The Big Bang Theory – The Santa Simulation

bbtS06xE11 – The guys have a tradition where they play D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) every year, and so they break it to their girls that they aren’t invited, and will need to find something else to do. So the girls decide to spend a night out at a bar in their hottest attire. Some dressed more scantily than others. The guys have started playing their game which Leonard has created a holiday themed quest to save Santa. Raj unfortunately is killed early on, so when the girls stop by to show off their hotness before heading out, Raj asks to join the girl’s night out. Penny obliges, and they decide at the bar that they are going to try and find Raj a woman. This doesn’t go very well, and even goes worse when Raj brings up the fact that he once had the hots for both Penny and Bernadette. Amy hopeful she was also of interest to Raj at one time has her bubble burst when Raj is emphatic that he never had feelings for her. Then she uses her womanly wiles to relate to Raj in the constant rejection department which make Raj start to like her, and this pleases Amy who rejects Raj, and now he wants her more. Confused yet? Back at the D&D game, the guys have made their way to finding Santa and are about to save him, when Sheldon paralyzes both Howard and Stewart and opts to leave Santa to die because he didn’t bring his Pop pop back to life when he was a child. Leonard is less than thrilled about this outcome because he gave up sex with his girlfriend to play D&D and have Sheldon ruin the game. All is well though because that night Sheldon has a dream that Santa stops by to apologize for not bringing his Pop pop back, and then tries to kill Sheldon. You know what they say about karma…

Best of the episode: Santa trying to kill Sheldon. Pure gold.

Worst of the episode: Realizing that I’m not one who would really enjoy D&D much.

Where this episode leaves us: Raj needs a girlfriend.

Best one-liner: Santa – “Ho ho ho you big dork!”

What this episode ruined for us: Santa a little

Rating: Rating PotatoRating PotatoRating PotatoRating Potato

– a la Chryshele


The Big Bang Theory – The Fish Guts Displacement


S06xE10 – Howard needs to do his husbandly duty and hang out with Bernadette’s father for some quality father/son-in-law bonding. Totally not knowing how to begin to fish he enlists Howard and Raj to help him figure it out. And they enlist Penny. Turns out that Bernadette’s dad would rather gamble with Howard than fish…now that is quality time. Amy is very ill and based on their agreement, Sheldon now has to take care of her. This includes bathing her and rubbing vicks on her chest. Even after she is healed she continues to fake sick so that she can reap as much of Sheldon’s attention as possible. In the end she has to admit to him that she lied and subject herself to her punishment: a spanking.

Best of the episode: THE SPANKING. Actually everything is amazing in this episode.

Worst of the episode: It’s hard to find anything bad about this one, but I will say I would have liked to see a little more of Leonard and Raj. But that’s reaching.

Where this episode leaves us: Maybe one day Shamy will make out.

Best one-liner: “You’ll just have to spank me harder.” – Amy

What this episode ruined for us: Vicks vapo rub.

Rating: Rating PotatoRating PotatoRating PotatoRating PotatoRating Potato

Holler, Jordan

The Big Bang Theory – The Parking Lot Escalation

tbbtS06xE09 – Howard has bought a new car and is parking it in spot 294. Uh oh. That’s Sheldon’s spot, and he wants Howard to move. Howard won’t because Sheldon doesn’t even have a car. So Howard goes to the boss or someone high up and makes it that the parking spot is now his. This upsets Sheldon and he exacts revenge on Howard by stealing his $500 dollar Iron Man Mask. So Howard gets revenge on Sheldon by stealing his diploma. So Sheldon paints his name onto the bumper in the parking space and then has Amy leave her car there. Amy’s car gets towed by Bernadette and then Howard gets more revenge by sitting in Sheldon’s spot on the couch naked using Sheldon’s computer. Ew. So Sheldon gets further revenge by setting up a make-shift office in the parking spot. When Howard pulls up he tries to push Sheldon out of the way with the car. Finally Leonard intervenes, but it’s too late because Sheldon has made his way into Howard’s brand new car and undressed himself. Naked Sheldon in a car is unsettling too. Raj finally makes Howard apologize to Sheldon and let Sheldon have the parking space. Sheldon is happy, but then realizes this makes Howard the bigger man, so he decides he will let Howard use the spot until Sheldon learns how to drive. There now Sheldon is the bigger man, and to seal the deal, makes Howard say it out loud; “Sheldon you’re the bigger man.” The girls who also got involved in the fight also apologize to each other. All is better now.

Best of the episode: The thought of Sheldon wearing the Iron Man mask into a bank and getting tackled.

Worst of the episode: Naked Howard on the couch. Ew. Naked Sheldon in the car wasn’t much better to be honest.

Where this episode left us: Everyone has made up after the parking space incident. Well kind of. Sheldon still has some cleaning up to do.

Best one-liner: Bernadette – “Gosh, Amy. I’m sensing a little hostility. Is it maybe because like Sheldon’s work, your sex life is also theoretical?”
Penny – “Damn.”
Amy – “Well, at least, when we do make love, Sheldon won’t be thinking about his mother.”

What this episode ruined for us: Parking Spaces


– a la Chryshele

The Big Bang Theory – The 43 Peculiarity


S06xE08 – Sheldon has twenty minutes out of every day that are unaccounted for on his public calendar, Howard is going to out him.  Leonard is all bent out of shape over Penny’s England pal that she’s working on a report with.  Raj and Howard track Sheldon to a storage room during his “alone time” and discover the number 43 written on a blackboard.  Leonard is still stalking Penny’s history class project partner who Leonard finally snuck a peek at and warned him off, which Penny witnessed.  Too bad he confides in Sheldon’s assistant who hits on him, too.  It did lead her to tell Leonard she loved him for the first time. IT’S A WORMHOLE GENERATOR.  43 different wormhole universes tested.  Oh wait, nope.  Sheldon set them up.  Well played.  It’s how many times consecutively he has kicked a hacky sack.

Best of the episode: Penny saying I LOVE YOU. Holy crap did you cry? I cried.

Worst of the episode: Seeing Sheldon’s assistant hit on Leonard made me sad.

Where this episode left us: I’m happy Leonard and Penny have made this progress but it worries me that assisant is hitting on him.

Best one-liner: Leonard – “Can’t talk right now, hanging with my boyfriend, England sucks, you suck, USA #1.”

What this episode ruined for us: Wormholes.


Holler, Jordan

The Big Bang Theory – The Habitation Configuration

S06xE07 – Sheldon is filming another episode of “Fun With Flags” and this time he has a special guest; Wil Wheaton! Cue fangirl eek!!! Amy is filming the episode and is less than enthused about Wil’s performance. In fact she’s taken to telling Wil that he’s horrible. This doesn’t please Wil, and he decides to be rude in return. Amy takes offense and asks Sheldon to come to her defense, but Sheldon is torn. Amy’s his girlfriend, but Wil is his close friend. Oh the dilemma! Unfortunately for Amy, Sheldon chooses Wil. When Sheldon gets home from his night of fun with Wil Wheaton, Leonard let’s Sheldon know that Amy is very likely mad due to Sheldon’s actions. At first not believing Leonard, Sheldon calls Amy up to find out she is in fact mad at him. Now he’s confused.

Bernadette and Howard have just had dinner with Howard’s mom, and Howard stops in his bedroom to grab a few things. This prompts Bernadette to ask Howard when he plans to move all of his things over to her place. Howard says he’s planning to, but not right away. This doesn’t sit well with Bernadette and after some pushing she talks Howard into committing to a date. But when the date comes, Howard again tries to make excuses about being Jewish or something, but Bernadette is not allowing it. So Howard and the guys pack up his room and he starts to take his stuff over to Bernadette’s. As Howard is moving in the last boxes, he mentions to Bernadette how much his mother is dependent on him, and that’s why he put off the move for so long. Great now Bernadette feels guilty and decides that they are going to move in with his mother.

Sheldon more confused about Amy’s continual anger after he tries to make things right by giving her Star Trek TNG on DVD, goes to see Penny at work. She starts feeding him long island iced teas while she talks to him and tries to give him advice. Not knowing how many delicious iced teas he’s gulped down, he drunkenly heads over to Wil Wheaton’s home to demand an apology from Wil for how he treated Amy. And because Sheldon’s from Texas and he’s inebriated, he thinks he’s got the chops to punch out Wil Wheaton if he refuses to apologize. But Wil being the good guy he is apologizes and Sheldon now needs to puke. Anne’s not happy about her bushes being ruined, but Sheldon feels better now I’m sure.

Sheldon is filming once again for his “Fun With Flags” and this time his special guest is Levar Burton. Cue fangirl eek again!!! Amy is behind the camera once more and starts to criticize Levar saying he’s worse than Wil. Sheldon apologizes to Levar saying he has to agree with Amy because she’s his girlfriend, and Levar understands. Those Star Trek guys sure are great.

Best of the episode: Uh Wil Wheaton and the cameo from Levar Burton. Need I say more?

Worst of the episode: Not enough Wil Wheaton.

Where did this episode leave us: Howard and Bernadette even though they’re married will be living with Howard’s mother because she can’t survive without her Howard.

Best one-liner: Sheldon to Wil Wheaton after handing him a Wesley Crusher action figure – “Feel free to play with yourself.”
What this episode ruined for us: The chance of Sheldon getting drunk again


– a la Chryshele

SERIOUSLY I COULD FANGIRL ABOUT HOW AWESOME WIL WHEATON IS THAT IS ALL.  Thanks Chryshele for letting me interject your post :]

Holler, Jordan

The Big Bang Theory – The Extract Obliteration


S06xE06 – We begin with a rousing game of some sort of dance party. Sheldon interrupts that he has began a game of Words With Friends with Stephen Hawking. The gang tries to let him know that this does not indicate that he and Hawking are actually friends, but of course Sheldon does not understand and proceeds to give them nicknames. The dance party resumes.
Bernadette is still complaining about living with Howard’s mom and using her underwear as a towel. Girl time with Penny and Amy and they discover that Penny is taking a night class. She’s keeping it from Leonard because she is afraid of him being supportive. Over a lunch date with Amy, Sheldon is still playing WWF with Hawking, but Amy is just excited about the effects it will have on his testosterone. Turn Hawking’s “act” into “extract” for multiple points!
Penny tells Leonard about her schooling and he did get excited! He offers to help and gives her lots of advice and she still wants his opinion to stay out of it. Meanwhile Raj, Sheldon and Howard are having dinner in Sheldon’s apartment and Raj feels like he’s making fun of Indian’s when he calls call centers. Aw. He wants to try out his American accent which is actually good. Sheldon is too distracted because Hawking hasn’t played a word in three days. Howard tells him that Hawking hates to lose so he needs to let him win.
Whilst sleeping over, Leonard takes a peek at Penny’s slavery paper just hours after she told him not to! This will not end well! Go figure, she writes like she cooks.
Sheldon is trying to use a Jedi mind trick to control Stephen Hawking so that he’ll play WWF with him again (hello, they should play SongPop, that’s where it’s at). He even uses his knocking trick. Leonard is worried if he tells Penny her paper is terrible she’ll know he read it and Sheldon thinks everyone loves him but Stephen Hawking. Chess clock time, they each get five minutes to talk about their problems. My guess is that Sheldon will still manipulate. And go. Oh, I was right. Hawking isn’t busy! Penny is going to get mad! Break up with Amy! Penny’s paper is due tomorrow! Seriously does Sheldon have a compassionate bone in his body? He tries to use the Jedi mind trick on Leonard and it works, only on the weak.
Leonard wakes up Penny sweetly. He brings her breakfast in bed and tells her the story of the elves and the shoemaker. The shoemaker was really happy that the elves made the shoes. He hands her her re-written paper. He admits he read it and that it was bad. Of course she is upset!
Sheldon still hasn’t heard from Hawking. Raj tells him that if he is a sore loser than Sheldon may be better off without him. That seems to signal him to play! And his new nickname? ROLLING THUNDAAAAHHHH. Howard reminds him to let Hawking win. He tries but Sheldon has a problem with being intellectually dishonest. It’s between that and being friends with Hawking. AND SEND.
PENNY GOT A B- ON HER PAPER BITCHES. Amy and Bernadette helped her re-write her paper and now they have to try for an A. They just wanted it to be believable. Back to high school, doing the prom queens homework so she likes them!
Sheldon receives a call from Hawking. He calls him Dr. Loser. “What does Sheldon Cooper and a black hole have in common? They both suck.” Wow he’s a funny dude.

Best of the episode: Sheldon/Hawking love.

Worst of the episode: Penny and Leonard still being really awkward.

Where did this episode leave us: Still seems like Penny/Leonard are making progress but have a long way to go.

Best one-liner: Raj in American accent – “Hey my snow white American friends. Let’s put some cow meat on the barbeque and eat it until we’re all obese.”

What this episode ruined for us: Spaghetti, words with friends and bad jokes.


Holler, Jordan

The Big Bang Theory – The Holographic Excitation

S06xE05 – Stuart decides he’s going to have a party at his comic book store and Raj volunteers to plan the party because he’s so good with Soirees. Howard seems to be able to spin every conversation he has into it being about him going into space. Leonard points this out to Sheldon, and they test their theory. And it’s confirmed, Howard won’t shut up about space.

Penny shows up at Leonard’s lab, and she seems to get turned on when he starts talking about his work. So sex in the lab it is. Leonard’s ok with this and we know that by the huge grin on his face and sex hair when he shows up in the cafeteria for lunch.

Amy tells Sheldon that she thinks they should do a couples costume for the party. And surprisingly Sheldon agrees, but not how Amy had hoped. His first suggestion of going as C3PO and R2D2 falls flat with Amy, he then makes a couple other suggestions which she says no to. She was looking for something more romantic like Romeo and Juliet. For now they are at an impasse.

Howard and Bernadette are getting ready for bed and sex, when Howard starts turning the sexy talk into space talk. Bernadette stops him and tells him he needs to stop all the space talk and that it’s irritating not only her, but all his friends too. Howard is shocked by this, but obliges. So now he can only mention space when someone brings it up. This will be hard for Howard.

Back at work the group are at lunch again and Raj is trying to decide on which kind of photobooth he should get. A coffin or a TARDIS? Duh do you even have to ask? Leonard shows up with sex hair and a big grin, Penny’s been by the lab again. Howard is moping because he can’t talk about space or him being an astronaut, and when he asks Raj and Sheldon if they are sick of hearing about it, Sheldon takes the honest approach and says yes, Raj tries the nice approach and says no, but means yes. Howard isn’t liking this.

So at home Howard, who is now blue literally and dressed like Papa smurf, is sad because he’s feeling like not talking about the biggest accomplishment in his life means that he will just go back to being plain old Howard Wolowitz. Bernadette, who is dressed like Smurfette, reassures him that it won’t happen, he just needs to let up on the space talk, not give it up entirely.

At the party Howard is still moping around when Penny and Leonard show up as a sexy cop and Einstein. You decide who’s who. Not far behind are Amy and Sheldon dressed as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy C3PO. This was their compromise on the couples costumes. Personally I would have gone with R2D2 over what Amy chose. Raj tells Howard how upset he is that Stuart is taking credit for the party, but Howard who is still wishing he could talk more about space isn’t really paying attention and is bringing down the party, so Bernadette pulls him aside and tells Howard that regular Howard is just perfect for her. This time it seems to do the trick and they start to go back to the party when Leonard and Penny burst out of the TARDIS having just had sex. Seems right.

Back at home and not blue anymore, Howard and Bernadette climb into bed and Bernadette shows Howard a video on their laptop. It’s of Buzz Aldrin answering the door to some trick or treaters, and with each treat he hands out, he has to tell the kid about how he’s an astronaut and has been on the moon. Howard now gets it. I think we won’t hear so much about space anymore.

Best of the episode: The TARDIS photobooth. And if I must come up with something else I would say Howard and Bernadette’s smurf costumes.

Worst of the episode:  Leonard’s Einstein and Penny’s sexy cop costumes. I was disappointed in the creativity of their costumes compared to the others. Even Stuart’s was awesome as Willy Wonka.

Where does this episode leave us: Penny gets turned on in Leonard’s lab, and I guess so does Leonard. Howard needs to let up on the space and astronaut talk.

Best one-liner: Sheldon about Raj’s idea for a photobooth at the halloween party – “A TARDIS makes no sense, it’s a time machine from a science fiction show. It has nothing to do with Halloween. That being said, if you don’t get a TARDIS, you stink and your party stinks.”

What this episode ruined for us: It didn’t ruin smurfs, Wonka or the TARDIS.


– a la Chryshele