Hawaii Five-0 – Kahu

hawaiifive04S03xE11 – McGarrett sees a boy at the station that is in need of help. Turns out his father has gone missing, and McGarrett is taking on the search. Through the search they find out that this boy’s father has got himself into a bit of trouble. He’s been messing with the wrong people. Moonshiners. Well we find out that daddy dearest has been taken prisoner by the baddies and they want money in exchange for him keeping his life. So dad leads them to his house where his son happens to be along with Katherine. When the baddies find out the money isn’t there, dad and son are about to die, but Katherine kicks into action just as McGarrett and the rest of the team storm in after figuring out the whole story. Everyone is alright and dad and son are reunited.

Best of the episode: George Takei guest starring as Chin’s uncle!

Worst of the episode: Not a long enough guest stint for George Takei.

Where this episode leaves us: Catherine and McGarrett’s relationship is still trying to be defined. And Catherine is going on leave again soon.

What this episode ruined for us: Moonshine


– a la Chryshele


Hawaii Five-0 – Huaka’i Kula (Field Trip)

hawaii5-06S03xE10 – McGarrett and Danny are with Grace camping out. It’s the Aloha Girl’s outing and McGarrett is teaching the girls survival techniques. Not necessarily the ones you would think though. While he’s teaching them how to throw a knife, little Lucy decides she wants to go get her jacket, and doesn’t come back, so Danny and McGarrett go look for her in the jungle and McGarrett finds her as well as an injured man. After McGarrett helps the man with his wound, the guy holds McGarrett and Lucy at gunpoint and has them go back to camp where he puts all of the girls as well as Danny (after he shot him) in a shed and locks them in. With Grace’s help they are able to break free from the shed, make a phone out of pieces of other phones and call for help. Turns out this guy’s name is Roy and he was posing as a security guy on a plane that had diamonds. The plane went down and so did Roy with the diamonds, but he lost them. So he has McGarrett and Lucy as his hostages while he tries to find the diamonds. When they do, the diamonds are up in a tree, and Lucy has to go get them. As she’s doing so, McGarrett uses this time to overtake a distracted Roy. But overtaking Roy wasn’t enough because Roy has a partner that has just shown up with a nice big gun.This partner kills Roy and  McGarrett and Lucy manage to break away and Lucy having the diamonds is told to hide in the bushes while McGarrett assesses the situation. Danny who has been able to get a hold of Chin and Kono has enlisted their help. Chin is now looking for McGarrett and Lucy as well as Danny and the Aloha Girl leader lady. Chin finds a dead Roy and Danny finds Chin. They split up and Danny goes after the partner and McGarrett, and Chin ends up finding Lucy with the diamonds (haha that’s a good one, too bad she wasn’t in the sky). McGarrett ends up getting cornered by the partner of Roy’s and is about to be shot, but Danny catches up and shoots the guy dead first. They all make it back to camp and all is ok.

Meanwhile Kono’s boyfriend Adam has his brother coming to visit having been released from prison. At first the brother seems very nice and ok with Adam changing his ways, but later reveals to Kono that he’s not ok with it at all. Chin expresses his concern about her being around Adam’s brother, and Kono tries to brush it off, but when we see Kono and Adam sleeping and Adam’s brother standing over their bed holding a gun, you start to think otherwise. Especially when you find out it’s Kono’s gun, and he’s returning it to its holster. Crap.

Best of the episode: Danny not understand a 10 year old explaining how she’s going to use two phones to make one working phone.

Worst of the episode: It seems every time Danny spends time with Grace something bad happens. Ex-wife Rachel has got to say something soon about this, and it’s not going to go well for Danny.

Where this episode leaves us: Kono can’t seem to catch a break while dating Adam. Now his brother seems to be causing trouble.

Best one-liner: Steve – “I’m going to teach these how to kill and gut a pig tonight Danny.”
Danny – “That’s actually a horror film.”

What this episode ruined for us: Camping

Rating:Rating Potato

– a la Chryshele

Hawaii Five-0 – Ha’awe Make Loa (Death Wish)

hawaiifive03S03xE09 – In a new and weird change, Danny has a separate case to deal with than McGarrett. Danny is assigned to catch a Victoria’s Secret model stalker. So he gets to play it up with the girls and also save one’s life. It’s a simple side story that ends in Danny and McGarrett being able to attend the fashion show and take Grace with them. You know so she can learn what the pretty girls do.

McGarrett has a tougher case that involves solving the purpose of a bank robbery that left two people shot (one being a girl Max likes a lot) and only $5,000 stolen. It immediately screams odd and so they investigate into the reasons. They learn that one of the two shot was actually part of the whole thing. Turns out he’s dying from cancer and wanted to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex-wife and daughter by playing the hero dying while trying to stop a robbery in progress. Unfortunately it didn’t go entirely as planned and he ends up in the hospital and so does another. The guy hired to kill him does get it done while the guys in the hospital recovering from his wound. McGarrett then goes on a chase after the hit man when he’s spotted in the hospital having just killed the guy, but the hitman gets away. They discover that he too is dying from cancer and locate where he’s been getting treatments, but hit man is quick and ends up taking McGarrett hostage. They drive out into a field area, where the guy give McGarrett his gun and tells McGarrett to kill him because he’s dying anyway. McGarrett refuses saying that’s the easy way out, and so the hit man decides to shoot himself, but Five-0 shows up and puts a stop to his attempt assuring hit man that he will die in prison the slow way.

Best of the episode: Danny beaming about Grace. It’s always cute to see him so proud of his daughter.

Worst of the episode: McGarrett and Danny not working together, I missed the banter.

Where this episode leaves us: Max has a girlfriend. It was sweet to see how much he cares for her while she was recovering from her gun shot wound.

Best one-liner: Danny about the model he saved – “What are the odds I get her phone number?” Steve – “Zero.” Danny – “Ah.”

What this episode ruined for us: Models acting


– a la Chryshele

Hawaii Five-0 – Wahine’inoloa (Evil Woman)

S03xE08 – A couple kids are chasing a fire in the sugar fields when a man on fire runs out in front of their car, and they hit him. He died upon impact, but was likely to die from burns otherwise. Five-0 is on the case to find the man’s killer, and when they meet up with the man’s therapist to question her, McGarrett is immediately suspicious and also convinced that she is the murderer. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a lot of evidence to go off of, and this gets therapist lady released from custody. McGarrett now has to find the proof to put her away for good. The only thing is no one believes him entirely, and he’s coming off a bit unhinged. McGarrett is so sure she’s the killer that he begins to tail her, this leads to a restraining order, which isn’t exactly followed. Therapist lady invites McGarrett to lunch where she in so many words confesses to the murder and then plays him by having called the police and act attacked. She’s a crazy person. Eventually they find out that she’s not really a therapist, but a prostitute using her office as a cover. McGarrett was smart enough to put her on the “no fly” list at the airport and catch her in the process of trying to throw them off her trail. Crazy lady loses the game.

Meanwhile Doris, McGarrett’s mother, is being followed and basically stalked by a man who wants to kill her. Catherine and the guy she used to locate Doris when she was in hiding come to Doris’ aid and hunt down the guy. They lose him unfortunately and he finds Doris, and it looks like he’s taken her hostage, but it’s actually the opposite when they find her. Doris is torturing the dude for information rather brutally, it takes Catherine and other guy to stop her and get law enforcement to take the tortured dude into custody. Doris asks Catherine not to tell McGarrett about what’s happened, and shockingly, but reluctantly she agrees.

Best of the episode: McGarrett was able to prove that he wasn’t going crazy, and was right about the therapist.

Worst of the episode: Although McGarrett didn’t have much to go on, his team nonetheless were inclined to not believe him.

Where this episode leaves us: Catherine is now keeping a secret from McGarrett. I’m not sure it’s going to last very long.

Best one-liner: 

What this episode ruined for us: Sugar Cane Fields


– a la Chryshele

Hawaii Five-0 – Ohuna (The Secret)

S03xE07 – A young computer hacker just released from prison is abducted and murdered. Now it’s up to Five-0 to find his killer. With the help of the victim’s autistic brother, Kono and the team manage to identify the killer, a former South African military officer with a vengeance. It’s a little late upon finding this information as they take the victim’s family hostage in their own home. Kono happens to be there in hopes of recovering a password to an encrypted file the victim had left behind and does so. Turns out that’s what the killer is after as well. Kono’s status as Five-0 is discovered and also that she has the password in her possession, so she’s taken hostage on the road. Through a seriously Mission Impossible maneuver Five-0 is able to overtake the bad guys, recover Kono, and retrieve the password. All in a day’s work eh?

Meanwhile McGarrett has finally decided that his sister should know their mother is alive. So he’s flown her in, and she has a surprise guest with her, an elderly man. Little sis has failed at being a flight attendant, and has taken to care giving. McGarrett takes the news better than little sis does when he tells her mom is alive. She refuses to see her mother, that is until she has a heart-to-heart with her elderly patient. She gives in and goes to see her mother. It’s super touching as McGarrett looks on, happy that his family is reunited. Well those that are alive at least.

Best of the episode: The McGarrett family reunion.

Worst of the episode: Bad dudes in masks. Why do they always have to be creepy masks?

Where this episode leaves us: The secrets out about mommy dearest. Now that the sister knows mom is alive, will this put her in danger?

Best one-liner: McGarrett – “Toast! Live long and perspire.”

What this episode ruined for us: Masks


– a la Chryshele

Hawaii Five-0 – I Ka Wa Mamua (In a Time Past)

S03xE06 – The Five-0 team have stumbled upon a terrorist plot in the works. So as the team try to diffuse the plot, Danny gets caught in the middle. Danny now has a bomb with its eye on him. Literally. So McGarrett tries to distract Danny while they try to disarm the bomb. Danny tells the story of when he found out that Rachel was pregnant, and also how that same day should have been his last. He tells his story of how he and his partner back in Jersey tracked down a drug ring, and it went wrong. His partner, Grace, ends up getting killed, and Danny ends up breaking free and killing the men that held him hostage. We find out this all went down on 9/11. The bomb targeting Danny has been disarmed and he is able to make it to the daddy-daughter dance with his own little Grace.

Best of the episode: Getting more back story on Danny when he was in Jersey. It was interesting to learn of how his daughter got her name.

Worst of the episode: A Kardashian/Jenner girl getting a cameo. I don’t even know which one, but honestly none of them should be getting the publicity they do.

Where this episode leaves us: Danny was able to make it to the daddy-daughter dance like he promised.

Apologies on the brief recap, life got in the way, and I will be better next week. Promise.


– a la Chryshele

Hawaii Five-0 – Mohai

S03xE05 – Catherine and McGarrett are spending their Halloween night watching Chucky and eating popcorn. Well that’s what they’re trying to do, but they keep getting interrupted, lastly by Danny who’s upset because his daughter skipped out on trick or treating with him. So Danny decides to crash McGarrett’s hopeful make-out session. McGarrett gets a call and it looks like movie night is over, there’s been a car accident that looks suspicious. That’s because it is.

When they arrive to the scene they discover that the accident was anything but that. And the driver of the car is nowhere to be found. That is until they start doing their thing and end up locating her body in a dumpster down an alley. Upon autopsy the results show that a bunch of her organs were removed and then a blood imprint was found in the form of a pentagram on the body. This murder just turned into the ritualistic type.

So after some digging around at a house that held a party the victim attended, they learn that she wasn’t alone, and the couple were followed by a man wearing a goat head. Ew. So now that we know a guy was taken as well, we see that this guy is being held in a cage in a basement of a house. And is basically waiting for his turn at death. We don’t get to see the psycho who’s doing the killing until he goes upstairs and attends to his sweet old grandma. Psycho guy has to leave for a bit, because grandma is out of one of her pills. So this leaves guy in a cage time to figure out how to escape.

Meanwhile Five-0 is putting the pieces together, and they’ve narrowed it down to psycho guy too, so McGarrett and Danny are on their way to see if their lead is any good.

Caged guy manages to break free and makes his way upstairs where he frightens grandma while wielding a knife, and then goes to call 911. Just as he starts to ask for help, grandma stabs him, and down goes cage guy. He is not having a good day.

McGarrett and Danny get the page that a dropped 911 call was made from psycho guys phone number, and they rush to the home, but psycho guy gets there first and drags cage guy out of the house leaving a trail of blood and grandma to greet Five-0. Grandma isn’t saying much, but finally gives in and says she’ll help locate her grandson, so they take her into custody and put her in the back of a squad car.

Grandma is riding along in the squad car when she starts to have a heart attack, so the cop pulls over and calls for an ambulance. As the cop is helping grandma out of the car to do cpr, she grabs his gun and shoots him. Then she calls psycho guy and gives him a heads up. Five-0 gets called to the scene where grandma is sitting in the back of the car holding the gun, and as McGarrett tries to talk her into dropping the gun, she shoots herself dead. She played them good.

So now Five-0 is left with their last chance at catching psycho guy by trying to track his phone. This doesn’t work, and then they learn about a place on the beach where ritualistic sacrifices were held long ago. They head there, and find psycho guy about to stab cage guy in the heart, but McGarrett shoots him dead first, and cage guy is saved.

We end with McGarrett and Catherine making out while Chucky is playing in the background, and then the door opens. It’s Danny and his daughter dressed up in costumes. They’re a day late, but making up for not going the night before. They all decide to snuggle on the couch and watch The Notebook. It’s cute.

Best of the episode: Danny and McGarrett cuddling on the couch watching The Notebook. Adorable. Especially when Danny lays his head on McGarrett’s shoulder. Aw.

Worst of the episode: The freaky goat head. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Where this episode leaves us: It didn’t really leave us anywhere, other than maybe McGarrett’s and Catherine’s relationship moving along. This was a pretty stand alone episode geared toward the holiday.

Best one-liner: Danny – “Ok, it looks like the Manson family through a party in here.”

What this episode ruined for us: Goats


– a la Chryshele