Parenthood – What to My Wondering Eyes

parenthood5S04xE11 – The Braverman’s are preparing for Christmas in their own ways, but when Kristina gets severely ill everything for their family is put on hold. Adam has Crosby watch the kids while he takes Kristina to the ER. It’s a chaotic morning, but Crosby works through it with Jasmine’s help. They take them shopping at the mall, and to see Santa, where Sarah and Hank happen to be working taking pictures. Sarah’s having a hard time with her breakup and is taking it out on the customers. But after work, Hank and Sarah talk over drinks and admit their feelings for each other, which leads to sex, and then Hank telling her it was a one time thing because they work together. Amber takes a couple gifts over to Julia and Joel’s and she learns from Julia that Ryan quit his job on day one. So now Amber has to confront Ryan about it, and he brushes it off as not a right fit for him. Amber asks him to go apologize to Joel, and so he leaves to do so in Amber’s car. He doesn’t show for hours and when he does, he’s drunk and scratched her car badly. Amber tries to talk to him, but he’s too drunk to listen and storms off on foot. Kristina has taken a turn for the worse, and Haddie is stuck at the airport trying to catch a flight home. Kristina in a brief moment of consciousness, tells Adam she made a goodbye video for the kids, and so Adam asks Zeek to grab the computer from home. Adam watches the video, which is a total tear jerker, and then begs to God I suppose to not let Kristina die. Christmas morning comes and everyone is at the Braverman house opening their gifts. Ryan shows up to apologize to Amber, and although she’s in love with him, she tells Ryan they need some time apart. Hank shows up Christmas eve to give Sarah a gift, and tell her that he doesn’t feel the way he said earlier, that he really likes her and wants more with her. Sarah opens her gift, and it’s a picture of herself taken by Hank. Kristina has improved over night enough that she’s conscious. The whole Braverman clan visits her so she can open her gifts, and Haddie makes it there in time as well. A very Merry Christmas is had by all.

Best of the episode: Sarah and Hank finally getting together. Seems like they dragged that out forever.

Worst of the episode: Kristina almost died. I don’t think I could have handled that.

Where this episode leaves us: Kristina is still with us. Crosby and Jasmine decided they want another baby, and Zeek convinced Victor that Santa exists.

Best one-liner: Hank – “You’re not horrible, that’s what I came to say. You’re incredible. Good night.”

What this episode ruined for us: Not Santa!

Rating:Rating Potato

– a la Chryshele


Parenthood – Trouble In Candyland


S04xE10 – Mark calls Lorelai a bad fiance for going to LA with Hank to wrangle his daughter from Marie (she likes her Hanks, but not her MINERAL’S MARIE). Mark tries to surprise her by showing up to reconcile but where she is intoxicated and hanging all over Hank he isn’t too keen on that and breaks it off. Amber gets Ryan a job with Joel but he has a hard time being accepted by the older men. Julia asks a very high Kristina how she helps Max to not feel stupid, she’s having trouble with Victor. Kristina lets her in on her “bribing” secret and it seems to slightly work. Crosby and Adam go to court with Bobby Hill (Marleise) and the community shows what an asset the Luncheonette is to the community of Haight Ashbury, and they win!

Best of the episode: Kristina being totally high and caught by Julia.

Worst of the episode: Poor Victor. And POOR MARK.

Where this episode leaves us: So are Mark and Lorelai totally done? Will Victor ever be accepted?

Best one-liner: “I bribe him. *LAUGH*” – Kristina

What this episode ruined for us: Definitely not weed.


Holler, Jordan

Parenthood – You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

parenthood3S04xE09 – As president of the student council, Max is being difficult. The other students want to use funds to throw a dance, and Max thinks it’s a waste because he wants the vending machines back, and the money should be used for that. After some coaxing by Kristina and Adam, they get Max to agree to fund the dance. Kristina wants Max to go to the dance, and Max is adamant about not going. Adam is ok with Max not going, but this upsets Kristina. Later we find out it’s because with her being sick, she’s not sure if there will be other chances for these life moments. Adam talks to Max and convinces/negotiates him into going to the dance. This makes Kristina very happy, and she even teaches Max how to dance. Tears are flowing.

Zeek is helping Ryan prepare for his interview by coaching him on how to answer the questions. When Amber gets home and sees Ryan is there, she asks him how the interview went, and Ryan says not so well because the guy kept asking him inappropriate questions about being in combat. This upsets Amber and she tries to console Ryan who is trying to brush it off, and as she hugs Ryan, he decides he’s going for a walk. So Amber goes to Zeek for some advice on how to handle Ryan’s mood swings. Zeek tells her patience and understanding are the keys.

Crosby is having a neighbor issue. The new neighbor who has just bought the condo next door to the studio is pissed because people keep parking in her spots and then leaving garbage around, as well as the studio is loud at night. So she goes to complain to Crosby about it, and it doesn’t go very well, because Crosby can barely get a word in edge-wise, and when he does he shoots off his mouth. So he goes to Julia for legal advice on how to handle the situation, and she advises him to play it nice. So Crosby brings a peace offering to her, of which she scoffs at, and the fight begins all over. Crosby goes back to Julia and this time he has a legal document basically threatening to shut down the business. This is bad.

Hank is drunk and calls Sarah to pick him up, and so she does. Mark isn’t too enthused about this. Sarah picks up Hank and takes him back home. We find out that Hank’s ex-wife is moving out of state and taking his daughter with her. So now Hank has decided to rent a booth at an event in the town where his daughter lives in hopes of talking to his ex-wife and convincing her to stay. He tells Sarah he needs her to go with him because the event is actually a big deal. Sarah who has plans at that same time with Mark to go to a wedding at first tells Hank she can’t go, then discusses with Mark the possibility of splitting her time. Mark is upset and tells her no, so she agrees. But then the guilt starts kicking in, and she tells Mark that she needs to go with Hank, and will meet Mark up at the wedding. This pisses Mark off and he tells her to forget about the wedding. This is the beginning of the end of Mark and Sarah I foresee.

Joel wants to go back to work. Julia doesn’t fully like the idea, and gets upset when Joel accepts an offer as a foreman on a big project. Joel is surprised at how upset Julia is by his decision, especially since she has said she would like to be a stay-at-home-mom. Joel reminds Julia of how supportive he has been through all of her decisions, and she should be equally supportive of his. I understand both sides of this argument. Julia eventually comes around and apologizes. So now Joel is going back to work, and I think he’s pretty excited about it.

Best of the episode: Kristina teaching Max how to dance, and what he should say if a girl asks him to dance. It was seriously tender.

Worst of the episode: That the studio is in threat of being shut down all because of an annoying neighbor. The unfortunate part is she has a leg to stand on because the studio is in a residential zone.

Where this episode left us: Amber is worried about Ryan’s PTSD, The studio is at risk, Max is going to a dance(!), and Sarah and Mark are heading for Splitsville (yep HIMYM reference thrown in there).

What this episode ruined for us: Neighbors

Rating: Rating Potato

– a la Chryshele

Parenthood – One More Weekend With You

S04xE08 – Kristina is home after her first chemo treatment, and has forgot that she agreed to watch a neighbor boy for a couple days. Convinced she’s not going to be sick from the treatment, she tells Adam that everything will go alright. But that’s not the case, when Kristina gets violently ill, Max starts fighting with his friend, and baby Nora is crying. Time for Adam to don his super-dad cape.

Meanwhile Ryan lost one of his buddy’s and has to go to Bakersfield for the funeral. Amber offers to go, and as the reminiscing occurs among the friends, one decides it’s ridiculous to honor their friend when he killed himself. Ryan had been trying to hide this from Amber to not scare her, but when a fight breaks out between Ryan and the other guy, the fear kicks in a bit for Amber. They both admit it’s their first funeral they’ve been to, and they both comfort each other through the ordeal.

Adam who is at a loss on how to help Kristina with the pain, decides to pack up the kids and take a trip to Crosby and Jasmine’s place. They happen to be hosting a dinner party, that Crosby wasn’t too thrilled about to begin with, but both seem to be pulling of the host duties with ease. Until Adam crashes the party. He’s hitting Crosby up for some marijuana to help with the pain (it’s amazing for that. Or so I hear…) and then they’re on their way.

Next we see Kristina smoking a joint, and honestly looking a lot better. Ah the miracles of marijuana. Next day Kristina is looking and feeling a lot better telling Adam to hold onto the pot for future treatments. I don’t blame her.

Mark catches Drew having sex with Amy, and promises Drew he won’t tell Sarah, but then tells her. And Sarah being Sarah tries to pry it out of Drew, in which Mark then has to confess he told her. Now Mark is upset with Sarah, and Drew is upset with Mark. Nice work to all.

Joel and Julia are trying to balance two kids equally and are doing so horribly. Victor is getting all of the attention and Sydney is feeling neglected. When a tantrum breaks out in a diner, they realize that they need to spend more time with Sydney, but also explain she’s not the only child anymore. She seems to understand, but the kid is a brat, so I expect more tantrums.

Best of the episode: Kristina smoking a joint in bed. So unlike her, yet it was brilliant.

Worst of the episode: Sydney. I’ve never really liked her. I think she’s a spoiled brat, and she just further confirmed my feelings.

Where this episode left us: One chemo treatment down, many more to go. Amber and Ryan seem to be good for each other, and Sarah and Mark may have made up, but I see this whole thing going down in flames really soon.

Best one-liner: Adam – “Is there a difference between a g-string and a thong?”

What this episode ruined for us: Sleepovers


– a la Chryshele

Parenthood – Together

S04xE07 – Kristina is preparing to undergo chemotherapy after having had surgery to remove the tumor. Adam has enlisted Camille to assist Kristina while she is healing from the surgery, but Kristina isn’t wanting help. That is unless it’s her own mother, who doesn’t seem to have the time. Crosby helps Adam relax a bit by taking him out for a drink, and getting Adam to let go of his feelings and thoughts. Amber’s relationship with Ryan has escalated to Sarah’s delight once she finds out Amber has Ryan over at her place the next morning. When Zeek finds out, he’s not as thrilled about the news, and this is because he’s worried Ryan isn’t ready for a relationship having come back from war not too long ago. Julia and Joel continue to try connecting with Victor, and they’ve found that by having Victor’s friend from his old neighborhood come to play helps greatly. Julia then decides to learn Spanish in an attempt to further connect with Victor. Drew makes an attempt to converse with Amy having heard she’s sick, but the meeting doesn’t go well with her new boyfriend present. When Amy confronts Drew at school, he lets her know that he’s going through a lot, with having just moved, and his aunt being sick. Amy stops by later and expresses her concern for what Drew is going through, and they end up kissing. Kristina and Adam go to Kristina’s first chemotherapy treatment, and she wears a sweater that Camille gave to her. This sweater has been worn by six previous women that have also undergone the same treatment.

Best of the episode: Kristina and Camille having a moment before Kristina goes off to treatment.

Worst of the episode: Drew’s awkward attempt to visit Amy.

Where this episode left us: Kristina has undergone her first chemotherapy treatment, so there are bound to be a lot of stories upcoming of how that’s going.

Apologies for the brief recap, life got in the way, and I will do better next week. Promise.


Parenthood – I’ll Be Right Here

S04xE06 – Haddie is still home from school and wants to help Kristina around the house, but she’s not letting her. Kristina is telling Max about how Zeek will be picking him up from school on Wednesday because she and Adam will be at the hospital. Max tells her that he needs to pick him up later because he wants to know the results of the election. The election is on the same day that Kristina has surgery. Not good.

Crosby wants to help Adam at work, and decides that a shoulder massage will do the job. Yeah it doesn’t. So Crosby keeps hounding Adam for something to help with, so Adam gives Crosby the task of getting them their pre-surgery dinner and walking Otis, Max’s new puppy. Crosby takes it and leaves Adam alone.

Drew doesn’t want to move in with Mark, so he’s stalling on his packing, but it’s not working. Sarah pushes him along as Hank shows up. He begs Sarah not to quit, which wasn’t her plan, and then has to tell Hank she’s moving in with Mark and that’s why she took a day off. So Hank offers to help her move. Didn’t see that coming!

Ryan shows up at Amber’s work and asks her out. He’s super nervous about it which is cute, and she says yes. Nifty!

Kristina talks to Max about not being able to hear his speech and to also see if he has his speech ready. He says it is, but it’s not written down though, it’s in his head. Kristina’s face fills with worry.

All moved in and Drew wants to go out with friends when Sarah and Mark had planned their first night together as a family. Drew is not taking it well. He’s upset Sarah didn’t ask him before making the decision to move in the first place. He has a point.

Julia is making a schedule of who will wait with Adam during the surgery and how long they will be there. I think she’s bored not working. Crosby is walking Otis and loses him while on the phone with Julia arguing about the schedule.

Drew is trying to get the tv to work when Mark tells him he doesn’t have cable. It was interfering with his book reading. I don’t have that problem… but for Drew that is a problem. Mark tries to talk to him, but Drew tells him he just wants privacy.

Adam informs Kristina that dinner’s going to be late because of Crosby’s mishap with Otis. Kristina asks Adam to help Max write down a speech after dinner, and then asks Adam if he will go to see the speech and he tells her no that he wants to be at the hospital, and that’s when Haddie walks in saying she will do it.

Amber and Ryan are on a date and they’re making good conversation until Amber mentions having worked with Kristina. Her demeanor changes and it’s because she’s worried about Kristina’s surgery, and starts crying on her date. But instead of running, Ryan consoles her and it seems the date went better than it began. Ryan walks her to the door and she invites him in, but he declines. Amber looks both hurt and confused.

Crosby still hasn’t brought dinner over, so Kristina decides to make herself a sandwich because she can’t eat after 8pm before the morning surgery. Crosby finally shows up with dinner and Otis who is wearing a cone and has a couple stitches. Poor Otis. Kristina is putting Nora to bed, and then checks on Max and leaves him a note about the election. She next checks on Haddie who is on the phone. When she hangs up she tells both Kristina and Adam that she has talked to her school and is able to get refunded for fall semester and can restart in the spring. Kristina is not ok with it and wants her to go back to school.

Sarah shows up to work and Hank asks about the move and what was up with Drew. Sarah kind of brushes it off attributing it to changing the date of the move. Not true. Hank then asks if the date change on the move had anything to do with him kissing her and she says no, but you know it’s also not true. She totally has feelings for Hank.

Drew is leaving for school and sees that Mark is skipping first period and waiting for the cable guy. Aw they’re getting cable. Mark’s really trying.

Kristina and Adam are in the hospital awaiting their surgery. The nurse comes in to take her so they say their farewells and Kristina gets rolled away. Adam and Julia are in the waiting room and they talk about Julia quitting and the card that looks like the kids made, but was really Joel.

Haddie is with Max at school encouraging him and making sure he remembers his speech. Max is insistent that he remembers.

Now Adam and Sarah are in the waiting room and Adam is going crazy because he hasn’t heard anything yet. Everyone keeps offering him tea, which he keeps saying no. But it’s soothing Adam. He then asks Sarah to tell him about what’s been going on with her to keep him distracted, so she tells him how Hank kissed her and she kind of admits that the kiss made her decide to move in with Mark. Ha! Julia and Crosby walk in which screws up the schedule Julia made, but Adam doesn’t seem to mind. He can use all the distractions he can get.

Max is up for his speech, and he starts to fiddle with the microphone and once he gets it just right he starts to give his speech which is about bringing back the vending machines and that’s it. No wonder he remembers his speech. He then realizes he needs to say more and starts to talk about his aspergers and how it’s actually his greatest strength. He gets a standing ovation. Aw.

Adam is finally back with Kristina who hasn’t quite woke up yet. When she finally wakes she asks how Max did, and Adam tells her he won. Go Max!

Sarah goes to talk with Drew and admits that she didn’t think about him when she decided to move. And then tells Drew that if he wants to move back to his grandparents they can talk about it. That seems to smooth things over a bit because they then go out to watch cable with Mark.

Ryan shows up to Amber’s and brought flowers. She tells him that she’s confused about how he feels about her. He tells her that he can’t stop thinking about her, and she brings up that he declined her invitation to come in the other night. He says it’s because he wants to take it slow, he doesn’t want to screw it up. This will be good for Amber! I’m kind of excited about this potential relationship.

Crosby tucks Jabbar into bed and asks him to show him how the praying thing works so Jabbar shows him how to do it. And Crosby prays about Kristina.

The results are in and they got all the cancer in the breast, but one of the nodes they removed has cancer in it which means it’s spread and is more aggressive than originally thought which means she’s going to have to go through chemo. And I cry for the hundredth time. Haddie has been at home waiting for them to return, and when they do she asks what the news is, and they lie to her! They really want her to go back to school so they tell her that Kristina is cancer free. Wow, that’s actually kind of cruel, and now I feel bad for Haddie.

Best of the episode: Max winning the election. That was a good thing for him and hopefully now that he’s explained his aspergers to the students, they will go easier on him and not be so scared either.

Worst of the episode: The fact that Adam and Kristina lied straight to Haddie’s face and told her the cancer was gone. I don’t really care for Haddie, but man do I feel bad for her, and will hate to see how she reacts when she finds out the truth.

Where did this episode leave us?: Kristina’s cancer has spread, and now she has to go through chemo. Max is the new class president at school. And Amber has a potential relationship that could be good for not only her, but Ryan too. I’m also left wondering if I should start counting how many times  I cry per episode, because it never fails to make me cry more than once.

Best one-liner: Sarah about Hank’s kiss – “We were in the dark room. We were developing…” Adam – “The dark room? What, are you in seventh grade?”

What the episode ruined for us: Crosby as a good choice for dog walker


– a la Chryshele

Parenthood – There’s Something I Need To Tell You…

S04xE05 – Julia is clearly frazzled at work, and you can hear it in her voice when she calls Joel to tell him she can’t make Sydney’s dance rehearsal. Sydney in her usual brat-like manner gets upset and says she hates Julia. Jasmine and Crosby are talking finances because Crosby spent $400 on clothes. Sheesh! The discussion leads to Jasmine learning that Crosby makes less than Adam when they’re both owners of the company. Jasmine thinks Crosby should talk to Adam about it. Kristina is looking at pictures of Haddie at school when Amber stops by to “help” Max, but it’s really to see if Kristina is ok. Well now Kristina knows Adam said something to Amber. Sarah is with Hank developing pictures, and Hank tells Sarah that Ruby wants to come stay with him while her mom is away for a couple weeks. Hank thanks Sarah for the help in improving his relationship with Ruby, and then he kisses her! That’s one way to say thank you. Sarah doesn’t really stop the kiss at first, but then pulls away. The tension is thick!

Julia stayed at work all night because she screwed up a case and it could cost her firm a client, and possibly her job. She looks like hell. Victor asks Julia if she will make his baseball game and she says yes, and now Sydney is upset because she doesn’t think it’s fair. Kristina says that since Adam has told Amber, that they should tell Haddie about her cancer. Sarah is being weird and wants to go jogging with Mark all of a sudden. She’s feeling guilty. Crosby awkwardly talks to Adam about his pay, and Adam is impatient as he tries to spit it out, and then when Crosby finally gets it out, Adam isn’t very receptive about the discussion.

Adam and Kristina tell Haddie over skype that she has cancer, and Haddie is visibly upset, but they tell her not to worry and focus on herself and her school work. Julia goes and grovels to the opposing counsel asking for them to look the other way on her mistake, and when they say no, she gives a sob story about adopting Victor. She thinks that just may fix it. Zeek goes and checks on his military buddy Ryan who helped him with the sprinklers, because he hasn’t shown to the VA for a few days and missed a job interview. But when he talks to him about it, Ryan tells Zeek to butt out. Haddie calls Adam saying that she isn’t handling the news very well, because she doesn’t have all the information. So Adam gives her the details. She then asks how Adam is doing, and he puts on a good front, but you see he’s having just as hard a time. Adam and Kristina then tell Max about her cancer, and he seemingly takes it better than Haddie.

Julia has a panic attack in the kitchen over work and burns the breakfast. Joel to the rescue, before she burns down the house. Camille consoles Zeek over how he was treated by Ryan and talk about how grateful they are to have had each other at the time when Zeek was serving. Amber is helping Max with his posters for student counsel president. Max asks Amber what makes her a grown up because his parent’s told him he needs to act more grown up. I’m not sure when they said this? I may have missed something. Sarah talks to Hank about the kiss, and he blows it off saying she was too close to him. Sarah’s not going for it, and Hank admits he meant it, and that he likes her. Zeek goes and tries again with Ryan and invites him to a baseball game. Ryan is expecting big league, and instead it’s Victor’s baseball game. There Ryan is introduced to the whole family, and sparks fly between him and Amber. It’s obvious something will happen.

Julia gets a call that she has to go into work, looks like she’s not gonna see Victor’s gig either. Crosby confronts Adam again about his salary, and ends up calling Adam a jackass, which I guess worked, because he said they’ll address it. Only if Crosby knew what Adam was going through. Victor’s not getting put in the game and Zeek’s upset about it, actually the entire family is, so Zeek causes a scene with the coach, and after a passionate talk about just having fun and it doesn’t matter if they win or lose, the coach puts him in the game. Victor goes up to bat and strikes twice and ends up hitting the ball on the third try, and with the crappy play of the other team, Victor runs the bases and gets a homerun. Go Victor! This will help his self esteem.

Julia has to sit in front of the board and get reprimanded for her screw up, and is given a second chance, but she ends up quitting her job. Holy crap! She’s the breadwinner! The family is celebrating the game at a diner and Ryan talks it up with Amber, oh how the sparks are flying. Sarah asks Mark to move in with her. She’s trying to make herself feel better over what happened, and I don’t think it’s going to work. Haddie shows up where they’re eating (how did she know where they were?) and everyone’s surprised to see her. More so Kristina than anyone else. It looks like they’re going to have to tell the family what’s up. So we end the show with another beautiful wordless scene as you see the reactions of the family to Kristina’s news. And the tears are streaming.

Best of the episode: The baseball game and the the entire family rooting for Victor. It was great to see Zeek out there yelling at the coach calling Victor his grandson. That helped Victor to see that they really are his family.

Worst of the episode: Julia’s weird break down in the kitchen. I found it over-dramatic and confusing.

Where did this episode leave us?: Sarah having to break it to Mark at some point that she has feelings for Hank. Amber and Ryan are going to get together, which could be a good thing for them both. Haddie left school, is she going to go back? My guess is she will after the surgery.

Best one-liner: Camille – “It was a long time before you came back to me.” Zeek – “Thank God I had someone to come back to.”

What the episode ruined for us: The thought of making it one episode without crying.


– a la Chryshele