‘Sup I’m Chryshele, your basic TV junkie and sci-fi geek. I live and die by my DVR, thus the reason Jordan and I have decided to start this here blog (she’s a lot like me). My all-time favorite shows are Doctor Who, Chuck, Lois & Clark (no judging!), Quantum Leap, Eureka and Friends. Honorable mentions would be Smallville, House and How I Met Your Mother. I watch so much more TV than listed as you will see reading this blog. I’m a huge Beatles fan, and can recite every lyric to every song. Did I mention I’m a geek? I love chick flick movies as much as action and sci-fi movies, and am a sucker for cheesy Christmas TV movies (again no judging!).  A little about myself personally; I’m a single gal, shocking I know. I am the oldest of four children and the most awesome one. They may beg to differ, but they know it’s true. I work in the office of a local general contractor, and am aspiring to be a writer full-time so please spread the word and provide any feedback you have. Peace out.


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