Grey’s Anatomy – Love Turns You Upside Down


S09xE08 – Little Heigl is sick of Karev calling her princess, so she is out to prove herself. A young girl who has a baby tries to leave her baby at the hospital because it’s “messed up”. It hits home because Little Heigl was left at a fire station two weeks after birth and worked really hard to get good grades and put herself through medical school with the support of only one of her high school teachers. Two of Christina’s interns battle it out and end up banned from surgery. There are two little baby heart patients who’s parents have bonded until one child gets a heart transplant over another. Eventually the come to terms with the decision and reconnect. Meredith is trying to get her intern to call all of Derek’s sisters to use a live nerve in his surgery much to his dismay, and her intern also finds out that she is pregnant.

Best of the episode: Seeing little Heigl stand up to Karev and tell him who she really is.

Worst of the episode: That teenage mother leaving her baby there. I wanted to kick her.

Where this episode leaves us: I’m excited to see the relationship between Karev and little Heigl…maybe that’s why he likes her? Neve Campbell showing up as Derek’s sister, I think that’s a great casting choice.

What this episode ruined for us: Watches.


Holler, Jordan


Grey’s Anatomy – I Was Made For Loving You


S09xE07 – April thinks that she is pregnant because she is four days late so she makes plans with Jackson to get married and raise it. When it turns out that she isn’t pregnant she thanks God repeatedly which causes Jackson to (finally grow a pair) realize that she’s just going to keep being like this and tells her that it’s done for good. Christina decides to get back with Owen only to find out he wants a divorce. More than likely it has to do with his lawsuit with the hospital, his signature is on all the forms that hired the company that hired the plane that went down (whew). Bailey is trying to plan a wedding, even though she doesn’t want to be a bride. Arizona is back to work and doing quite well which really perks up Callie. Meredith and Derek try to come to an agreement about fixing his hand, and in the midst of all of this Meredith FINDS OUT SHE IS THREE WEEKS PREGNANT.


Worst of the episode: Owen and Christina really maybe being over. Oy.

Where this episode leaves us: Bailey having a wedding, MEREDITH IS THREE WEEKS PREGNANT, will Jackson seriously move on from April and OMG CHRISTINA AND OWEN SOB.


What this episode ruined for us: False pregnancies.


Holler, Jordan

Grey’s Anatomy – Second Opinion

Bailey directs!

S09xE06 – Christina is home, Baily is telling Callie that Arizona needs to get her ass back into the hospital now that she is working on her walk. Meredith is selling her house to Alex and he needs some things fixed before he can move forward. But hey, they’re friends? Nope, this is business. The only intern Karev hasn’t slept with is now into him, April and Jackson are still banging. Good lord, now you’re caught up.
A patient is brought in and while lying him down Meredith removes a chunk of his hair. Owen offers Christina a job but he will no longer be her proxy. And oh em gee is this Bailey getting a storyline? She calls Arizona to ask about a kid, which seems more like a prompt to get her out of bed. Jackson has to tell the old chief that he’s been dirty texting him and not his mother. Awkward much?
Christina is back and asking questions about the new cardio guy, everyone now wants to buy Meredith’s house? AND SORRY SIDENOTE CHANDRA WILSON IS DIRECTING THIS GO BAILEY!!!! Christina meets Dr. Russell (not Randall) and he seems like a good dude (don’t sleep with him, Christina).
In the meeting about the plane crash with the lawyers, they need to talk about the emotional turmoil. Christina pretty much does not care. They have to stop thinking the pilot is one of them and start thinking that he may be the reason behind the crash.
Christina is trying to get back up to speed and become the scariest attending again after Meredith kind of took that over. The patient that came in earlier? They think he’s on steroids. He admits he did, so he could impress girls. Didn’t he know what happened to Lance Armstrong? The man who keeps throwing up on little Heigl (Wilson) intern is not on drugs or alcohol as she blamed him (Santa). Owen thinks that he is just looking for drugs but little Heigl believes there is more. He’s freezing so she’s going to go rogue and find out what’s up.
April confronts Jackson about their sex. He is sick of hearing how terrible sex is, nothing against him, but it still takes it’s toll. She compares him to a dessert tray. Aw, poor Jackson.
Bailey calls Arizona to see if she got the chart, obviously forcing her to stand up and walk across the apartment. They lawyer is trying to get Callie and Derek to fib that this crash caused Derek to not be able to operate again. It will raise the reward substantially. Arizona walks across the apartment and breaks a vase. Nothing is there. Arizona is PISSED. Turns out there never was a chart delivered. Smooth, Bailey.
Christina is still being uncooperative. Patient of Russell’s is coughing up blood and he told the nurse to page Christina. Alex and Meredith try to compromise on the house. Alex doesn’t want to be the guy who tries to nail the interns. He wants to grow up. Meredith tries her best to understand.
Owen gets on little Heigl for not discharging Santa Claus. She cut his hair and prettied him up and ordered an abdominal scan. She says maybe if he’s cleaned up his next doctor won’t just discharge him. Aw, that is the most tender thing ever.
Callie and Derek now fight over deciding about the settlement. She wishes they just would have taken it so that they didn’t have to keep reliving it. Arizona calls Bailey as she WALKS around the kitchen. Bailey’s plan is working. Christina is using some of Feeny’s methods on her patient, while quizzing her interns. They are learning so much and loving her. While Meredith and Alex are fighting over the house and turns out their patient has cancer. Santa’s scans come back clean so little Heigl asks if he wants drugs. He says yes, but only asprin for the headaches he gets. Say what? He has migraines. And throws up again. Alex gets on her and tells her to clean up so she goes off on him!
Owen gets upset with Christina because she hijacked Russell’s patient. He is worried that she will get fired. Bailey tells Callie she pushed Arizona into walking. Walking so much that she shows up at the hospital and Callie is ecstatic! The ex chief confronts Jackson that he isn’t upset about his relationship with his mother, but happy and he doesn’t want to admit it. Karev helps little Heigl figure out what is wrong with Santa, it’s a vomiting disease that’s usually found in kids. They will take care of him if he ever needs it.
Dr. Russell is thankful that Christina did what she did. She is very happy. Callie retracts that Shepherd will not operate again. She wants to try more. Jackson tells April that he does have feelings for her and she’s more than just a booty call. Meredith tells Alex all the things that are wrong with the house mean something and she will not change it. He tends to agree.
During yet another meeting with the lawyers the victims are told that they will be pursuing the hospital which includes Owen. Oh hell no. Alex bought the house and Christina asks if she can rent from him. He agrees as long as she buys the toilet paper.

Best of the episode: ALEX. And Arizona walking, thanks Bailey.

Worst of the episode: EVERYTHING WAS GOOD.

Where this episode leaves us: Arizona may come back? How are they going to go after the hospital when they all still work there?

Best one-liner: “You buy the toilet paper.” – Karev

What this episode ruined for us: Vomiting.


Holler, Jordan.

Greys, Glee and Revenge, OH MY!

Apologies to any readers that watch these shows. I’ve had somewhat of a family situation that began on Thursday so I will not be posting recaps of these three shows. However I did watch them so I’ll give you a best and worst of each episode just to tide y’all over.

Grey’s Anatomy, S09xE05Beautiful Doom

Best of the episode: Seeing some light on the Christina/Meredith friendship.

Worst of the episode: THEY KILLED OFF FEENY!

Glee, S04xE05The Role You Were Born To Play

Best of the episode: MIKE CHANG.

Worst of the episode: That they’re not doing Grease 2 as their musical. Stupid regular Grease.

Revenge, S02xE07Penance

Best of the episode: Yay, Mason Tredwell is taken care of. And this was my favorite episode of the season thus far.

Worst of the episode: Poor Nolan, he gives and gives and gets nothing in return.

Holler, Jordan.

Grey’s Anatomy – I Saw Her Standing There


S09xE04 – Derek and Meredith finally find time to do it. Christina also finds time to do it with someone other than Owen…her new Chief? Jackson and April have found a way to keep doing it, too, but this is the last time, they swear. Now our ex Chief is wandering around the hospital in a tie and everyone seems to wonder what is going on. Robin’s is also in for her prosthetic leg fitting today, and no one is supposed to know she is there, too bad Callie already told Alex.
Christina tells Meredith that she is sleeping with her Chief. And can I be honest that I don’t truly know if he is her Chief or not? I don’t think they said, or I don’t remember. Just saying. I’m going to keep calling him her Chief until I hear otherwise. OH and Meredith’s Napoleon Dynamite intern found a rare tumor!
Jackson’s mother, Katherine Avery is at Seattle Grace to work on a case of erection and huge balls. That deserves a line of it’s own?
Christina is still working with Mr. Feeny and her Chief seems to be questioning methods.
Avery’s mom is deciding if she should bring him in on the scrotum surgery where he is good in plastics, but is also worried about his relationship with the Chief. Arizona’s Doctor is Mark from Empire Records, Dr. Moore. I guess he did get a real job after all! Alex finds him to ask him about Arizona but can’t admit that he was ever there. An I forget that Seattle Grace is a teaching hospital, Derek is using the percentage loss of his hand to help out new doctors. That’s rather sweet of him!
Meredith seeks out Bailey for her rare tumor case. Everyone is really excited about the case.
Avery’s mom is working with April ever since the old Chief took her under her wing. She tells her of a gyno doctor that can help her with her boards. Awkward, much? Not as awkward as our old Chief talking to Jackson about a scrotum consult? Why won’t Meredith tell Derek about her tumor? Is it because she feels bad he’s teaching interns?
Callie goes to Joe’s for a drink and chats with Owen. She has been sleeping at Mark’s and isn’t sure she can take it for much longer. They bond over the distancing of their loved ones.
Christina wakes up her Chief in the middle of the night to ask him what is going to happen to Mr. Feeny. They are going to force him to retire and they need Christina there to represent what is new about Cardio (I now think this dude is over Cardio or maybe still the Chief). Christina tries again to get Feeny to jump on board with the “newer” procedure. She gives him a deal to just try out the new procedures and prove her wrong.
Meredith tells her emotional patient that once she gets in and can look at the tumor she can figure out what to do. It actually helps an reassures him. Alex tells Callie that he talked to Dr. Moore about Arizona, and Arizona is still being uncooperative.
Derek finds out that Meredith is doing the rare tumor surgery and looks like he is going to blow a gasket. Christina realizes that this new procedure may be just what her Chief needs to get rid of Feeny once and for all. Oh great, now she has to be responsible for that.
Derek considers himself bubble-wrapped. Owen points out why, all the times he’s fled to his trailer to grow a beard when times get roughed. Meredith doesn’t want him to leave her again. He also admits that he doesn’t think Christina is coming back.
Mr. Feeny is having trouble with the catheter and Christina is doing everything she can to help him get used to it, turns out he is loving the new procedure after a few doubts of himself.
Just as Arizona tries to walk Alex catches her falling over. He tells her they need her back and she admits she’s trying (I guess she is kind of). Alex tells her Callie is trying, too. Booyah.
Christina completely blows off her Chief after he pulled that stunt with Feeny. Arizona is slowly accepting her prosthetic leg. Scrotum surgery went well, so now he can tell the friend that brought him in how he feels! Jackson wants a man to man talk with Dr. Webber about his mother. “Hurt her and I hurt you.” Oh yeah Jackson, you badass.
Meredith gets to talk to Derek about her good day, and he assures her he will not go live in the woods. Arizona tries really hard with Callie, she’s starting to get back. Jackson solves his issues with his mom by banging April and Christina blew off her Chief for drinks with a friend, and the friend is Mr. Feeny. It’s now Owen’s turn to be the mountain man, so he goes to stay in Derek’s trailer.

Best of the episode: Christina standing up for Mr. Feeny.

Worst of the episode: Her Chief trying to fire Mr. Feeny. Poor Mr. Feeny.

Where this episode leaves us: I think Arizona is making actual progress and Owen and Christina are clearly moving backwards.

Best one-liner: Christina – “I know, I was surprised too, I was like whoa, what a surprise.”

What this episode ruined for us: Scrotums….?


Holler, Jordan

Grey’s Anatomy – Love The One Your With


S09xE03 – The surviving members of the crash are discussing the settlement. It has to be unanimous. Owen calls Christina in Minnesota to let her know they have three days to decide of they should take the settlement or pursue. Meredith and Derek discuss the same. Callie and Arizona not so much. Arizona doesn’t seem to want to let Callie back in or receive any help.
April is back, no one seemed to be aware of this, they think that Jesus offered her her job back, not Owen. And now they all meet in the attending lounge because they are big kids. Meanwhile Christina has been busy relaxing at the Mall of America.
Teenager incoming, sailing accident. Callie also implies that she and Alex slept together in the past? I swear to Jesus this didn’t happen. Clarification anyone? They’ve slept with everyone else but I’m surprised I do not remember this. Okay, moving on.
Jackson and April are giving a consultation to remove some skin from a woman who has lost a bunch of weight. She wants to sleep with her fiance but can’t until the surgery is complete. This whole situation is really awkward for April and Jackson, you can tell they want each other.
Callie, Alex and new interns are working on the sailboat victim, she complains she can’t feel her foot. Turns out, her foot is no longer attached to her body.
Christina is back working with Mr. Feeny and he oes not take kind to her suggestions. Derek and Meredith still cannot decide if they should settle or not. Jackson and April are still pretty awkward with each other. Jackson is feeling pretty bad that April can try to forget him so easily. Is it possible that he has real feelings for her? Bailey overhears an realizes that she wishes they were never allowed in the attending lounge.
Christina brings up her issues with Mr. Feeny to the Chief again. The Chief of Minnesota will let her scrub in with him on an innovative procedure if she puts her time in with Feeny.
Bailey is putting up signs all over the attending lounge telling people to get out. Meredith and Christina again discuss the settlement. Christina is a team player, she’ll do what everyone else wants her to do.
Callie’s sailboat patient wants her to amputate the leg so she can get back out on the water. Her parents seem to think this is okay? Jo, the new intern, flirts with Callie, but she should really be flirting with Alex. Jackson is still giving April a hard time about pretending their fling never happened.
Owen and Christina finally have a conversation that does not involve money. It seems like Christina is really trying to open up. Bailey and Meredith try and talk some sense into Jackson. They think he took her v-card when really it was definitely a mutual thing that happened and no one seems to get that. Jackson and Meredith share the fact that the old Chief banged both of their mom’s, so there’s that.
Mr. Feeny admits he knows what googling is, an in googling he found out that Christina was in the plane crash. Turns out Christina is actually impressed with Mr. Feeny’s signature move. He tells her that life is short so she should get to work on that.
Callie is still trying to get Arizona to open up. She is still bitter and isn’t afraid to lash out.
The skin removal surgery worked and Roxy couldn’t be happier. Alex finally gives his intern a break and Callie tells sailing girls parents to be just that, parents. Don’t let her sail or she’ll lose the foot.
Derek goes to the wrecked plane where they are trying to find out what the problem was. If they settle the investigation stops.
April and Jackson have a discussion which leas to a make-out session. They can’t be around each other anymore. Bailey is going nuts because Tuck let go of her hand when he went to school. She feels alone. Tuck’s dad is getting married again, Bailey tried to talk to Ben but he was busy. Everyone is moving on but her.
Owen asks Christina again about the settlement. She’s back to closing herself off. Callie finally rips into Arizona and explains that this is her life too, she has to deal with all the crap that Arizona has to deal with. Christina receives a hankie from Mr. Feeny and he tells her that back in ‘nam he was in a plane crash, only survivor. Mr. Feeny makes her laugh.
Derek feels that if they settle than this could happen again. They all change their minds and they decide to pursue.

Best of the episode: Seeing Callie finally stand up to Arizona about how this affects her too. Very emotional.

Worst of the episode: I was prepared to say they have been giving Bailey ridiculous storylines lately but turns out, they lea to something.

Where this episode leaves us: They are not settling, is Christina ever coming back?

Best one-liner: Christina – “I went to the Mall of America. I purchased jeggings. I’m ready to go back to work.”

What this episode ruined for us: Sticky notes.


Holler, Jordan

Grey’s Anatomy – Remember The Time


S08xE02 – We now get the story of what happened after the plane crash leading up to Mark’s death. All of them frantic in the ambulance, Meredith especially asking where Lexie is. Back at home Meredith and Derek are fighting over what is going to happen to them now that his hand is only at 80% and she doesn’t want to go to Harvard because that is too much change. She wants her family to stay here even though Alex and Christina are planning on leaving.
Sloan is in a coma-like state. Avery is filling in for Sloan and keeping him “posted” with all of his status updates. Kepner states she’s leaving now that she has no reason to really stay here. Arizona won’t lose her leg and Sloan will be fine, Meredith is uber positive. Christina however is in a state of something, she won’t even talk. She is a danger, she throws things and won’t help, they want to move her to psych. Meredith pleads for her to talk, she doesn’t want her to end up on the psych floor.
Derek needs surgery on his hand and he wants Callie to perform the surgery. She wants to take risks and that’s what he needs right now. He isn’t ready to go back into the OR, so the current surgery that he’s enlisted on he’ll have to sit out, however he can’t stop himself from interjecting from the door.
Sloan wakes up and Derek and him discuss his situation. Sloan builds him up completely, tells him that 80% isn’t good enough.
The Chief/Owen goes to visit Christina, she tries to become violent with him and he just hugs her, tells her everything will be okay. Easy for him to say, he’s not the one with all the interns gawking at him, though they do describe her as a legend so there’s that.
As he is busy bathing Christina trying to talk to her and get her to respond she describes to him the trauma she’s been through, how she was awake through the ordeal and can’t bear the thought of what she’s lost. Her sadness is outstanding. She bucks up and tells Meredith she’s out, she hates being here where all the bad things happen. She takes off to Minnesota with Mr. Feeny. And did I miss something? Has it only been five years?? Why did Meredith say “five years ago” this is bugging me.
Sloan’s girlfriend shows up at his bedside, and he admits that he’s in love with dead Lexie. Callie is still at his bedside so Derek offers to stay the night with him and tells Callie to go home and get some sleep. She’s worried that if she leaves he is going to die but Derek assures her all will be well. He calls her back in when Sloan wakes up. They refer to it as the surge, the second-wind you get before you die in terminal cases. Sloan seems to be aware of this. He then gives Avery his blessing and tells him to bring his daughter Sophia down, sneak her into ICU. As he rushes up there, Kepner tells Avery she is leaving now that Sloan is better, she needs to wait for him at Joe’s bar.
Sloan begins to get worse, he doesn’t want to worry Derek because he has to go into surgery, he also doesn’t want to worry Callie because she is performing the surgery. He starts to decline.
Arizona’s story, she has an infection and the doctor suggests she lose her leg. She says before she’s drugged she gives no one permission to cut it off. Arizona is upset with Alex because she was on the plane instead of his. He tells her he’s leaving after taking care of one of her favorite patients. Arizona and Callie discuss having plans for the future, she tells her again, don’t let them cut off her leg, no matter what happens. Chief Owen throws Callie off the case, she’s too emotionally involved. Alex tries to cheer her up by bringing her pizza, when he apologizes again she crashes. He rushes into Callie’s surgery on Derek and she tells him to cut off the leg, it’s the only way.
Sloan signs his DNR forms, just as Avery brings in Sophia he crashes, too.
Meredith leaves a long winded message telling Christina how great it is here, and Christina calls back and admits that Meredith is once again her person and she misses her as well. Avery misses Kepner at Joes, just as she gets on a plane to her farm. Arizona wakes up and, well now we have to wait and find out her reaction. Guarantee it won’t be great.

Best of the episode: Seeing Mark happy before he crashed, seeing his love for his daughter.

Worst of the episode: They made Arizona seem weaker than I’ve ever seen. I realize that is probably the intention but it was really awful.

Where did this episode leave us: It’s hard to say considering they did the episode with all of the reactions last week, so we know where it leaves us.

Best one-liner: Christina- “You are my person.”

What this episode ruined for us: Hawaiian pizza.


Holler, Jordan.