The Walking Dead – Made to Suffer

walking dead 5S03xE08 – We happen upon a new group of survivors in the woods. They’re names are Tyrese, Sasha, Ben, Donna and Allen. I do pay attention at times. They’re surrounded by walkers and Donna gets bit in the arm. They’re not about to leave her, and they head out of the woods. They come upon a crumbling building and hurry inside. It’s the backside of the prison. Oh great.

Andrea tells the Governor she wants to help Doc Milton cremate the old dude they experimented with. The Governor thinks the town is growing on her. When she leaves the Governor goes into his oh so secret room and unlocks the door where his walker daughter is stored. He pulls off the hood covering her face and undoes the neck chain and tries to get her to look at him. When she doesn’t he gets upset and restrains her and puts her away again for another day.

Glenn and Maggie are down in holding still huddled together. Maggie is wearing Glenn’s shirt and he makes sure that she wasn’t assaulted sexually. Then he goes and breaks off the arm of the walker he killed and rips out the jagged bones to use as weapons. Dang this show is gruesome.

Rick and the gang are just outside Woodbury trying to figure their way into the building. Michonne finds a way in on the side of town and so they proceed.

The Governor is talking to Merle about wanting to take out Rick’s group and let the walker overrun the prison again. No one will be the wiser. He tells Merle they could use Daryl as an inside man if Merle can get to him. The Governor then tells Merle to take Glenn and Maggie to the screamer pits before Andrea finds out they’re there.

At the prison Axel is hitting on Beth while she’s holding the baby, and Carol has to intervene. She tells Axel to back off and Axel explains that all the women are taken, and Carol is a lesbian so she’s off limits too. Carol tells him she’s not a lesbian, but there’s still not a chance for him.

Rick and the group have infiltrated the town and are on the hunt for Glenn and Maggie when they hear the sounds of a struggle. They follow the sounds and there are Maggie and Glenn fighting Merle and his men after Merle came to collect them. Maggie kills one of them with the jagged bone, but they’re still defeated until Rick and the gang show up throw a few smoke bombs, exchange some gun fire, and get Glenn and Maggie out of the danger of Merle. It’s now up to the group to find a way out of the town.

As they’ve found a safe spot for the moment, Glenn is able to explain what happens and tells Daryl that it was Merle who had taken them and beat them. Daryl wants to find him, but Rick tells him he needs him to help get the group out of the town, and once that’s done he can go after Merle. Daryl agrees and they proceed to find a way out of the town.

Meanwhile Michonne has separated herself and found her way to the Governor’s apartment where she intends to wait for him to show up and kill him. While she’s waiting she hears some noise and chases after it. There she finds the Governor’s secret room with the walker head wall and the room where his daughter is locked up. Michonne lets the girl out thinking she’s human and has been detained for wrong reasons, but when she pulls the hood off she sees the girl is a walker and goes to kill her, but just then the Governor shows up with gun in hand pleading for her not kill his daughter. Michonne not caring one bit, shoves her sword through the girl’s head killing her. The Governor screams and then charges Michonne. They roll around the floor taking turns overtaking each other (it’s not how it sounds). The Governor has the upper hand on Michonne until she is able to grab a shard of glass and ram it into the Governor’s right eye. He reels in pain and she gets away. She’s about to kill the Governor with her sword when Andrea shows up also with gun in hand. Michonne and Andrea stare each other down and then Michonne gives up and leaves. Andrea goes over to the Governor who is cradling his daughter while sobbing.

At the prison, screams are heard from within the prison itself, so Carl sets out on his own to see where they’re coming from, and he comes upon Tyrese and his group. They are being attacked by walkers and Carl helps them escape. Carl leads them to just outside their cell block and then locks the them up. Sasha is seriously upset about being secluded from Carl and his group, but Tyrese reminds her that no matter what, they are in a nicer place than they have been in a long time. Unfortunately they have to kill Donna for good because the walker virus has taken over her body, and so they attend to that matter.

Back in Woodbury, Rick and the group manage to get over the wall, but Daryl is missing. Michonne soon joins up with Rick and explains when Rick is furious with her that they still need her help to rescue Daryl and get back to the prison. The Governor is having a doctor place gauze over his eye, when Merle walks in clearly shaken by what’s happened, but not knowing who attacked the Governor. We then see the town gathering in the bleachers and the Governor walks out to address them. He tells them of the attack and that there is a mole on the inside by the name of Merle. Merle lied to the Governor and helped his brother Daryl penetrate the town. They bring out Daryl at this point, and then the Governor asks the townspeople what they should do with Daryl and Merle, and of course they all start yelling to kill them. And there in the crowd you see a shock-faced Andrea hopefully and finally catching on to what is really happening. But I don’t have high hopes.

Best of the episode: Michonne attacking the Governor and shoving the glass into his eye. All I can remember saying when that happened was “oh damn!”

Worst of the episode: Daryl getting caught. Not Daryl!!

Where this episode left us: Merle and Daryl are pitted against each other with the entire Woodbury town looking on wanting them dead. Holy Crap! Oh and new people are in the prison. Shall be interesting to see how Rick reacts with that one. And what does it mean that Rick saw Shane’s apparition? Guilt?

Best one-liner: Carol – “I’m not a lesbian.” Axel – “But you’ve got the short hair.”

What this episode ruined for us: EVERYTHING

Rating:Rating Potato

– a la Chryshele


The Walking Dead – When The Dead Come Knocking


S03xE07 – Michonne has found the prison and Rick and the gang let her in to help her out. She had formula so they knew she had a link to Glenn and Maggie. She tells them of Woodbury and a small group of them set off to find it. Hershel helps her wounds and Carol is re-introduced to the group. In Woodbury, Andrea is continuing her affair with the governor, Merle tortures Glenn while the governor practically rapes Maggie to give up the location of their group when finally Maggie caves.

Best of the episode: Carol’s return, she wasn’t my favorite but it was a very tender moment.

Worst of the episode: Watching the governor torture Maggie.

Where this episode left us: Michonne has led Rick and Daryl to Woodbury, now they just have to find a way in. The governor knows that Maggie and Glenn’s group will be on their way to find them and he needs to be prepared.

Best one-liner: Carl – “Daryl calls her ass-kicker.”

What this episode ruined for us: Rest homes.


Holler, Jordan

The Walking Dead – Hounded

S03xE06 – Merle and a group of townies are on the hunt for Michonne, and when they find her, it’s not a warm welcome. She slaughters the group leaving Merle and one other guy, but gets shot in the process. As they’re fighting they have walkers that decide to join in, and in the midst of fighting off the walker, Michonne gets away. Merle is talking to the other guy telling him that they don’t let the Governor know Michonne got away, and instead they tell him she’s dead. But this guy isn’t too keen on the idea of lying to the Governor, so Merle kills him.

Rick is on the phone after answering its ring, and it’s the voice of a woman who tells Rick that they are somewhere safe, but can’t tell him where. Rick asks if he and his group can go where they are, and he’s told they will call back in a couple hours. So Rick goes and cleans himself up, and meets up with the group. He checks on things, and then heads back to the boiler room to await his phone call. Hershel follows behind and offers to sit with Rick until the next phone calls comes, but Rick declines the offer. Glenn and Maggie head out for supplies, and Daryl takes it upon himself to head a small group to clear out the lower level of the prison.

Andrea has taken a position up on the perimeter wall doing walker watch duty. She’s making herself at home in Woodbury, but when there’s a walker coming and the girl she’s doing duty with fails to shoot it with her bow and arrow, Andrea jumps down over the wall and kills the walker. This gets her in trouble with the Governor. She’s now taken off watch duty, and then she admits to him that she liked the fights the other night, and next thing we know they’re in bed together. The Governor isn’t so mad at her anymore it seems.

Michonne covered in walker guts, happens upon some walkers who don’t notice her. She’s now figured out the masking the human smell trick. She comes upon a shopping center where she immediately takes cover when she sees Glenn and Maggie pull up looking for supplies. She watches on as they go through the store and get what they need. As Glenn and Maggie are readying to leave, up comes Merle with his gun drawn. Glenn recognizes him and both Glenn and Maggie now have guns on Merle. Merle asks Glenn if his brother is alive, and Glenn confirms that he is, and then Merle asks if they will take him to Daryl. Glenn tells him that they will bring Daryl to Merle and he is to stay put. Merle keeps edging forward and makes a move sending Glenn and Maggie running in opposite directions. Merle catches Maggie and holds a gun to her head instructing Glenn to get in the car. They’re going for a ride to Woodbury.

Rick continues to get his phone calls and each one gets a little more creepy. They know his name, and they know about Lori, and soon Rick realizes that it’s Lori on the phone and he breaks down apologizing to her, and telling her he loves her. It’s then he realizes that the phone calls were all in his head, and so he gets himself together and heads back to the group, where Hershel is holding little ass-kicker. Rick picks up his daughter and holds her for the first time. I may have got teary-eyed at this point.

Back to Merle, he’s now knocking on the Governor’s door, where he happens to be having sex with Andrea. When he gets the door, Merle tells him about Michonne being dead, but not being able to retrieve her sword, and that he has a couple people down in holding, and they’re from Andrea’s old group. He tells the Governor that they look like they’re pretty well set up and will try and find out where they’ve been staying. The Governor finishes with Merle and goes back to Andrea.

At the prison, Daryl, Carl and Oscar have been clearing out the lower level, and Daryl finds Carol’s knife lodged in a walker. He pulls it out and wipes it off. They head back to base, and Daryl goes out again on his own. Earlier they had passed a door that was blocked by a walker, and it was being lightly pushed open. Daryl originally passed it off as being a walker inside, and said they would go back later to kill it. So now Daryl is back at that door, and he opens it preparing to kill a walker, but instead finds a very weak, but alive Carol. He picks her up and takes her back to base.

Rick holding his daughter walks out into the prison yard, and as he looks out he halts and stares off into the distance. He then hands off the baby and walks toward the fence where walkers are and there he sees Michonne standing among the walkers holding the basket of supplies that Maggie and Glenn left behind.

Best of the episode: Michonne outsmarting Merle. She’s growing on me.

Worst of the episode: Andrea giving it up to the Governor. I would have thought she was smarter than that, to know he’s not all that great.

Where did this episode leave us?: Michonne has found the prison, and maybe her new group. Maggie and Glenn have been taken by Merle, and are now in the custody of Woodbury. Little ass-kicker still hasn’t been given a proper name, and maybe she never will.

Best one-liner: Daryl – “What do you need slippers for?” Oscar – “End of day relax.”

What the episode ruined for us: Rick’s sanity


– a la Chryshele

The Walking Dead – Say the Word

S03xE05 – Story One: Woodbury is full of happy right now, the residents are having a barbeque, and the Governor is privately stroking his walker daughter’s hair. It’s all going well until he rips out a chunk sending his deadly daughter into a fit. As he’s struggling to retrain her, the Governor catches Michonne staring at him from down on the street below. 

The Governor heads down after safely putting his daughter wherever he’s keeping her, and  toasts the townspeople in celebration for creating a safe environment they can call home. During the celebrations, Michonne takes the opportunity to go up to the Governor’s quarters and retrieve her beloved sword/machette, and then proceeds to do some snooping. But she’s interrupted by the Governor, Merle and the Doctor come up to get more drinkage. Michonne goes out the back and starts to wander around. She comes upon a cage with a bunch of walkers in it. It’s obvious they’re being held for something, so Michonne decides to ruin the plans, and breaks open the cage releasing the walkers. She then proceeds to kill every single one of them. This earns her an apprehension and discussion with the Governor. Here he tells her that she is useful in the town and he would like her to stay.

After Michonne leaves, the Governor calls Andrea in where he tells her about Michonne’s actions, and how she needs to be reigned in. So Andrea goes to talk to Michonne who is packing readying to leave the town. Andrea not wanting to leave, but not wanting Michonne to leave is torn. She packs along with Michonne, and as they head toward the exit, they’re stopped by Merle. Michonne convinced that they’re not going to let them leave contrary to what the Governor said, is almost happy that Merle is hesitating.This helps prove her point to Andrea that the town is up to no good, but when Merle permits them to leave, Michonne is shocked, but also relieved. This makes Andrea hesitate herself, and she decides she’s not going to leave. Michonne upset parts ways and heads out on her own.

That night the Governor takes Andrea by the arm and they head off to what looks like a town event. And boy is it ever. Here we get to watch what looks to be a gladiator like fight with humans surrounded by chained walkers. It almost looks like a fight to the death as the chains on the walkers are loosened as the fight goes on. Merle is one of the contenders, and wins the fight, but Andrea is appalled at this display, and calls it barbaric. The Governor reassures her that it’s staged and it helps the townspeople blow off steam. Andrea to me has seen the light, and she may plot to leave herself in the near future.

Story Two: Rick is clearly distraught by the news of Lori’s death. He’s not hearing reason, or anything for that matter. He grabs an axe lying on the ground and heads into the prison slaughtering walkers as he goes deeper and deeper inside.

Meanwhile Hershel informs the group that the baby is healthy, but needs formula immediately or it won’t survive. So Maggie and Daryl head off to find baby supplies. Those that stay behind have the prisoners dig three graves for Lori, T-Dog and Carol. Glenn and Hershel talk privately about losing three of their own in one day because of one person. Glenn contemplates whether they should have killed all of the prisoners from the start.

Maggie and Daryl come upon a daycare center where they are able to find a decent amount of baby supplies as well as dinner in the form of a possum. Mmm mmm good. They gather all the supplies they can and head back to the prison. When they arrive, we have a tender moment where Daryl takes the baby into his arms and feeds her a bottle. This is why we all love Daryl. He’s a badass with a heart. They all then ask Carl if he’s chosen a name for his baby sister yet, and he lists off a bunch of names, not having fully decided on just one, but all of the names listed are people who have died along the way.

Glenn heads into the prison to find Rick, and is able to do so by following the bloody walker remains trail. There he finds Rick in a daze and unresponsive. Glenn tries to console him, but it doesn’t work. Instead Rick holds Glenn up against a wall and you think for a minute that may be the last we see of Glenn, but then Rick lets him go and walks away off into the prison again.

Rick wandering around finds the boiler room where Lori had the baby and died. I’m not sure how he knew this is where she was, but he did. When he goes to where Lori should be, he finds that her body is nowhere to be found. You watch Rick pick up a slug which I’m guessing is the one Carl supposedly shot into Lori’s brain, but it doesn’t look like he did. Rick then turns to see a walker with a huge belly sitting not too far from where the body should have been. It appears that the walker ate Lori. So Rick takes it out on the walker and when he’s done he slumps down against a wall and continues his daze. That is until he hears a phone ringing. He gets up to answer it saying “Hello?”

Best of the episode: Andrea seeing that Woodbury isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be. And finally Michonne showing her badassery instead of the constant grumpy look she’s had all season.

Worst of the episode: The Woodbury gladiator fight. I have to agree with Andrea, it’s pretty barbaric.

Where did this episode leave us?: Knowing the Governor is harboring his walker daughter, Michonne has left the town, the baby still doesn’t have a name, Rick has received a mysterious phone call, Carol and Lori may not be dead. I have a theory about this: Carl didn’t shoot Lori in the head like he leads you to believe, Carol isn’t dead, she just shed her head wrap she was wearing. Carol is wandering around trying to stay safe, and happens upon Lori in the boiler room. Having practiced a c-section she is able to attend to Lori’s wound and they are together somewhere safe. We shall see how this all pans out.

Best one-liner: Daryl’s name for the baby – “ass-kicker”.

What the episode ruined for us: A lot. They have seriously upped the disgusting factor this season.


– a la Chryshele

The Walking Dead – Killer Within

S03xE04 – Story One: In Woodbury, Michonne is examining the military vehicles that were “salvaged”, and she’s noticing the bullet holes and even finds a little blood. She’s suspicious of how the vehicles were obtained and expresses these suspicions with the governor as he comes to try and convince her and Andrea to stay. He tries to distract her by saying she would be a good asset to the town and the walker watch, but she’s not going for it.

Back in their room, Michonne and Andrea discuss where they will go after leaving Woodbury. And it looks like they’re eyeing the coast, maybe find an island to live on. Andrea isn’t as gung ho about leaving Woodbury, and Michonne senses this.

Andrea then meets up with Merle and shows him where Hershel’s farm is so that he can try to locate Daryl. When Merle speaks to the governor about it, he’s basically told not to go looking, and that he’s needed in Woodbury. He then tells Merle he can go if he can obtain more substantial evidence of Daryl being alive. Knowing Merle, he’s not going to sit tight for long.

Andrea and the Governor are having a farewell drink together, and we learn that the Governor’s first name is Phillip and that his wife died in a car accident before the apocalypse. This might explain why he’s kind of sick in the head. Anyway as Andrea is saying goodbye, the Governor tells her she can return to Woodbury whenever she likes.

Story Two: We see a deer carcass being strewn about the prison grounds by an unknown person. This same person then cuts the gate open. Trouble is on the way.

Rick and the others are discussing how to clear out the yard when Axel and Oscar (the surviving prisoners) approach them begging to join their group. And when Rick declines the request, they begin talking of leaving the prison if they can’t join the group. So Rick gives Glenn a week’s worth of food to give to the prisoners and tells him to send them on their way. As they’re escorting Axel and Oscar out of the prison, Axel tries to sell himself as a mechanic to Daryl and offers to fix his bike for him. Oscar tells him to shut up and have a little respect.

Meanwhile Lori, Maggie and Beth help Hershel learn how to use the crutches they have obtained for him. As Hershel makes his way into the yard, everyone stops what they’re doing to applaud Hershel for the progress he’s making. The happy moment is short lived though when walkers infiltrate the yard. A big shootout begins and everyone gets separated as they make their way back into the prison for safety. Unfortunately the prison has been overrun by the walkers again as well. Someone is out for revenge.

Rick is hurrying to make his way to where the walkers have surrounded the group. Beth and Hershel are able to barricade themselves in a small fenced-in entryway, Lori, Maggie and Carl make their way back into the prison, and T-Dog gets bitten on the shoulder as he tries to seal the gate back up.

Glenn makes mention that the gate was cut open, and Rick immediately blames Axel and Oscar for this, and as they’re trying to deny the accusations the prison alarm starts going off. Oscar mentions that he knows where the generator room is to turn off the alarm, and Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Axel head into the prison to shut it off.

Carol and T-Dog have made their way into the prison and are wandering the halls trying to make it back to the cell block. Carol wants to help T-Dog with his shoulder, but T-Dog is adamant about getting Carol back to safety. He knows there’s nothing that can be done for him, and when they get cornered by walkers, he proves it by giving himself up so that Carol can get away. RIP T-Dog.

Maggie, Carl and Lori are also wandering the hallways of the prison, when Lori stops abruptly from labor pains. The baby is coming. They quickly find their way into the boiler room, and Lori is ready to push.

Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Axel and Oscar decide to split up to cover more ground. Rick Daryl and Oscar make their way to the Electrical room to shut down the generator, but as they’re doing so, they’re greeted by Andrew who tries to kill Rick (Holy crap Andrew is still alive!). Rick loses his gun in the fight with Andrew and Oscar picks it up and points it at Rick. Andrew is egging him on to kill RIck so they can take back the prison, but Oscar turns on Andrew and shoots him dead. If that doesn’t show loyalty, then Rick needs a new pair of eyes. Rick turns off the generator and silences the alarm.

Back to the boiler room, Lori is in full-on labor and has started pushing, but Maggie stops her because Lori is bleeding a lot, so Lori tells Maggie she’s going to have to cut her open to get the baby out. Knowing she’s not going to survive the c-section, she says her goodbyes to Maggie and Carl, and then tells Maggie that they need to kill her when she turns, not to let Rick do it. So Maggie cuts Lori open and Lori immediately passes out from the excruciating pain, and she’s bleeding out as Maggie pulls the baby out of the womb. Carl through tears shoots Lori dead. RIP Lori.

Maggie and Carl head back out to the yard to find the others who have done the same thing. When Rick sees Maggie holding the baby, he knows Lori didn’t make it. And through a gut wrenching cry from Rick and wordless sobs from Maggie, there’s no way there’s a dry eye watching the scene.

Best of the episode: I’m really not sure if there was a best of the episode. I’m pretty much at a loss with all the feels right now.

Worst of the episode: Having to watch T-Dog be eaten alive, Lori die by c-section and gunshot to the head, and Carl being the one to shoot Lori. As if the zombie apocalypse weren’t enough to mess someone up.

Where did this episode leave us?: Without T-Dog and Lori, and now a baby to take care of. Don’t know how that one’s going to work out. Rick is already unstable and now that Lori is dead, he runs the chance of completely losing his mind. And what the hell is in the drinks the governor serves??

Best one-liner: Lori to Carl before she dies – “Don’t let the world spoil you. You’re the best thing I ever did.”

What the episode ruined for us: My Life.


– a la Chryshele

The Walking Dead – Walk With Me

S03xE03 – The mysterious helicopter we saw in the first episode of the series has returned. Or at least I think it’s the same helicopter, but this time it’s in danger. It seems like it’s been shot down, but by who? Andrea and Michonne witness the crash and head toward it to see if there are any survivors, but just as they arrive, so do a group of men. Andrea and Michonne hide out behind some bushes watching as the men check for life and find only one survivor. The other two have died and become walkers, so the men take them out much to the horror of Andrea and Michonne. The men then begin to leave and the girls think they’re in the clear, but not quite. First they have to face good ole Merle. Andrea still sick passes out and next she wakes up in one of the men’s vehicles from the helicopter crash. She’s in and out of consciousness and when she finally comes to she’s in a make-shift hospital with an IV in her arm. Both women are reluctant to stay and would sooner leave rather than later.

Merle questions the girls, mainly Andrea because Michonne doesn’t talk. Andrea gives Merle the low down on what happened to the group, and whether Daryl is alive or not. Then the Governor comes in to talk to them. Andrea tells him how appalled she is that they shoved weapons into the heads of those that died in the crash. It’s then that both Governor and Merle realize the girls have no idea about the virus already being inside you. So they get that fun news, and then a small tour of the town they find they are residing in at the moment.

It’s night when they get a brief tour and they see that the town is heavily guarded from the walkers, it looks like Andrea is slightly impressed, Michonne, who knows the woman never smiles. It probably doesn’t help that they took her machete/sword away and her pack mule walkers are gone now too. Anyway Governor puts them up in a room for the night with all the fixings of a hot shower and clean clothes.

The Governor is next seen entering what looks like a lab, and a doctor fighting with Merle. The doctor was lucky Governor walked in, because I’m pretty sure Merle would have killed him. We see that this doctor has Michonne’s pack mules laid out on tables, and their heads have been hooked up to monitoring wires. We learn that Michonne is pretty dang smart. By cutting off the arms and jaws, you take away their ability to eat, which then suppresses the urge in the walkers. And by her dragging them along, they also acted as a repellent to other walkers, and would explain how they’ve made it as far as they have.

The next morning Andrea and Michonne are out for a tour of the town where they find out that there are 72 residents, and a curfew that begins at dark. That would explain the ghost town the night before. Andrea seems to really be intrigued and genuinely interested in staying there, Michonne doesn’t trust them and wants to leave. Governor is visiting the helicopter survivor who happens to be the pilot. He tells Governor that there are more of his men awaiting his return. Governor asks for their location assuring the pilot that he will find them and bring them back to the town where they will be safe.

Andrea and Michonne have been invited to tea with the doctor and Governor. There they discuss the possibility that the walkers might still have a part of their old self within them. Andrea doesn’t believe that to be true, nor has she ever thought about it. MIchonne sees that her machete/sword is being housed by the Governor, so her frown grows deeper. And the doctor for some reason reminds me of a young John Ritter. It’s the mannerisms I’m pretty sure.

So we are now with the pilot’s other men who are watching the Governor drive up to them waving a white flag. He tells them of how he has their pilot and he’s alive, and then proceeds to shoot the men with the help of Merle and others hiding in the brush. They then take the men’s artillery into possession and back to town. Governor explains to the townspeople how he went to find the men, but they had already been bitten, so they did what they had to do and brought back their vehicles.

At the end we come upon a glass wall of walker heads encased in I’m assuming formaldehyde, and there on top of the pyramid like wall is the head of the pilot, and sitting staring at all the heads is the Governor. Ew.

Best of the episode: Merle returning to cause some more havoc. Should be interesting when he’s reunited with the rest of his wayward group. And is it me or do the casting people really love Brits? David Morrissey is a great casting choice in my opinion.

Worst of the episode: Michonne. She seriously bugs big time. And yet I have a feeling she’s going to be around for a while.

Where did this episode leave us?: Knowing that there are worse people out there than the walkers. Or pretty close to equally bad. Rick and the group have a lot of crap coming their way and soon I fear.

Best one-liner: Merle – “Who ain’t had a gun on ’em in the past year, huh?”

What the episode ruined for us: Good Samaritans


– a la Chryshele

The Walking Dead – Sick

S03xE02 – The episode picks up with half the group in the cafeteria just after Rick has chopped off Hershel’s leg and found live prisoners watching on. Hershel is bleeding out and they need to get him back to their cell block base, the prisoners are taken back by the fact that there are people in their cafeteria. One stands out in particular, and we’re going to call him Jerkface. His name is really Thomas, but I like Jerkface. He immediately tries to show them he’s boss, but the group doesn’t care they’re more concerned about Hershel. So they head back to their cell block, and the prisoners follow. They get Hershel in behind the bars of the cell block and Daryl has stopped the prisoners short of the cell block holding them off with T-Dog’s help. Rick soon rejoins Daryl and T-Dog when he starts to hear the prisoners arguing about that particular area being theirs. Rick negotiates with them that they will help the prisoners clear out their own cell block in exchange for half the food in the cafeteria. The prisoners agree, and they start off to find the cell block to clear out.

We have learned that these five prisoners have been locked up in the cafeteria for 10 months thinking that help was on the way. They have no idea what the world is like now, so the guys let them outside to see just how it is. This is where they realize they need to stay in the prison and cooperate. They make their way into the cafeteria and see that there’s quite a bit of food left. After a nasty encounter with a freezer that is now a crapper, Rick and the group take their half of the food back to base and then head out again. The group show the prisoners how to kill the walkers. They’re told they have to go for the brain, that’s the only way to kill them. Jerkface is cocky and makes a comment that they know how to kill a man, but are quickly corrected by T-Dog saying they’re not men, they’re something else. So when they come up on a few walkers the guys let the prisoners kill them, but they haven’t listened and try to kill them everywhere, but the brain. It takes Rick and the others to show them how it’s done before they start to catch on. But Big Tiny gets scared and starts to back off, and end up getting himself infected. Jerkface takes the initiative and kills Big Tiny. Moving on. They have made it through the laundry room and behind a locked door is a group of walkers. Rick tells Jerkface to open only one of the doors to help control the flow and kills, but he opens both. So they are all doing their killings when Jerkface nearly cuts Rick’s head off in the process of cutting a walker’s and then Jerkface throws a walker onto Rick. They kill the walker on top of Rick and all the rest and then Rick faces Jerkface who shrugs it off saying shit happens. Uh huh. Rick looks at him and then puts an axe into his head. Shit does happen, Jerkface is dead! One of the other prisoners runs off, while Daryl and T-Dog hold the other two at bay. Rick chases the prisoner down through the prison to outside where the prisoner runs into a bunch of walkers. Rick shuts the jail gate before the prisoner can run back in, and the walkers get him. I don’t recognize Rick anymore…

Rick makes his way back to Daryl and T-Dog with the remaining two prisoners. One is begging for his life the other isn’t. Rick decides they can live and they make their way to the remaining prisoner’s new cell block. Unfortunately it’s full of dead bodies. It should keep them prisoners busy for a bit.

Back at the home base Hershel is fighting for his life, and they aren’t sure if he’s going to make it. Rick gave them his cuffs before he headed off, and Hershel has been locked up. Carol asks Glenn if she can talk to him, and he’s reluctant to leave his post, but after some reassurance he goes. They are walking outside and Carol tells Glenn her plan to practice a c-section on a walker in preparation for Lori, who may have to have a c-section because she did with Carl. So Carol kills the walker, and while Glenn distracts the other ones, Carol brings the now dead walker inside the grounds. Back to Hershel who has now stopped breathing and his daughters stand by watching helplessly. It takes Lori to jump into action and give him CPR. This works, but it was touch and go for a minute there. Emphasis on touch. See what I did there? I’m funny. So Hershel survives the ordeal, but only barely. He still looks like death, but not walker death quite yet. Man I crack myself up. Carol starts to cut up the walker and it feels like something bad is going to happen, and then you see that someone is looking in on her from afar. My idea is that it’s Merle.

Rick and team come back to base, and find out that Lori saved Hershel. Rick and Lori go outside to talk and Lori lets Rick know she still loves him, and she knows she’s been a bad wife, but wants to work on it. Rick isn’t so receptive, and gives her a nice touch on the shoulder and thanks her for saving Hershel. Apparently forgiveness isn’t on the agenda right now.

Best of the episode: Honestly Rick killing Thomas aka Jerkface. The guy was nothing but a problem, he had to go.

Worst of the episode: Carl treating his mother badly. It was good Beth yelled at him, it bruised Carl’s ego, which he needed. Nothing like getting reprimanded for being bad to your mom by your crush.

Where did this episode leave us?: Now that they’ve cordoned off a good chunk of the prison, and are able to make it to the cafeteria, will they be able to share the space with the two remaining prisoners? And how much good is Hershel going to be now that he’s less half a leg?

Best one-liner: Rick – “Yeah shit happens.”

What the episode ruined for us: Freezers


– a la Chryshele