Scrubs Season 2 Re-Watch

Episode 3 – My Case Study

There’s a chance for one of the residents to go to a conference in Reno, but Kelso has decided to make a game out of it. The person to present the best case study to be published in a journal will get to go to the conference. Carla and Elliot have an elderly patient who is getting breast enhancement surgery, which conjures up self-conscious feelings about themselves. Kelso is giving one day a year, and it’s supposedly on his wedding anniversary after he gets some sweet lovin’ from his wife.

Chryshele’s thoughts while watching the episode (best to read while watching it yourself):

  • Roudy’s looking out the window. I wonder what he’s thinking.
  • Perms are cool. Never.
  • Cox likes to act tough, I just don’t believe it.
  • Kelso has a gold stethoscope. He’s so special.
  • Elliot must love Princess Leia she wears that hairdo a lot
  • Cox acting out sex is a little disturbing.
  • It is fun to rhyme. JD’s right.
  • Ass on the front. Front butt. Classic.
  • Kelso seems to have got some.
  • He’s more agile than you’d think.
  • Kelso is definitely generous after sex.
  • I need to get me a happy dance.
  • Honestly Reno isn’t that fun JD. It’s a hole.
  • Headbutting is always funny.
  • So are karate chops
  • And hits in the groin
  • The janitor is going to cry!
  • Oh my god stomach acid eating your intestines. I didn’t know that could happen.
  • Kelso’s wife is at fat camp. Yep no sex.
  • JD won the trip. Woohoo Reno…
  • Oh disappointing Cox, no good there.
  • JD was so close to having Cox’s respect.
  • Cox knows JD is right about doing what you need to, to move up
  • Mop water mmm.


Episode 2 – My Nightingale

JD, Turk and Elliot are on the night shift, with no attending. They have to make all the decisions, but at what cost? A cop is injured in a car accident with a perpetrator. And the decision they need to make is if he should have surgery or not. Meanwhile Cox and Jordan go the rounds about whether they want to start something up again, but Kelso gets in the way. Cox is required to give a congratulatory speech about Kelso, but can’t lie and say nice things about a man he loathes. This does Jordan in, as Cox proves he hasn’t changed. JD helps out the Janitor by removing a splinter from his foot, and the Janitor now owes JD.

Chryshele’s thoughts while watching the episode (best to read while watching it yourself):

  • Omg I hate feet. Especially hairy ones.
  • Why is JD helping the Janitor?
  • Oh Jordan sure does like to throw sleeping with JD in Cox’s face.
  • They love each other. Trust me.
  • “I’m no Superman” ooooo eeee oooo eeee oooo “I’m no Superman”
  • And Turk just made trouble with a nurse. Nice work!
  • Poor Ted. That’s all.
  • Buahahaha Turk has to hold the foot. No surgery for him. And nurse rubs it in. Yep don’t be rude to the nurses.
  • Jordan sure is in the hospital a lot more. The actress couldn’t be married to the show’s creator…..
  • Gah JD in a thong! Ok we talked about this. No men in thongs. No no.
  • Jordan and Cox doing it. I told you they love each other.
  • Carla knows it too.
  • haha Janitor thinks JD is gay.
  • Ted’s band!  I love a good a Capella band.
  • Omg I was just singing the Facts of Life song earlier! That’s creepy. They do it much better, they know all the words.
  • JD loves his butt. That’s good.
  • So overnight shifts suck everywhere. And it seems especially for them, as they have no attending.
  • Ah! Charles in Charge! Man I love Ted’s band.
  • Jordan and Perry in bed together.
  • Hmm Cox is regretting it. That won’t go well.
  • Rough side of a sponge to clean up spilled coffee on the floor. Thanks Janitor.
  • I hate free clinics, you seriously get the freaks.
  • Yes! Cox vulnerable, you don’t get to see that often.
  • He likes Jordan again.
  • Too bad she just wants the shallow meaningless sex only. That won’t last long.
  • Oh poor Cox having to give a speech for Kelso just to prove he’s not the same guy he was before. That sucks.
  • I don’t know this theme song they’re singing, something about building a man better, and some shanananana’s. Million Dollar Man maybe?
  • Cox just ruined it with Jordan. I couldn’t lie about Kelso either though.
  • Oooh more Charles in Charge. This one I still know every word.
  • Yep singing along right now.


Episode 1 – My Overkill

Everyone’s reeling from the aftermath of Jordan blabbing everyone’s secrets; Cox is in love with Carla and Turk knew about it. JD slept with Jordan, Cox’s ex-wife. Kelso was leading Cox on for a promotion that had already been filled. Elliot still has feelings for JD. The episode is spent mending fences, where Elliot wonders if she and JD can be friends, JD wondering if Cox still cares about him, and Turk wondering how he can fix things between him and Carla. In the end everything comes around back as it was.

Chryshele’s thoughts while watching the episode (best to read while watching it yourself):

  • Jordan is such a bitch…but I love that she outed everyone all at once. No more secrets!
  • Turk and JD are a little creepy in their bromance, yet it shouldn’t be any other way.
  • Oh Roudy, he gets more than anyone else around.
  • Colin Hays!! Overkill is easily his best song. Good thing it’s played throughout the episode. His lazy eye kinda freaks me out though.
  • Is it wrong that I totally sing along every time the song plays?
  • The Janitor is such a dick. Wetting JD’s pants. Hilarious. Every time.
  • Does anyone else tune out Dr. Cox’s rants? No? ok…..
  • The Todd is completely disgusting, but lovable. Why is that?
  • In so many ways I’m like Elliot. It scares me.
  • Aw. Cox forgave JD for sleeping with Jordan. Or did he?
  • It’s not weird that Turk and JD are having girl chat. Not weird at all. They sleep in the same bed right now. Totally normal.
  • Thongs on men are wrong, very wrong Todd.
  • JD in Laverne’s breasts. Laugh out Loud moment.
  • Seriously good song.
  • Cox and JD are having a moment! And Cox ruins it. Poor Colin Hays’ guitar.
  • Cox yelling at JD again. All is better.

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