Glee – Glee, Actually


S04xE10 – In several storylines (like the movie it’s referencing Love, Actually), Artie realizes that had he never had an accident and lost his ability to walk he would have never had the friends in the glee club. Kurt and Blaine reunite in NYC with the help of Burt Hummel, who we learn has prostate cancer. The Puckerman’s celebrate Hanukkah with their respective mothers, Brittany and Trouty Mouth get Mayan-married only to learn there is no apocalypse. Coach Biest feels sad for them so she tells them that there is a NEW date for the end of the world, and it’s a few years away, September of 2014. Sue provides help for Marley and her mother since their entire Christmas fund is going to therapy sessions to get Marley over her eating disorder.

Best of the episode: This entire episode was wonderfully done, thank you Adam Shankman for being the best director ever. I will have to say that Sue/Marley’s family storyline definitely was the most tender.

Worst of the episode: Not a lot of Rachel or Finn, but maybe that’s okay? And I did miss Santana and Quinn.

Where this episode leaves us: What will happen with Kurt and Blaine? Please say nothing else sad happens to Burt. Will the rest of the cast just come back already?

What this episode ruined for us: Surprises from parents, they always have sad news.

Rating: Rating PotatoRating PotatoRating PotatoRating PotatoRating Potato

Holler, Jordan


Glee – Swan Song


S04xE09 – Rachel is given a golden ticket by Whoopie Goldberg to perform in the NYADA showcase, she is one of few freshman who have had that honor. She deserves it after having a Chicago-style dance-off with stupid Cassandra. She may not have her dance moves but her voice is totes better. This prompts Kurt to try and convince Whoopie one last time to let him in but he is told he lacks depth. Back at McKinley, the group has all joined different clubs after Marley fainted, glee club lost sectionals and the group disbanded. Marley tries to make up for it by getting them a new space to work and Finn is trying hard as ever to get them to be united again. Rachel performs at the showcase to a standing ovation/encore (which will make you cry, even if you don’t like her, she has the most amazing voice) and wins the showcase. Whoopie asks Kurt to perform and he wow’s her and ends up getting accepted into NYADA. Rachel calls Finn and they have a long talk about what glee means to them, its more than just the competing. Everyone meets at Marley’s spot (the quad) and in a Breakfast-club like ending they all unite and sing an 80’s song together. In this time, Sam and Brittany have gotten quite a bit closer and they may just be the new hottest couple at McKinely high.

Best of the episode: Rachel’s performances at the showcase. She may be a slightly annoying character but her voice will always bring you to tears. Good lord, I bawled through this all while thinking “Rachel you are so annoying”.

Worst of the episode: I have begun to rather dislike Tina. She’s getting more annoying than Rachel. Why does she have to hate on EVERYONE.

Where this episode leaves us: What will Glee club do now that the year is over? How will Kurt do at NYADA? Sam and Brittany? Yes, please.

What this episode ruined for us: Anorexia!


Holler, Jordan

Glee – Thanksgiving


S04xE08 – All of the old seniors (well except Kurt and Rachel) gather home for the Thanksgiving holiday which also happens to be sectionals. Finn teams up new members of the New Directions with Mercedes, Quinn, Santana, Puck and Mike. Quinn is worried that Little Puck is interfering with Marley and he is becoming a distraction so she confronts him. He is actually really trying to help her, even though he isn’t aware that she is still concerned about her weight and puking up what she eats, if she eats at all. The bromance between Ryder and Little Puck continues as they help each other with their dance moves. Sectionals comes and goes and Marley passes out on stage. In New York, Kurt (told by Carrie Bradshaw-whatever lady) accepts Blaine’s apology but says he still isn’t ready to not be mad at him anymore but is willing to work on it. Rachel tries to reconcile with Brody despite her hatred that he slept with Cassandra.

Best of the episode: QUINN IS BACK and the make up between Kurt and Blaine. Thank lordy.

Worst of the episode: Marley still thinking she is fat.

Where this episode leaves us: Is Rachel going to truly move on? How is Marley going to face this?

Best one-liner: When Kurt tells Rachel and Brody they’re using the turkey as a “courting mechanism.”

What this episode ruined for us: Turkey.


Holler, Jordan

Glee – Dynamic Duets


S04xE07 – Blaine is trying to figure out if he should stay at McKinley now that he’s broken up with Kurt, or if he should go back to Dalton with the Warblers. Finn is having trouble getting the glee club to see him as an authority figure. The theme is duets, Superheroes are making a comeback and influencing glee this year. The Warblers woo Blaine back, Kitty and Marley do an awesome duet while Ryder and Little Puck can’t seem to get along. Ryder though is the only one with a real secret idenity. He is dyslexic and cannot read. Now that they have each others backs it’s going to be hard for little Puck to take Marley away from him, so he seeks brotherly advice from big Puck…”Play it cool.” Blaine turns down the Warbler invite, and the club accepts Finn as their leader, the almighty treble clef.

I have a real secret idenity.

Best of the episode: Blaine and Trouty Mouth singing Bowie’s Heroes. Tugs at your heart.

Worst of the episode: Marley turning on Ryder, not cool. And when did Tina become a brat? Good lord.

Where does this episode leave us: Blaine is staying! Sectionals next week.

Best one-liner: (Because it made me cry) Ryder – “I have a real secret identity.”

What this episode ruined for us: The Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Holler, Jordan

Glee – Glease


S04xE06 – Mr. Schue announces that he is taking a brief sabbatical to go to Washington to re-write the arts program. After the glee club is done freaking out, he announces who will be taking over: Finn Hudson. No one is particularly excited about it, but Finn assures them that he can do that. Sue calls them into Principal Figgin’s office. Figgin’s is okay with the idea, but Sue is still enraged.
Back in New York, Rachel tells cute dancer guy who’s name escapes me (BRODY) that she has officially broken up with Finn and now she can focus on work. She also has her first off-broadway audition! Cassandra overhears her and tells her that she will get eaten alive at that audition. Rachel tells Cassandra there is a role she should audition for as well, maybe get back in the game.
At the Grease costume fitting, Kitty rigged Marley’s dress so that she’d appear to have gained weight. Kitty invites all the gals in the play to a sleepover, including Unique. Marley asks her mom if she is going to gain weight like she did, and her mom assures her she can be whoever she wants to be! They will start a strict new diet, together.
Finn apologizes to Sue about calling her baby a retard. She will not accept and he decides to move on. She books the auditorium so Finn needs to find another place to rehearse. He picks the garage where he works, they can method practice. It’s greased lightening! And sidenote, making trouty mouth Kenickie was the best decision ever.
While Rachel and Kurt are debating going back to see Grease, Cassandra tells Rachel she can use her frequent flier miles to go back home, she thinks she’ll regret missing it. Kind of seems like a way to keep her away from Brody/audition. Oooh. Meanwhile back in Ohio, Kitty’s sleepover commences and Kitty tries to teach Marley to vomit up her bad snacks. Kitty takes this opportunity to make fun of Marley, Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee.
The school calls Unique’s parents and they pull him from the play for his safety. Obviously Sue is behind this. No Rizzo, no show. Finn calls in Santana, and Tina’s feelings get hurt. Oy.
Rachel and Kurt return to McKinley and immediately run into Finn and Blaine. Queue Beauty School Dropout.
Danny Zuko catches Marley puking and tells her how dangerous it is, and how she never will end up like her mother. He doesn’t want to kiss a pukey girl. Brittany gives Santana a pep talk before her big Rizzo number, and they both miss each other. Aw. And yes, Cassandra told Rachel to go home so she could hit on Brody. After the play, Mike confronts Tina and asks if they can give it another shot. She says she’s willing to talk about it. Danny Zuko compliments Marley on looking hot, Kitty throws over some insults and they all go on stage. Danny gives her a kiss and mini-Puck watches, afraid he has lost her.
You’re The One That I Want? They cut away from Marley and Danny Zuko to recall the time that awkward Rachel and awkward Finn sang this song in season one. Not going to lie, it’s a little tender. Rachel calls Brody and Cassandra answers. So now, she knows.
Finn catches Rachel coming out of the bathroom crying. He offers to lend an ear. She obviously doesn’t want to discuss Brody with Finn, but he prompts her and figures it out. He offers no contact. Blaine tries to explain to Kurt and Kurt won’t have any of it. They’re done, too.
Mr. Schue gives his goodbye speech and turns the choir over to Finn.

Best of the episode: Hard to say, but weirdly enough the Marley/Ryder (Danny Zuko) storyline was pretty tender.

Worst of the episode: The ongoing drama with Kurt/Blaine and Rachel/Finn possibly being over. I love all of them.

Where this episode leaves us: How will Finn do running glee? What will happen when Rachel returns to New York?

Best one-liner: “I don’t want to kiss a girl with puke breath.” – Ryder

What this episode ruined for us: Dance practice.


Holler, Jordan

Greys, Glee and Revenge, OH MY!

Apologies to any readers that watch these shows. I’ve had somewhat of a family situation that began on Thursday so I will not be posting recaps of these three shows. However I did watch them so I’ll give you a best and worst of each episode just to tide y’all over.

Grey’s Anatomy, S09xE05Beautiful Doom

Best of the episode: Seeing some light on the Christina/Meredith friendship.

Worst of the episode: THEY KILLED OFF FEENY!

Glee, S04xE05The Role You Were Born To Play

Best of the episode: MIKE CHANG.

Worst of the episode: That they’re not doing Grease 2 as their musical. Stupid regular Grease.

Revenge, S02xE07Penance

Best of the episode: Yay, Mason Tredwell is taken care of. And this was my favorite episode of the season thus far.

Worst of the episode: Poor Nolan, he gives and gives and gets nothing in return.

Holler, Jordan.

Glee – The Break-Up


S04xE04 – This is going to be full of feels I can tell. Glee gives me more feels than my drama shows, ew. Marley and Puck Jr discussing free lunch, and Blaine and Brittany missing their significant others. It’s a little tender at McKinley high this day. Back in NYC Rachel wakes up to Kurt making breakfast. She spent the night with Finn. Everything seems to be a little on the awkward side. He called him little brother and that makes me want to cry a bit. Through the weird small talk, Finn admits he is not in the army, or he hasn’t been for 16 days. He shot himself with his gun and now he’s back after a semi-honorable discharge. She is happy he is there and is still the same old Rachel and wants to help him live his dreams.
Santana and Brittany are enjoying their time together doing laundry, while Brittany invites Santana to some Christian group gathering. Santana truly seems weirded out.
Kurt and Blaine are having trouble, Blaine finally admits that he’s having a hard time. It’s hard to see him so vulnerable. Kurt, of all people should be thrilled…but he seems literally annoyed.
Finn observes Rachel in NYADA and is amazed by her. He has to do something so that he can stay in her life, he’s afraid she’s moved on.
DUNCAN SHIEK, good lord. Between Blaine and Finn singing this I may just die. They’re lonely and their others are too busy hanging out without them, they’ve given up so much to be with them and now look where they are?
They’re going to karaoke and Blaine just shows up! Oh he didn’t go to Eli’s! And Rachel has never been happier to have them all together.
Meanwhile at Callbacks (karaoke bar, duh) Finn gives Rachel permission to sing that Demi Lovato song that I’m obsessed with, with Brody. He does it in an almost condescending way, this can’t be good. And of course she kills it. And he just realizes yet again that she’s moving away from him. But if you think about it, if she’s going to be on Broadway there’s going to be a lot of singing with other dudes, Finn needs to get used to it.
And now Blaine gets up there and belts out the saddest version of Teenage Dream I’ve ever heard and I’m not sure anyone can handle this. It’s entirely too sad and tender and feels. Stop crying when you sing Blaine.
Finn calls out Rachel about how she sang with Brody, he doesn’t fit in, yadda. Kurt thinks Blaine’s performance was a little too emotional. He seems upset that Blaine is sad. Well, the reason Blaine is sad? He cheated on Kurt. WHAT. Rachel admits she kissed Brody. Blaine blames Kurt’s absence for his infidelity, which really isn’t fair. This really didn’t go the way I thought it would be going, so they try to clear the air with Don’t Speak. Blaine and Finn are big on the duets this episode.
Sidenote, I’m really glad Glee is back to telling the story with songs, instead of just building a story around songs. Much better.
Finn does what a man should do. He tries to run but ends up with Kurt in the living room, both of them wallowing in their moments. Brothers unite, at least they have each other.
Back at McKinley (I forgot that it even existed for a minute) stupid cheerleader Kitty lady is inviting everyone to the “prepare for Armageddon” club, where they are going to simulate a fake rapture. It’s pretty gnarly. But it helps to clarify that everyone is feeling left behind, especially Brittany.
Finn visits Mr. Schue to get some perspective. And to cry. STOP IT FINN.
Finn visits the glee club and everyone is pretty excited, though all the new people are like uh who are you? They talk musical and Grease is the word. Why not Grease 2 people? No one understands.
Mr. Schue tells Emma he is on the blue ribbon panel to help arts education, he asks her to go with him to Washington and she is not too keen on the idea. And now they fight. She isn’t going and that’s final, she enjoys her job and wants him to do his own thing. That isn’t so bad.
Kurt back at has some very beautiful flowers from a very sorry Blaine. A nice co-worker offers to cover for him if he needs to take care of anything and we see the sweet card from Blaine going into the trash.
Santana and Brittany have a heart to heart. Santana needs to tell Brittany what she means to her. So she tells her with a Taylor Swift song. And it’s also heart-breaking. Don’t join a cult Brittany. Don’t cheat on each other. They don’t want to worry about it, they want to see other people because of the distance.
Puck Jr is insecure and tells Marley the only person he’s with Kitty is because he isn’t made fun of when he’s by her. And he breaks up with her. And now life is good.
Finn is back in the auditorium looking at songs when Rachel walks in. How can they all afford to just come back to Ohio whenever they feel like it? Rachel tells Finn she hated him for leaving her but then realized how much he loves her. She gets to say her piece and where Finn is in self-searching mode he needed to hear it. He never feels he will be good enough for her. She tells him that he is her first love and she wants him to be her last. MORE TEARS. But, we knew it was coming. She tells him they are done, at least for now.
We cut to some Coldplay. All the broken up boys and gals gather on the stage to sing it out.

Best of the episode: All the songs. Every song in this one was a winner.

Worst of the episode: Kurt and Blaine and Finn and Rachel. I’m not really tied to Emma/Schue or Santana/Brittany, though I love them, my feels are elsewhere.

Where did this episode leave us: Totally up in the air, they never confirmed ir Blaine/Kurt were done, or whats exactly going on with Schue/Emma. The others seem pretty clear and thats unfortunate.

Best one-liner: Rachel to Finn= “You were my first love and I want you to be my last.”

What this episode ruined for us: It almost ruined Give Your Heart A Break for me, but not quite.


Really only giving it four because there were too many break-up’s (obviously) or it would have been a 5.

Holler, Jordan.