Go On – The World Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over


S01xE11 – Mr. K is convinced the world is ending with the Mayan calendar so he plans a celebration so he can go out with the people he love. Steven and Ryan need a last minute trip with their ladies to wine country. Steven brings his girlfriend, Ryan brings Anne. Lauren’s boyfriend has started acting weird so she feels that he is going to propose to her. Ryan, is a little objective, but it’s more on a personal level. Sonia and Yolanda catch her boyfriend buying a ring and realize they’re worried about losing her. They try to sabotage the proposal but when he promises them they will not lose her they comply and help him. He proposes at the end of the world party, she says yes and the world doesn’t end.

Best of the episode: The first five minutes when Fausta tries really hard to make all of the Christian decorations seem non-denominational.

Worst of the episode: Ryan awkwardly trying to get Lauren to not get married. He’s coming off as a little creepy.

Where this episode leaves us: Lauren is engaged.

Best one-liner: Fausta – “Got it. This is not Christmas tree, it’s winter bush, perhaps enjoyed by Jewish. This normal baby from human father.” Nods.

What this episode ruined for us: Proposals and public restrooms.


Holler, Jordan


Go On – Back, Back, Back…It’s Gone!

go onS01xE10 – Ryan is ready to get back into the dating game, and enlists Carrie’s help to find the women. Carrie’s not too excited though. So first they update his Facebook with a rocking picture and new relationship status of “widowed”. Now the ladies will come pouring in. First up are some volleyball players. They’re young, cute and fit, why not? Well playing with them doesn’t go so well when he falls and throws out his back. Totally sexy. None of the girls are initially interested until they find out he’s widowed. Now they’re all over him. Then at group Ryan decides he has feelings for Lauren and goes to her house where he tries to kiss her. All the while Wyatt has been fixing Ryan’s back because he’s a chiropractor, and when Ryan confesses he tried to kiss Lauren, Wyatt laughs. He then tells Ryan that everyone tries it at some point. Ryan shares this info with George (he’s back!) and George gossips, so now the entire group knows about Ryan and Lauren. But the jokes on them, because Ryan was informed about all of their tries on Lauren. In the end Ryan decides he’s ready, but not ready to get back in the dating game. George on the other hand is celebrating the fact that he’s still alive, and wants to complete his bucket list. The group thinks the items on his list are too dangerous and tell him no, but George goes out and does them anyway. Good for George. The group cat is lost and so Sonia and Danny go looking for the cat and end up falling in love. It’s kinda cute. Especially when he pretends to be the hero by finding the cat for Sonia.

Best of the episode: George is back and he’s a playa’. His pictures were awesome. For a blind dude he has more fun than I do.

Worst of the episode: Ryan’s feelings for Lauren are dismissed. And maybe they aren’t real yet, but I see them being real soon.

Where this episode leaves us: George knocked out half of his bucket list, even when he was told it was too dangerous.

What this episode ruined for us: Bucket Lists


– a la Chryshele

Go On – Dinner Takes All


S01xE09 – Ryan’s old non-flame Lorelai Gilmore (Amy, played by Lauren Graham so she is automatically Lorelai) is coming into town and his group things something flirtatious is going to happen between them. Ryan tries to get Stephen on board with Lorelai because Stephen thinks she is attractive. Ryan really doesn’t want to admit that he’s having feelings for someone this early. He discusses Thanksgiving with the group and Ryan is hosting one at his office because he has to work so he invites them. They help Owen and his mother’s relationship and eventually Ryan gets good with Lorelai but she can’t follow Janie, it’ll have to be a while before they can date each other, though feelings are there.

Best of the episode: LORELAI. And just having the gang all together for Thanksgiving was hilarious.

Worst of the episode: Awkwardness between Lauren and Owen’s mom.

Where this episode leaves us: Ryan’s first romantic feels since Janie died, maybe he’s moving forward?

Best one-liner: Ryan – “Airline food, what’s going on there, Stephen taught me how to kiss.”

What this episode ruined for us: Rodeos.


Holler, Jordan

Go On – Videogame, Set, Match

S01xE08 – There’s a new girl at Ryan’s work, and she’s pretty cute. All the guys think so, even Carrie does too. Ryan showed his appreciation for her cuteness by shooting the t-shirt gun at a window. Smooth.

At group Yolanda has decided that she’s ready to graduate and leave. She decided this when her fiance who left her at the alter, got remarried and she watched from the broom closet. She totally sounds ready to leave the group. After Yolanda makes her announcement, Ryan and Owen make plans to play Halo. Ryan invites him over to his place, but Owen says he has a big tv so they can do it at his, they’re both spoiled and Ryan thinks this makes them compatible.

So Ryan and Owen spend the entire night playing Halo and well into the morning. They only stop playing because Owen’s mom interrupts them questioning who the grown man is playing games all night with her son. Ryan tries to smooth things over by saying he invited Owen over to his house for a sleepover, but that doesn’t sit well with mom. Or with anyone for that matter. Owen’s mom tells Ryan that if he’s going to spend time with Owen that it needs to be helping Owen get out of the house and do something, not spend more time inside.

So Ryan takes Owen to work as an intern. Owen’s ready for the paperwork, but Ryan has more Halo in mind, so that’s what they do. When they take a break, it’s to coo over new girl Kimmy in her cute little outfit and cheerful personality. And then it’s more Halo time.

While Ryan and Owen are engaged in the Halo world, the group holds a graduation ceremony for Yolanda. Lauren is way too excited for the ceremony and honestly to ring the gong, that when Yolanda wants to cancel the ceremony because she’s decided she’s not ready to leave, the group stops her because she needs to let Lauren have this moment. So they force Yolanda to graduate and leave, but this has consequences. The group reassured her that she would still see them because they are still her friends, so Yolanda uses this to her advantage and calls meetings up to four times a day with everyone. Soon the group of people starts to lessen the more Yolanda requests their presence. Even Mr. K doesn’t want to be with Yolanda. That’s pretty bad.

At work Owen has dressed up a bit, and they figure he’s got a crush on someone, at first Ryan thinks it’s Carrie, but soon learns Owen’s got a thing for Kimmy. So Ryan encourages him to go ask her out. Owen does, but gets rejected. Kimmy’s crying because she hurt coma boy’s feelings, and Owen’s hurt because he put himself out there and got burned. Owen is so upset that he won’t take Ryan’s calls and so Ryan goes to talk to Owen’s mom. She tells him and then yells at him, that Owen doesn’t need a Halo co-player, he need someone to look up to and listen to him, and guide him. Ryan takes this information in, and tracks Owen down online playing Halo. They have a sweet heartfelt talk before some jerk shows up and shoots them both down.

Ryan thinks the best way to help Owen is to get him to go see his brother in the hospital. Owen thinks that it will be super funny to play a prank on Ryan and tell him some random guy who’s napping is his comatose brother and that he just can’t see him, but wants to give him his ring. Oh and that his brother always use to sing Lean On Me to him repeatedly until Owen would join in. He asks Ryan if he would go in and give his brother the ring and sing him the song. So Ryan does and when the guy wakes up, Ryan thinks it’s a miracle from his singing, and Owen is laughing. Poor Ryan.

After the good laugh Ryan gets Owen to actually visit his brother in the hospital and it’s a sweet moment with Ryan promising he’s just outside the door if Owen needs him. After, the whole group shows up to Yolanda’s house, (she threw a tantrum when she stopped by therapy and told everyone they sucked) and they’re all dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland. She had mentioned she wanted to have a Halloween party with  that as a theme. They all make up and welcome her back into the group. Oh and Mr. K actually has a job. Didn’t see that one coming.

Ryan and Owen have conquered Halo and so Ryan tells Owen to get another game out of the closet, and when Owen does so, an urn drops onto the floor spreading ashes everywhere. Ryan’s upset because Owen just broke his wife, but Ryan doesn’t hold the mad face for very long, and then he starts singing Lean On Me. Gotcha Owen!

Best of the episode: The practical jokes. Especially Owen’s. They’re so sick, but man they were funny.

Worst of the episode: Again no George. Seriously where is he??? I’m getting worried.

Where does this episode leave us: Owen and Ryan have bonded, which I think is good for the both of them. And no one is near ready to leave the group yet. So no worries there either.

Best one-liner:  Lauren – “You know, chuckin’ the corn, beating the baby, whatever you guys call it.” Ryan – “What guys have you been hanging out with? Nothing, none of what you just said was anything.”

What this episode ruined for us: Gongs


– a la Chryshele

Go On – Any Given Birthday


S01xE07 – It is Ryan’s first birthday after the loss of his wife, Janie. The group is going to celebrate with a Ryan King themed scavenger hunt. Ryan says he is not going to be celebrating, and everyone thinks its because he’s hiding behind Mr. Tough Guy. Turns out he’s never liked birthdays because Janie used to go all out on them. Colonel Cow tells the group to respect his decision. He finally just agrees to the scavenger hunt.
Ryan has to watch Steven after his surgery, a colonoscopy. He reminds them that they’re getting old. Steven feels like singing some Dust In The Wind because that’s what you do under anesthesia. Sonia arrives to help him out so he can do the scavenger hunt.
First stop is a dry cleaner to put Ryan’s photo up on the celebrity wall. They do not comply, but he’s fine to have Cyd Charisse on their wall (Mr. K knows who that is, how impressive). Ryan gets a phone call from his office pretending that there is a code black and he needs to leave. Lauren confronts him and tells him how hard it is for her to keep being nice to him if he’s just going to resist it!
Oh no, Sonia is going to take Steven shopping!
Ryan continues to assure Lauren that when he is mean it means he likes someone. She encourages him to keep going, and he does get his photo on the wall by pretending to be Rachel Maddow.
Steven is high on anesthesia trying on ginham shirts and bow-ties and Harry Potter sweaters.
Next clue, streak like Ryan did in college! Other team gets that one.
Steven is immediately regretting buying all of these things. Steven decides instead to turn the tables on the evil ex-boyfriend of Sonia by posing with her looking all pretty!
Next stop is the TV station! Blasting cardboard cutouts with the tee shirt gun! Team Ryan wins! They meet up with Steven and Sonia and get into a limo and Ryan is actually having a good time. Go figure, fake it till you make it!
The limo is a surprised planned by Janie. They are afraid to tell him so Mr. K eats the evidence. They have to distract him by getting him to talk about himself, info courtesy of Steven. The other team needs to get into the room first to see what they’re dealing with. Lots of romance and flower petals, they need to make it look more like a scavenger hunt.
Ryan walks in before they get it cleaned up and he thinks Lauren is trying to seduce him. She goes with it, as to not hurt him but when everyone else walks in the secret comes out along with a violin.
Mr. K and Anne decide to cut a rug to the violin music, this Cyd thing has given them a bond.
Dead wife meets with Ryan on the balcony (HEY RYAN, ASK HER FOR THE ITUNES PASSWORD!). He tells her he is becoming a better guy and she deserved better, but she loves him no matter what. He may now actually start to enjoy himself.

Best of the episode: Steven and Sonia bonding. And dead wifey.

Worst of the episode: Lauren is just really awkward to me, all the time. And no George, at least nothing relevant.

Where does this episode leave us: Ryan is starting move on a little further from Janie.

Best one-liner: Steven – “Why did you stop petting me?”

What this episode ruined for us: Ballroom dancing.


Holler, Jordan

Go On – Big League Chew

S01xE06 – Ryan’s out to dinner with what looks like himself, when he runs into Lauren. Ryan notices two glasses, and knows that he’s about to meet the allusive Wyatt that Lauren has been dating for three years. Wyatt immediately takes a liking to Ryan, and it seems the feeling is mutual. Lauren is asking Ryan to not make this weird, and he promises, but then the rest of the group shows up and it looks like it’s their monthly outing night. Mr. K comments on Wyatt’s teeth and then asks for one. Yeah they’re gonna make it weird. Just as Lauren and Wyatt are about to leave, Wyatt plays a guess who’s who game, and got them all nearly right. Uh oh. Lauren’s in trouble.

So the next day at group, after they all make fun of Ryan for eating his grief away (donuts anyone?), they all ask Lauren if Wyatt can visit. She’s really reluctant about it, because she doesn’t want to mix her personal life with her professional. But they’re upset because she’s shared everything about them with Wyatt, and think it’s only fair Wyatt share everything about her in return. She really doesn’t have a valid argument anymore.

Next group day, Ryan witnesses Danny getting out of a muscle car, with some punk behind the wheel. Turns out it’s Danny’s wife’s boyfriend. You know the one who knocked up his wife and is now living with them. Ryan can’t understand how Danny can be so happy when his life is complete shit.  So when Danny needs a ride home, Ryan helps out and asks him that very question and Danny tells Ryan about his town Harborville that exists in his mind. There are 700 people and he knows every one of them by name. Yeah it’s a little creepy, but he seems genuinely happy in Harborville, so who’s to argue? Well Ryan is. He tells Danny he needs to snap out of it and deal with his situation. Living in an imaginary world isn’t going to solve his problem with punk boy. A little harsh Ryan.

Ryan continues on his food binge while at work. He’s eating potato chips on the air, and no one can understand him. Wonder why? At group later that day, the refreshments have been removed and replaced with hugs. Ryan’s not too keen on this, but is excited as well as the rest of the group when Lauren tells them Wyatt is visiting. They then proceed to discuss everything about her in detail, with the key points placed on the whiteboard. Basically the main topic is Lauren’s butt. Once Wyatt leaves, they all start to question whether Lauren really loves him, and it makes sense, she’s not entirely affectionate or passionate about him. They point out she’s more passionate about the Snickers bar than she is about Wyatt. Chocolate always wins in my book.

So when Lauren is in bed and Wyatt tells her “I love you” and she can’t repeat it, she kind of wigs out and heads to Ryan’s place to prove her love of Wyatt. At Ryan’s house everyone has shown up with comfort foods, to perform calorie aversion therapy, or as Sonia calls it CAT. Owen brings a Kit Kat lasagna, that honestly looks delicious and I think I may have to try. Sonia brings waffle batter, but Ryan doesn’t have a waffle iron, so drinking the batter it is. Yum. Lauren shows up and starts showing pictures on her phone telling Ryan they represent love. Ryan doesn’t really believe it, but gives her a hug, and then asks to puke in front of her. I’m guessing too much Kit Kat lasagna. That’s a shame.

Danny missed out on the all-night binge, and when he gets to group he’s on a bicycle, and no smile on his face. Ryan sees this and goes to apologize to Danny about what he said, and then asks to hear about Harborville. Danny says they’ll take a visit there, but first he wants Ryan to help him sledgehammer punk boy’s car. Although they just graffiti the car instead, it’s a bonding moment.  We end with Danny and Ryan walking about Harborville, and it actually looks like a cute little town I wouldn’t mind visiting someday.

Best of the episode: George is back! I don’t know where he’s been, but he was missed.

Worst of the episode: Not knowing the recipe for the Kit Kat lasagna. Seriously it looked like heaven.

Where did this episode leave us: Ryan continuing to make progress in his loss. Hoping George doesn’t leave again, because he’s awesome, and hoping Owen gets more speaking time, because I like him a lot too. We are also left with the notion that something is going to happen between Lauren and Ryan. Why would they focus so much on Wyatt and her love if nothing is going to happen?

Best one-liner: Ryan about his eating – “I ate carrot cake, which is practically a salad.”

What this episode ruined for us: Waffle batter


– a la Chryshele

Go On – Do You Believe In Ghosts?

First, congrats on Go On for getting picked up for a full season! Yay Chandler Bing!


S01xE05 – Ryan seems back to his old self when doing his radio show, this is a good sign. However clips indicate he’s still missing wifey due to the fact that he can’t even stock a fridge. Oh yeah, ghost wifey shows up to mock him as well. That’s always good. She’s pretty, I like her. He tells his group he sees ghost wifey and they seem to think it’s normal. Steven broke up with his girlfriend Ashley and Ryan didn’t know, some friend he is. Oh well his wife died so he gets a pass. Now him and Steven can bond, Ryan will be Steven’s wingman.
The group followed their group leader Lauren to her job as a valet cashier. They find this to be sad, I think it would be a cool job.
Ghost wifey prompts Ryan to go grocery shopping. Nag, nag, nag. It’s a good nag though, she just wants to help. I LIKE HER. She looks like Monica, I can’t get over that, either. So Ryan goes to the store and asks the dairy man there how much milk an average person needs for a week. Aw. He finds another man doing some shopping and basically shop, stalks him. It’s a little creepy but also a little tender. I have a feeling they are going to bond, too. THEY BOUGHT QUINOA. Shopping man sees Ryan and genuinely looks freaked out.
Back at group, Ryan is using their confessions to learn to cook. Good strategy sports guy. Why are they still giving group leader crap for being a parking validation manager. She is studying for her masters so she can become a therapist full time. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!
The group is going to help her get her real estate license because she’s failed multiple times. How did we get on real estate? I’m really not sure.
Ryan shows up at the hotel in which she works and asks if he can help her in any way. I find that charming. He yells at the non-tippers and calls her a saint.
Ryan and Steven take Steven’s dog for a walk, he’s in full on wingman lookout. First rule of being a wingman, don’t wear your wedding ring. Even if you aren’t the one on the lookout, it may scare off potential ladies. And it also causes you to open up way too much. And these girls are not funny in any way, however Steven is just desperate enough to ask them to be on the radio because their favorite yogurt flavor is blue.
The group once again shows up at Lauren’s place of other business. I still don’t believe that the young black man actually would hang out with these people but he does, I guess.
Dead wifey is still harassing Ryan into cooking. He asks her to un-die. Saddest thing ever. Did I mention dead wifey only wears a button up? That’s a little weird.
The group takes Lauren back to their meeting place to prepare for their test. This doesn’t help her, she still only got a 22 on her practice test.
Ryan cooks a turkey. Good job. But now he has to eat it alone. They have a good conversation over the turkey, he has to move on, and he can’t do that until he admits he has to take care of himself now. He still needs the itunes password, she she’ll be back.
Ryan and Steven bring the gals in to “be on the radio”. They are terrible. Ryan and Steven decide its better if they just hang out, they have a whole turkey and some video games. Yep.
The group shows up as Lauren takes her exam. They support her, this is sweet. And look at that, she passed.

Best of the episode: I love the comradeship of the group, no matter what they always want to help and support each other.

Worst of the episode: No George.

Where did this episode leave us: Ryan can now do things on his own.

Best one-liner: Lauren -“I’m studying for my Masters.” Mexican Lady -“These masters, they force you to study and also to park cars?”

What this episode ruined for us: Folding. No, wait, that was already ruined.


Holler, Jordan