over. Crosby goes back to Julia and this time he has a legal document basically threatening to shut down the business. This is bad.

Hank is drunk and calls Sarah to pick him up, and so she does. Mark isn’t too enthused about this. Sarah picks up Hank and takes him back home. We find out that Hank’s ex-wife is moving out of state and taking his daughter with her. So now Hank has decided to rent a booth at an event in the town where his daughter lives in hopes of talking to his ex-wife and convincing her to stay. He tells Sarah he needs her to go with him because the event is actually a big deal. Sarah who has plans at that same time with Mark to go to a wedding at first tells Hank she can’t go, then discusses with Mark the possibility of splitting her time. Mark is upset and tells her no, so she agrees. But then the guilt starts kicking in, and she tells Mark that she needs to go with Hank, and will meet Mark up at the wedding. This pisses Mark off and he tells her to forget about the wedding. This is the beginning of the end of Mark and Sarah I foresee.

Joel wants to go back to work. Julia doesn’t fully like the idea, and gets upset when Joel accepts an offer as a foreman on a big project. Joel is surprised at how upset Julia is by his decision, especially since she has said she would like to be a stay-at-home-mom. Joel reminds Julia of how supportive he has been through all of her decisions, and she should be equally supportive of his. I understand both sides of this argument. Julia eventually comes around and apologizes. So now Joel is going back to work, and I think he’s pretty excited about it.

Best of the episode: Kristina teaching Max how to dance, and what he should say if a girl asks him to dance. It was seriously tender.

Worst of the episode: That the studio is in threat of being shut down all because of an annoying neighbor. The unfortunate part is she has a leg to stand on because the studio is in a residential zone.

Where this episode left us: Amber is worried about Ryan’s PTSD, The studio is at risk, Max is going to a dance(!), and Sarah and Mark are heading for Splitsville (yep HIMYM reference thrown in there).

What this episode ruined for us: Neighbors

Rating: Rating Potato

– a la Chryshele


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