Suburgatory – Friendship Fish

suburgatory4S02xE06 – George is taking to suburbia a little too much, and his comfort in his relationship with Dallas as well. So when a few friends from the city show up and see him in a pink shirt and sun hat, they get a little worried. George doesn’t help things when he offers them wine coolers to drink and cute little appetizers. So they head to the bar, where Noah and Fred show up trying act street smart cool and fail miserably. NYC friends start to criticize George, and it only gets worse when Dallas shows up and they are doting on her until they find out George is dating her. George has had enough of his so called friends and bids them farewell. Then he decides to one-up them for an architect position on a project, but fails miserably. But a message was sent saying George is not one to mess with. I think.

Lisa having broke up with Malik is now relying on Tessa’s friendship to get her through the tough time. Only problem is that Tessa has adapted to not having Lisa in her life as much. So Tessa doesn’t handle the constant clinging of Lisa very well. And the smoked friendship fish only tries to kill Tessa. So with Tessa in the hospital and George is nowhere to be found, Tessa is left to call another relative who happens to be her new found grandmother. George doesn’t like this much when he finally gets home apologizing profusely to Tessa. Tessa also has to apologize to Lisa for the way she was acting.

Best of the episode: The friendship fish. Totally creepy and gross, yet hilarious.

Worst of the episode: George’s NYC friends. They were just douche’s.

Where did this episode leave us?:  Lisa and Tessa are better friends after the near death experience that is the friendship fish.

What this episode ruined for us: Smokers


– a la Chryshele


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