The Vampire Diaries – Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

vampdiaries5S04xE09 – Damon is mad at himself because he didn’t send Elena away. She’s mad because he won’t express his true feelings for her. Jeremy has been sent to the family lake house to have Bonnie help him subside his urge to kill Elena. Elena plans to head out to the house too, in hopes that her presence can help the situation. She invites Damon along for the ride. Elena also invited professor Shane to help, much to Damon’s disapproval. Stefan has moved out of the Salvatore house, but I’m not sure where he’s staying. Tyler and Hayley are still working on breaking the sire bonds of the hybrids, but Haley is still working on her alternate agenda with professor Shane. Tyler has been convinced that he should place Klaus inside his body once again and then encase his body in concrete until the hybrids disappear away from Klaus. Caroline is not exactly thrilled about this idea. At the lake house Jeremy is having a hard time not killing Elena, but Bonnie is able to work her magic and through hypnosis turn off his urge to kill her. Caroline talks with Stefan about Tyler’s plan and they come up with the idea of placing Klaus inside Rebekah’s body that is already staked and waiting. Hayley obviously doesn’t like this idea and let’s professor Shane know about it, whom of which tells her to fix it. By fixing it she sends all of the hybrids into the forest, and Klaus ends up killing them all. Hayley needed the twelve hybrids for the sacrifice. Dark magic is in the works. And because Klaus thinks Tyler was behind the whole thing, he goes to find him, and instead finds his mother who he drowns to hurt Tyler. I’m not sure how professor Shane is going to act after hearing about all of this. Oh and April happened to witness a bunch of vampire and hybrid killing, and because she’s wearing Jeremy’s vervane bracelet, there’s no telling her to forget things. This is going to play into something somewhere. And Damon dismissed Elena in hopes it will break the sire bond. We shall see if this happens. Stefan wasn’t too happy to hear from Caroline that Damon and Elena are together.

Best of the episode: Klaus’ killing spree. Not gonna lie it was kinda cool.

Worst of the episode: Stefan thinking Damon and Elena are really together. This is so complicated!

Where did this episode leave us: Jeremy is seemingly able to fight the urge to kill Elena, but who knows how long that will last. All of the hybrids are dead, and so is Tyler’s mother. Tyler is officially an orphan.

Best one-liner: Caroline to Stefan -“Is this you in crisis mode? Because it’s a lot more subtle than mine.”

What this episode ruined for us: Hayley (not hard to do)


– a la Chryshele


The Vampire Diaries – We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

We’ll Always Have Bourbon StreetS04xE08 – Stefan reveals to Damon his theory of Elena being sired to him. So Stefan and Damon set off for answers. They end up in New Orleans where Damon retells the story of Charlotte, the first girl he suspects was sired to him. There they find Charlotte still hanging around waiting for Damon since 1942. They then go on the lookout for a witch that Damon knew that was able to perform a spell to break a sire bond. There he finds the daughter of the woman he knew and she tells Damon there is no such spell, that he was duped into providing the dark magic her mother had desired. Now knowing that there is no way to truly break a vampire sire bond other than dismissing them and the leaving them, they are at a loss on what to do with Elena.

Meanwhile Elena is having a girl’s night with Bonnie and Caroline in the empty Salvatore house. Elena reveals that she had sex with Damon, and Caroline can’t hold back her tongue any longer. This ruins the night, but when the wolves show up to take Caroline hostage, it’s now up to Elena to get her back.

The reason the wolves took Caroline is to get back at Tyler who has pissed off a certain hybrid Kimberly who is not too keen on breaking the sire bonds nor that Tyler is being as pushy as he is. So when Tyler tells her she has no choice, she takes matters into her own hands. Tyler and Elena try to save Caroline, but are confronted by a large group of hybrids. Elena offers herself up in place of Caroline, but Tyler intervenes and tells the group that in order to be free they all have to work together, and gives them the option of submitting to him or dying. They all submit to him, making him the new pack leader of the hybrids. Oooh.

Best of the episode: Flashbacks! I love the flashbacks.

Worst of the episode: No one being happy about Elena and Damon. I get it, but I still like the idea, so let’s see where it goes.

Where did this episode leave us: Elena is still sired to Damon, and the only way to break it is for Damon to leave her, which I don’t see happening. Oh and Tyler is now pack leader of the hybrids who have broke their sire bond with Klaus.

Best one-liner: Damon – “I finally got Elena to a good place about being a vampire and you two idiots can’t stand that she’s happy because of me.”

What this episode ruined for us: A happy union between Damon and Elena


– a la Chryshele

The Vampire Diaries – My Brother’s Keeper

tvdS04xE07 – It’s the Mystic Falls Pageant once again, and Caroline is the coordinator so watch out. Elena and Stefan have broken up, and Elena is having feelings for Damon of course, but has asked Matt to be her escort to the pageant. Jeremy is having dreams of killing Elena, and then Stefan shows up forcing him to kill more vampires so the map will grow. But this has bad consequences because the more he kills, the more he loses himself and the desire to kill all vampires grows. This is proven so when he does try to kill Elena, and Stefan has to stop him. Because Tyler and Caroline have made Klaus believe that they are no longer together, Klaus has asked Caroline to the go with him to the pageant. She reluctantly agrees, but when Tyler is there with Hayley and sees how Caroline is enjoying herself with Klaus, he’s not too happy. Hayley has been breaking the sire-bond with most of the hybrids, and Damon has accused Professor Shane of being a part of the cabin explosion that killed April’s father and other founding members. Hayley is actually in cahoots with Shane we find out, and I’m guessing it’s all part of the plan to find the cure before the vampires do. I’m not sure though. Caroline and Stefan are talking about Tyler breaking the sire-bond and it dons on Caroline that Elena is possibly sired to Damon. This would explain her strong feelings for Damon and why she does and listens to everything Damon says. Meanwhile because Jeremy wants to kill Elena, she has moved out of the house and asked Matt to move in and watch over Jeremy. Elena is moving in with the Salvatore’s, but Stefan offers to crash somewhere else. Oh the triangle drama.

Best of the episode: Klaus and Caroline. I know Klaus is a baddie, but for some reason I really like the idea of them together. I’ve never been a big Tyler fan, so I’m not too sad about him maybe hooking up with Hayley.

Worst of the episode: This crap about Elena being sired to Damon. She can’t just have real feelings for him? Really?

Where did this episode leave us: Matt and Jeremy are roommates now, and Jeremy wants to kill every vampire in site. Sad. Elena is shacking up with Damon while Stefan is brooding over his loss. AND Elena is sired to Damon. Ugh.

Best one-liner: Elena – “My brother wants to kill me.” Damon – “Welcome to the club.”

What this episode ruined for us: True Feelings


– a la Chryshele

The Vampire Diaries – We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

S04xE06 – Elena is having hallucinations after killing Connor. They mainly consist of Connor appearing to her and making her feel like crap. She also has one of Katherine which is unsettling. She even mistakes actual people for Connor, which explains why she stabs Jeremy in the throat, and Stefan in his side. No matter though, Klaus knows just what to do with her. So he kidnaps her and puts her in a room without windows, and guards outside the door. He paints a bleak picture for her consisting of going crazy for a long time until Connor decides to leave her alone. But until then Connor will continue to try and make her kill herself as punishment for killing him.

Once Damon and Stefan devise a plan to retrieve Elena from where Klaus is holding her, they put Caroline to the task of distracting Klaus with her womanly ways. Stefan is able to get to Elena, but this is where she stabs him and runs. She finds herself at the bridge where a lot of death has happened for her, and she then sees a hallucination of her mother encouraging her to end her life. So she throws her daylight ring into the water and waits for the sun to rise. Damon finds her just in time to save her and retrieve her ring placing it back on her finger.

Elena no longer has to worry about her hallucinations as the team was able to figure out how to make them stop, and that’s by Jeremy (who now has the hunter mark) killing a vampire. By doing this the previous hunter can move on, and also no longer haunt their killer. Win-win. The only problem is the information was obtained by Professor Shane who has his own agenda.

Now that Elena’s head is empty, she has the chance to thank Damon for saving her, then she heads down to talk to Stefan who is solemn because Elena always listens to Damon over him. This makes them both admit that there’s an elephant in the room by the name of Damon, and Elena has feelings for him. They both mutually end their relationship. Sad.

Best of the episode: Elena finally admitting her feelings for Damon. I’ve always been pro-Elena/Stefan, but I think the Elena/Damon has a good chance too.

Worst of the episode: Not realizing that Katherine is dead? I may have been asleep during that episode when that happened. I’m going to have to go back and re-watch that one.

Where did this episode leave us: Steflena? Elefan? is no longer. So now it’s onto Elemon? Damlena?

Apologies for the brief recap, life got in the way, and I will do better next week. Promise.


– a la Chryshele

The Vampire Diaries – The Five

S04xE04 – We start out with a brief flashback to the 12th century where there are five people standing in a circle, and a witch is repeating an incantation. We then see these five people develop a tattoo in different areas of their bodies. The Five are born. Whoever they are.

Damon and Elena are crashing Bonnie’s trip to Whitmore College. Bonnie is planning to speak with a Professor Shane, who has taken over the Occult Studies class for Bonnie’s deceased grandmother. Elena and Damon have other plans for their attendance. Elena needs to learn how to feed. Stefan isn’t comfortable with Damon taking her, but allows it. While at the college, there’s a frat Halloween party, which is a perfect place to feed. No one is going to notice a little blood there. Elena’s first feed is nearly unsuccessful, but with a little coaching from Damon, she starts to get the hang of it, and the two go on a feeding rampage through the party. It takes Bonnie’s look of disgust to bring Elena back to Earth and realize that’s not who she wants to be. She’s got a serious dilemma.

Bonnie has met with Professor Shane who has some information about Bonnie’s grandmother, but also expresses his knowledge that Bonnie is a real witch. When he asks her if she’s practicing, she says no. She’s had way too many consequences from her actions. Shane tells Bonnie there are other ways to learn magic, and she seems intrigued by this.

Rebekah tries to make amends with Matt by buying him a new truck, but Matt isn’t very accepting. Until he sees Rebekah has chosen to be friends with April, to where Matt decides he will take the truck after all. I’m not sure why that made him change his mind, but we’ll go with it.

Klaus has Connor tied up and has summoned Stefan to his place. There he explains that Rebekah has a vital piece of information about the Five, but because Rebekah isn’t on the best of speaking terms with Klaus, he has required Stefan to get her to provide this information. So to fill Stefan in before this requirement is asked of him, Klaus holds a dinner for his sister and Stefan, and there they explain the origins of the Five and their personal encounter with them. The Five are vampire hunters and Rebekah had fallen in love with one of them. This jeopardized and nearly wiped out the entire family, but before Klaus killed her lover for trying to kill them, Rebekah was able to learn that there may be a cure for vampirism. So Klaus has required of Stefan to acquire the knowledge that Rebekah has of the missing talisman that would possibly hold the cure. Stefan does his job, and does it well. He gets Rebekah to accidentally divulge the information that it’s a sword that she buried with her lover when he was killed by Klaus. Unfortunately for Rebekah, Klaus overhears this information, and with Stefan’s help, Klaus stakes Rebekah. I’m not sure if she’s really dead, or just sleeping. They didn’t really show.

So now Klaus has a new task of locating the sword. And with the map that he’s working to acquire from the tattoo on Connor, which he forced Jeremy to replicate in a drawing, Klaus nearly has all the puzzle pieces toward the cure. Klaus’ plan is to apply the cure if it exists upon Elena, so he can continue to make his hybrids. Stefan is helping Klaus because he too would like to cure Elena, but also possibly cure himself, so that they can grow old together. It’s a sweet idea.

Elena returns home to find Stefan at her house. He was having a chat with Jeremy or wiping his memory of the map drawing, whichever way you want to look at it. Elena admits to Stefan, that she shouldn’t have gone with Damon, that she should be learning how to be a vampire with Stefan, but at the same time she doesn’t want to be what she is. It seems like the cure is coming to light at the right time.

In the end we watch Connor break free, kill another vampire, which adds more of the map tattoo to his body, and then meet up with Professor Shane, who we find out was the one who sent Connor to Mystic Falls in the first place. Hmmm.

Best of the episode: More flashbacks! I love when they go back in time and we get more of the history of the vampires.

Worst of the episode: Stefan working with Klaus, it’s never a good thing when that happens.

Where did this episode leave us: Stefan hiding information from Damon and Elena. Elena hating herself, and having hurt Damon in the process. Connor is free to kill some more and Klaus is determined to cure Elena for his own selfish reasons.

Best one-liner: Damon about Elena – “She is a different person. She’s a vampire. We’re a predatory species.”

What this episode ruined for us: Frat Parties


– a la Chryshele

The Vampire Diaries – The Rager

S04xE03 –  Elena has decided she’s determined to make the best of her senior year at school, and its seems she might just be able to do it until Rebekah shows up. A brief encounter with her in the classroom leads to Elena getting stabbed with a pencil. So as she’s heading to the bathroom to get cleaned up, she sees that Connor the new vampire hunter is roaming the halls. After she’s cleaned herself up the best she can, in walks a classmate with her hand on her neck saying she’s been sent by Rebekah to see if Elena needs any help. Elena then starts to smell the blood, and she hasn’t yet learned self control, and in walks Rebekah threatening to expose Elena to Connor. Rebekah just won’t let up.

Elena frustrated with what’s happened is outside with Stefan and Caroline discussing her control. Stefan decides they should just skip the rest of the day and go have some fun. Elena and Caroline are all for it. Meanwhile Matt who has become Elena’s personal food source is cornered by Connor in the hall and forced to give up the name of the vampire friend he has at school So he tell him it’s Rebekah. Next Connor is waiting for Jeremy, to which he informs Jeremy that no one can see the tattoo on Connor’s arm unless you’re a vampire hunter yourself or a future hunter. Connor tries to recruit Jeremy to the cause, and Jeremy plays along.

Damon who has managed to track down Connor’s place of residence starts searching through the RV, but doesn’t get far when he gets shot by two arrows that hold him in place because they are tied to explosives. He has to call Dr. Fell to the rescue to remove the arrows.

Tyler who is under house arrest after another attack by Connor is visited by an old friend, a cute friend at that, who he used to run with in the same pack. Hayley apparently helped Tyler break the sire bond with Klaus, but never saw Tyler after that. She’d heard that a Tyler was being protected by some of Klaus’ hybrids and stopped by to see if it was him. There’s obviously a connection there, this may prove to be a nuisance of sorts for Caroline’s relationship with Tyler.

Rebekah has decided to throw an anti-curfew party at her house. There’s now a curfew in town and no one can stay out past a certain time anymore. So Elena and Stefan decide to crash the party. There Elena runs into April and as they’re talking Rebekah interrupts and plays another cruel trick on Elena by swiping her daylight ring and tossing it into the disposal. Elena is able to recover it, but is ready to kill Rebekah as revenge. Stefan intervenes and reminds Elena that if she were to kill Rebekah that she wouldn’t just be killing her, but thousands of other vampires linked to her. And then tells her that there are other ways to let out the rage, so they leave the party to go for a ride on Stefan’s bike, but first Elena has to show off and rip the attention from Rebekah by doing a keg stand. Stefan and Elena then ride off and there Elena is able to let loose and have some fun.

Damon calls the Lockwood house looking for Tyler, but gets Klaus instead. Damon is looking to see if Tyler wants to help kill Connor. Klause volunteers for this instead of Tyler. Jeremy shows up to Connor’s RV and tells him he doesn’t know of any vampires to kill, but does know of a doctor that might. So he lures Connor to the hospital and right into Damon and Klaus’ trap.There Connor gets pinned by his own arrow explosive device. As they’re preparing to dispose of Connor in a ball of fire, Damon happens to mention that Jeremy told him about a disappearing tattoo that Connor has. This intrigues Klaus and as he closes in on Connor, he almost gets a stake in the heart, but Klaus is quick and stops him. Klaus now has the stake in his possession and he sees a symbol is engraved on the stake. Klaus mentions something about Connor being one of the five, and then Connor decides he’s going to take himself out along with Damon and Klaus. Damon manages to get out before the room blows. And you assume that Klaus made it out too. So now Connor is dead. Or is he?

Rebekah is at her party when she starts to feel sick and you can see her skin starting to look like it does when they die. So she heads up to her room for a while. April walks in apparently cleaning up the house. April tells Rebekah that she would rather help clean up someone else’s home than be at her own home alone thinking about the family she no longer has. This seems to resonate with Rebekah, and she offers to help April figure out what caused the explosion that killed her dad.

Elena with Stefan starts to feel the same way Rebekah has, and they link it to the beer at the party and Connor having laced it with werewolf venom that he extracted from Tyler, so now Elena has the venom in her system, and no idea how to get rid of it.

Connor has survived the blast with the help of Klaus, and here we find out that Connor being one of the five is an important thing, and now Connor is going to be protected by Klaus. I hope this gets explained soon, because the curiosity is burning.

Best of the episode: Watching Elena let loose and have some fun beginning with the keg stand and then the moving bike stand. She apparently likes to stand on things.

Worst of the episode: Finding out that Tyler possibly has another girl waiting in the wings. And that he’s probably already slept with her. Caroline won’t be happy.

Where did this episode leave us: Questioning what the big deal is about Connor being one of the five, and why it’s so important that Klaus would save him from the explosion and tell him he’s now protected.

Best one-liner: Damon – “Did I say I was a germaphobe? Sorry, I meant vampire.”

What this episode ruined for us: Kegs


– a la Chryshele

The Vampire Diaries – Memorial

S04xE02 –  Now that Elena is a vampire, she needs to feed. Damon and Stefan differ on their ideas of how Elena should feed. Stefan believes she should feed on animals and never taste human blood, Damon believes the opposite. Elena opts to go for Stefan’s way because she doesn’t want to kill anyone, but killing an animal isn’t proving easy either. And when she finally does feed off the animal, she purges the blood almost immediately after. Elena isn’t looking good, she needs the real stuff, but Stefan thinks she just needs to keep trying on the animal blood. She’ll eventually grow a taste for it. I think Stefan forgets he’s had years, where she’s only had days in this lifestyle.

So as Damon’s bruting over Elena’s decision, we meet a mysterious guy that likes to wear a black glove on his hand. We first see him at the scene of the fire that blew up the cabin with the counsel inside. He’s there investigating the fire and finds an envelope in the oven, and it’s addressed to an April. Next we see him show up at the bar where Damon and the Sheriff are having a conversation to which he interrupts. It seems that the sheriff knows this man, but we’re not given any indication as to who he is. It’s not until this mystery man shows up at the mayor’s house and forces his way in, do we start to get an idea. When Tyler shakes his gloved hand and winces in pain, we now know it’s bathed in verbane, and he proceeds to shoot Tyler with wooden bullets. The mystery man is a vampire hunter. Just what they need. Caroline takes Tyler over to the Salvatore house where Stefan removes the bullets, and on the bullets are a symbol. Another mystery.

Jeremy is at school and this is where we meet April. It seems that she’s been gone a while, and has returned for the memorial. And possibly to stay since she’s at school. Jeremy seems pleased about this, I feel something’s going to happen there. Elena has enlisted Damon’s help due to her inability to keep animal blood down. So he tells her that she needs to feed on human blood, and she’s still resistant. So he offers up his own blood to her, but tells her not to say anything to Stefan, because sharing vampire blood is a personal thing.

The memorial is getting ready to start, and Elena is looking ghostly. Elena makes her way over to April who is sitting alone in the chapel, and they talk about the loss of their parents. It seems they have a lot to relate to, but as Elena is holding April’s hand she begins to feel her pulse and the urge to feed emerges. She walks away and makes it into the bathroom, where she begins to vomit up blood, and it looks like a murder scene in the bathroom. She manages to call Damon to help her and as she proceeds to clean up her giant red mess, mystery man shows up and knocks on the door. Crap. She manages to put him off for a bit, and when Damon shows up, mystery man is waiting nearby for Elena to leave the bathroom. Damon the gallant man he is, has brought Elena a change of clothes, and they brush it off to the mystery man as having spilled coffee down her dress. They’re in the clear. For the moment. Outside Elena has given in and Damon has her feeding off of human blood bags, but she’s not holding that down either. This isn’t a good situation. Stefan sees Damon packing it away as Elena is walking off and he knows something’s up. Damon lets it slip that not only did he just feed her human blood, but that it was because she couldn’t keep down the animal blood or his. Stefan seems hurt by this for two reasons. Elena isn’t telling him, and Elena fed off Damon. Uh oh.

Mystery man is next seen running into April, whom he then stabs in the gut. As the memorial is ready to begin the chapel has filled up and April is nowhere to be found. She’s supposed to give a speech. As they move onto a song, all of the vampires in the room tense up because they smell blood. They have this cool discussion under their breaths to each other and realize it’s a trap, and nobody is to move. Elena is struggling the worst being a newbie and all. She needs to feed on a live human, nothing else has worked. Matt offers himself up and they do this nice comforting Elena move while she bites into his neck. Elena gets her fill and they resume their positions of staring forward not giving anything away. Tyler then decides he’s going to make a move and heads to the podium interrupting the song saying he wants to give a few words. Mystery man shoots Tyler down and everyone clears out screaming. Damon heads to find the mystery man, and Elena goes to find April. She’s up on the balcony and her blood is everywhere. Elena is about to pounce on her, when Caroline stops her and makes Elena see April for who she is as a human, not a food source. It works, and Caroline heals April. Elena then uses her powers of suggestion to change April’s memories about the day. She’s learning!

Damon catches up to mystery man, but the fight doesn’t go well, this guy is better prepared than Damon thought. Damon gets shot himself, and mystery man gets away able to attack another day. Stefan talks with Elena about not telling him that she wasn’t taking to animal blood, and she admits she didn’t tell him because she wanted to make him happy. He tells her that he’s happy just having her. Precious. Elena realizes that everything has been about her lately, and she needs to make it up to her friends.

Stefan summons everyone together, and they decide to send off lanterns in memory of those that they’ve lost. Everyone is willing to participate except for Damon who calls it stupid and storms off. As we’re watching the lanterns gather height, we find Damon in the cemetery talking to Alaric’s grave. It’s really touching to see that Damon misses his friend. And the waterworks really start when you see Alaric’s ghost sitting next to Damon listening, and then telling Damon that he misses him too. If only Damon could see him. My heart hurts!

Best of the episode: Damon showing his vulnerability in the cemetery. Even if no one was around to see it except for Alaric. It was sweet, and I seriously had a cry fest over it.

Worst of the episode: Stefan not understanding Elena’s needs and instead focusing on what he wants for her. It’s typical of him to be this way, but Damon is just the same himself. It could be a vampire thing, but I think it’s a Salvatore thing.

Where did this episode leave us: Wondering who this mystery vampire hunter man is. And why he’s encroaching on the town. Also now that we know Elena has to feed on a live human, how will this be handled? Will she adjust to her new form as well as the others have? She’s the one who wanted this the least, so for me I think she won’t adjust very well.

Best one-liner: Damon – “A little mid-service snack. Church always gets me hungry; you know, the whole blood of Christ thing.”

What this episode ruined for us: Church bathroom


– a la Chryshele