Drop Dead Diva – Jane’s Getting Married

S04xE13 – In the season finale Jane is getting married to Owen! But before any of this can happen, Jane has a case with Grayson to help an old friend of Grayson and Deb’s save his wife who has six months to live from essentially killing herself by not removing a brain tumor, because it’s making her smarter. She’s told that a recent study was done showing that she could have longer to live, but Jane and Grayson debunk that study, convincing Jane’s friend to have the surgery. Meanwhile Jane’s mother shows up early to “help” with the wedding to which Jane is not very receptive. Parker learns from Luke that Kim is pregnant, to which Kim denies it’s Parker’s baby and then later retracts that statement. Also Kim defends super famous singer Paige McBride in a case against her ex-boyfriend who claims the lyrics to one of her songs prompted her fans to kill him by cutting the brakes to his car. It’s revealed that this wasn’t the case, and that the ex-boyfriend cut his own brakes to frame Paige. Jane’s wedding wraps up the episode with Owen waiting at the alter because Jane’s train to her dress gets her stuck, conveniently so Grayson can come to the rescue and profess his love to Jane, to which Owen catches them in the act. Oh and while all of this is happening, we continually visit the real Jane in Heaven. Apparently she’s been watching Deb this entire time live out her life in Jane’s body, and we just find out now she’s not happy about it and decides she is going to put it to a stop. I guess you can just leave heaven whenever you please. Good to know.

Best of the episode: Grayson finally professing his love to Jane. I wouldn’t say it was exactly the best time for him to do so, being it was as she was supposed to be walking down the aisle, but he finally did it!  I agree the back and forth feelings between Jane and Grayson have become tiring, but I’m hoping this can go somewhere, and then again…..

Worst of the episode: Jane up in heaven being all negative and pouty. For one, I’m not really sure why they even bothered with this story line, we have never seen Jane up in heaven before watching Deb live out her life in Jane’s body, why start now? And then! And. Then. Jane decides she’s going to go back down to earth and fix what she feels Deb has ruined? Why!?

Where did this episode leave us?: This episode left us going “What. The. Hell.” Heaven Jane pushes the return button on Fred’s computer (so good to see Fred again!) and as she’s headed back to Earth, Owen happens to walk in on Jane and Grayson kissing, which makes him have a heart attack and die! Heaven Jane lands in Owen’s body with Deb/Jane hovering over him. Jane doesn’t get married after all. At least not at the end of this episode. Argh.

Best one-liner: Luke – “We both know you are Jane now, but it’s Deb’s soul who evolved you into the person you are today, she is pretty awesome.”

What the episode ruined for us: I’m pretty sure everything. Can we say jump the shark? Maybe?


– a la Chryshele