I’m Jordan. I live with my husband, Zack, and our doggies Moz and Aadi. I want to be an Olsen twin. I like Tab and fried food. My favorite color is green. I drive a Corolla named Dorothy after The Golden Girls because she is gold. My favorite beer is pilsner. Bacon is just okay. I have four four tattoos, two of which are television related, I’m sure I’ll post about it at some point. I drove for 7 hours to see Garth Brooks in Vegas and before his show we ran into Rick from Pawn Stars so that was sort of cool. Then I drove home for 7 hours through the night and went to work the next day #hardcore. I really don’t like the spring. I dye my hair, I have a nose piercing (or as my dad would say, “sh*t in my face). I just converted from a Blackberry to an Iphone and while I was nervous, it was a very good decision. In another life I was a writer, so I’m trying to be in this life as well. I really like television, obviously. Chryshele and I are a lot alike, only she has a DVR and I rely on Netflix, Hulu+ and downloading onto the Boxee Box. I watch a lot of shows and get really emotionally involved. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite television show it would probably be The Golden Girls with Roswell coming in at a very close second. Current favorites: Frasier and Breaking Bad. I don’t like Twilight.


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