Fall 2012 Series Pilots – See It/Skip It *Updated*

Below is a comprehensive list of the series pilots this season. Instead of going into great detail and wasting too much time, we will give a simple “see it”, “skip it” or “on the fence” and then a quick reason as to why. If you see a “see it”, you can count on the show being a frequent topic on the blog. And now for the pilots:

Partners – CBS: Skip it.

Plot: A comedy about two guys who have been friends since childhood. One is straight the other is gay.

Reason:  One is tolerable, the other is horribly annoying. You take a guess as to which one. Aside from the stereotypes and cliches, my biggest problem was the lack of actual funny dialogue. Oh and Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, Chuck) playing a timid gay nurse was too much for anyone to handle.

Ben and Kate – Fox: Skip it.

Plot: A comedy about a sister and brother living together. Kate, the sister is straight-laced with a child. Ben, the brother is still basically a child himself.

Reason: The show has little laughs, and Ben is incredibly irritating. How he hasn’t had the shit beat out of him yet is beyond me. If you can make it through the pilot, you will have seen more than I did.

The Mindy Project – Fox: Skip it

Plot: A doctor looking for love rom-com style.

Reason: This show was only ok. There wasn’t any super great comedy and I felt like I’ve seen it all before. I feel like every new medical comedy is trying to be like Scrubs, but better. You get the awkward person, the douche bag, and quirky one. For this comedy it doesn’t work.

Vegas – CBS: Skip it

Plot: A crime drama about a rancher in 1960’s Vegas is hired to solve a murder with the new sheriff, a mobster comes to Las Vegas to run a casino.

Reason: Honestly it bored me, and I didn’t make it more than 20 minutes. Maybe others will enjoy it, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Revolution – NBC: On the Fence

Plot: All electricity is lost, and there’s no way to get it back. Hydro-power is out of the question, and society has to fall back on how life was led before electricity was invented.

Reason: The idea of the show is intriguing, and knowing that there are a few people out there that know why the power went out, and also know how to turn it back on, makes me want to see more. I’m willing to give this show a couple more episodes before making a final decision, as nothing wowed me right away.

Guys With Kids – NBC: On the Fence

Plot: Three guys who are also best friends all happen to have babies the same age. One is a stay at home dad, one is divorced sharing custody, and the other is a working father.

Reason: Basically the show is what the title says while doing guy things. It had its funny moments, but it also had its fall-flat moments. I’m willing to give this another try and see if it gets any better. I didn’t hate it.

Animal Practice – NBC: On the Fence

Plot: A quirky animal hospital that is now run by the Owner’s granddaughter.

Reason: I could take this show or leave it honestly. I felt like it was trying to be like Scrubs, but with animals. The main guy George is kind of a dick, and the new owner supposedly dated him previously, which I found hard to believe. The staff is annoying and not entirely funny. I did find myself chuckling a couple times, but no big laughs. I’m willing to give this one another try, but if it doesn’t grab me with the next episode, I’m done.

The Neighbors – ABC: See it

Plot: A family from the city moves to the suburbs. The only problem is the neighborhood they move into is full of aliens unable to get back to their home planet.

Reason: I found this show hilarious. The quirky alien neighbors with their cult like habits were the most fun. They nourish their bodies through their eyes and minds by reading. The men have babies, and when they cry they ooze green out of their ears. And they’re all named after sports stars such as Jackie Joyner Kersee, Dick Butkus and Reggie Jackson. Classic comedy right there.

Elementary – CBS: See it

Plot: Sherlock Holmes in modern day New York City doing what he does best. Lucy Liu plays Dr. Watson a former surgeon who has now become a “companion” to recovering addicts fresh out of rehab. Sherlock Holmes in this version has just left rehab and has been assigned Dr. Watson as his “companion” by his father. If Sherlock doesn’t accept this assistance he will be kicked out of his New York brownstone owned by his father. We don’t entirely know why yet, but he isn’t able to return to London.

Reason: It’s obvious this is America’s television attempt to cash in on the Sherlock Holmes fame following on the heels of Steven Moffatt’s super hit Sherlock. I went in very skeptical because of this. But I was actually pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t horrible. It’s a different take to make Dr. Watson a female, and most of the characters that we have become so familiar with not being present in this version. Even with all the changes, the story kept me engaged, and the show may have some promise.

Made in Jersey – CBS: Skip it

Plot: Street smart Jersey girl Martina is in her first year as an attorney at a big law firm. After showing off some of her home-made knowledge, she is made third chair on a murder case.

Reason: The lead character is very stereotyped, and the show is overly cliched. I found the lead character more unlikable than likable. The fact that they tried so hard to make her stand out from the rest of the people in the law firm was painful. For example: Dress every single person in black and then dress Martina in a red blazer jacket and khaki skirt, puff her hair up big, and presto you have a girl who obviously doesn’t fit in. This show was not one I felt did any justice for women in the workplace. The opening scene you see Martina squirt soap all over her shirt and so she takes it off cuts the lace off her bra and puts her blazer jacket on, now wearing it as a shirt. She’s so clever!

Last Resort – ABC: On the Fence

Plot: An American Navy crew stationed on a submarine near Pakistan are given an order to bomb Pakistan through a secondary communication line. This raises a red flag with the crew and when they question the order, they themselves are bombed by their own people. The country is informed that Pakistan actually struck, thus essentially starting a war. The crew of the USS Colorado rebel against D.C. and the entire U.S. in order to write what’s wrong. But it seems the government isn’t going to let them do so very easily.

Reason: I felt that there were some strong moments in the show, the cast is decent enough, but I felt for the type of drama they are trying to make it, that it feels off. There were a lot of cheesy moments, and shaky performances, but overall the show has potential. It may take me another episode or two to really decide if it’s worth my time.

666 Park Avenue – ABC: On the Fence

Plot: A young couple come to manage an old apartment building in New York City, with a shady past and present.

Reason: I’m not one for scary movies especially when they’re demonic. This show falls under that same feeling for me. The acting wasn’t great and it’s going to take a few episodes to fully understand where they’re going with the story line, but I felt I could relate to the couple, especially since they have as much money as I do in their account (roughly $11). And even if I did feel creeped out at some parts, it kept my attention.

Chicago Fire – NBC: See it

Plot: The lives of a Chicago Fire Dept. day in and day out.

Reason: The show reminded me of an ER-esque type show, but with firefighters and paramedics. You see the sense of camaraderie between the people and also how they tend to act like family. The only thing I see might be an issue is that as soon as they help the people they move on, and you don’t get to find out what happens from there. It’s realistic, but you still wonder.

Arrow – CW: On the Fence

Plot: Oliver Queen has returned home after spending five years on a deserted island as a result of a shipwreck. He’s not the same person he was before. He has taken on a new persona as a vigilante righting the wrongs of his deceased father.

Reason: I want to like this because it’s a superhero show, but the acting isn’t great and I’m having a hard time seeing the actor playing Oliver Queen in this role. It may be that I’m partial to Justin Hartley’s version in Smallville. All bias aside, the show has potential and I’m willing to give it a few more episodes to see if it will go anywhere.

Beauty and the Beast – CW: On the Fence

Plot: A New York detective is saved by a beast-like man during a murder attempt very similar to nine years previously when her mother was shot down and she was saved by the same beast-like man. A relationship begins to evolve between this man and the detective when she finds out his true identity.

Reason: Again I want to like this show, I’m a fan of the late 80’s-early 90’s version of the show and the disney movie, but I’m having a hard time seeing Kristen Kreuk in this role. It could be again because I’m accustomed to her on Smallville in the role of Lana, but I think it’s because she just doesn’t quite fit the role of a tough police detective. Also the pilot episode was predictable and didn’t have a whole lot of depth to it. I’ll try a couple episodes, but I don’t think I have a lot of faith in this show.

Nashville – ABC: On the Fence

Plot: An aging country star whose record sales are declining is left with the option to tour with a young rising country star, or lose the backing of her record label.

Reason: I went into this show not wanting to like it at all. I hate country music and for some reason Hayden Panettiere annoys me. I enjoyed her in Heroes, but only a little. This show actually surprised me, and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. That doesn’t mean I liked it enough to regularly tune in, but it wasn’t horrible. This will need a couple more viewings for a definite decision.

Emily Owens M.D. – CW: Skip It

Plot: An awkward intern starts working at a new swanky hospital in Denver.

Reason: I don’t feel that the lead character is all that easy to relate to, and the show reminded me of a cross between all of the medical shows thus far. And not in a good way. I wanted to like the show because it has Justin Hartley in it, and since he can’t reprise his role as the Green Arrow *sob*, I was hoping this show would do it for me. And it didn’t.

Stay tuned for updates!


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