Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan

S07xE05 – I need to start off by saying this episode was heartbreaking! I am broken.

We begin with a guy, a P.I. to be exact, taking a case from a Mr. Grayle regarding statues that move when you’re not looking. We follow this guy to an apartment complex where the doors open creepily and the lift looks like it might give out as the lights flicker. As the man is walking down a hall he comes across an apartment with his name listed on it. This door also opens creepily, and he walks in. There he finds an elderly man lying in a bed. Turns out it’s himself. He’s warned that they’re coming for him to send him back in time. The guy, or Gardner as we learn his name to be, runs and sees the angels in the hallway, they’re following him, forcing him to the roof. And there on the roof is the Statue of Liberty’s angry face in her true form as a weeping angel. Gah!  No more Gardner.

Next we find The Doctor, Amy and Rory chilling in Central Park being all hipster reading on a big rock. The Doctor is reading a book by the author Melody Malone, and it’s a tale of a detective in 1930’s New York City. He’s been reading aloud until Amy who’s trying to read the newspaper, tells him to stop and read to himself. Sensing the tension, Rory decides he’s going to go get coffee for everyone. The Doctor notices something different about Amy. Amy now has reading glasses. Reading glasses are cool. Well so The Doctor thinks after he tries them on himself and realizes he can read so much better. With Rory gone this leaves Amy and The Doctor to their reading. Amy then asks him to read his book to her, and as he’s reading the book, he tears out the last page because then it doesn’t have to end, and he hates endings. As The Doctor is reading the book it starts to mirror their actions. They realize that the book is telling their story, and it’s specifically talking about Rory getting coffee for Amy and The Doctor. We then see that Rory has somehow ended up in the 1930’s standing in front of River Song who gives a warm “Hello dad.” The Doctor and Amy rush to the TARDIS where Amy gives the exact date out of the book and The Doctor tries to get there, but the book tells him it would be impossible to land on that date. The Doctor tries anyway and then the TARDIS is smoking in a cemetary. Amy reads in the book that The Doctor has to break something because Amy read it, so now it’s going to happen.

River and Rory are taken to Grayle’s home and Rory is put in the basement where the “babies” are. Crap, the babies are little angels. River knows Grayle is hiding something behind a curtain and pulls it back to reveal an angel! It’s chained up though thankfully. River who is going by Melody Malone (hey that’s the book The Doctor’s reading!) is an angel detective. And as she’s explaining to Grayle how she knows all about the angels, Grayle turns out the lights and the angel grabs River’s arm, but she’s not gone. Why hasn’t she been transported in time? Meanwhile Rory is stuck down in the basement with the “babies” and a pack of matches, and he’s losing the fight. River is in the grasp of Grayle’s angel when The Doctor finally comes crashing in. He’s figured a way to get to that date. Phew! Amy immediately goes looking for Rory and The Doctor goes to see what River’s up to. He finds out then that he has to break her wrist because Amy read it. They decide in order to find Rory that they can read the chapters and be safe from sealing anything else in stone because the book hasn’t been written yet. After see the chapter called The Roman in the Cellar, The Doctor sees that the last chapter is called Amelia’s Last Farewell and becomes upset. Me too.

Amy heads down to the basement and The Doctor follows, but Rory’s gone because of those stupid “babies”. Luckily Rory is only a few blocks away, in front of the same apartment building Gardner went to, Winter Quay. River, Amy and The Doctor are trying to locate Rory on River’s device. Hey she got free! The Doctor is happy River got free without breaking her wrist, but she lied. The Doctor fixes her wrist by using regeneration energy, and River is pissed about it. Rory is going up the lift in the apartment building. Amy goes out to talk to River where she tells Amy never to let The Doctor see damage, or see you age, he doesn’t like endings. Obviously River is having issues with aging and worrying The Doctor won’t want her around anymore. Rory has arrived on the floor where he sees an apartment with his name on it and goes in. The Doctor pins Rory’s exact location and they all go racing after him. They try to catch him in the apartment before he’s seen too much, but too late. They all see Rory as a dying elderly man, so happy to see Amy again and then he dies. They start to discuss what it means, and The Doctor explains that the angels will now come for Rory and zap him back in time about 30-40 years where he will live out his life in that apartment. So Rory decides that he can run and change his future. The Doctor tries to explain that it wouldn’t work, but Amy and Rory don’t want to hear it and go on the run. Unfortunately the same situation happens as Gardner where they are blocked by all of the angels and forced to the roof. And yet again the Statue of Liberty is waiting. Rory decides he’s going to jump and die now because it will cause a paradox and the angels will disappear. Amy won’t let him jump by himself, and joins him on the ledge just in time for River and The Doctor to see them on the roof ledge. They’re convinced they can change the future and so they jump. And I start to cry because they love each other so much! The paradox begins! They have changed the future and everything starts to disappear around them.

We are back at the cemetery again where the TARDIS was left and Amy and Rory are ok! The Doctor is ecstatic because the Ponds are alright and this means they changed things. Everything is going to be ok. River and The Doctor start bickering, Amy and Rory are happy and it seems things are going to be great. Except Rory sees a gravestone with his name on it, and as he’s telling Amy this he’s gone. An angel survived and took him. Amy talks about going and finding Rory, but The Doctor says it isn’t possible. Amy won’t have it and decides she will let the angel touch her if she can get back to him. The Doctor is begging her to stay, And River has to tell him to let her go. She’s having to say goodbye to her mother, and The Doctor is begging. Of course Amy won’t be without Rory. Amy tells River to be a good girl and take care of the The Doctor, and says goodbye to him, and then she’s gone too. The Doctor’s hearts break and mine breaks too.

Back in the TARDIS The Doctor asks River to travel with him, to which she told him she would, but not all the time. And then adds that he is not to travel alone. River then talks about how she must send the book to Amy for publishing and will have her write an afterward to The Doctor. That’s when he realizes the last page he ripped out is still back at the park. He amazingly is able to retrieve it and we hear Amy read what she wrote to The Doctor. Tears are streaming down my face. Like daughter like mother, Amy also tells him not to be alone and tells him to go to her young self and to tell her to be patient because she will have an amazing life. My sobbing is uncontrollable now.

Best of the episode: How scary and beautiful the episode was. The Weeping Angels scare the hell out of me and are easily the scariest alien on the show. The story was great because it hit all the feels; scared of the angels, swooning over Amy and Rory’s love for each other, awkward giddiness for The Doctor and River’s first encounter after getting married, and crying like a freaking baby when the Ponds left us. Way to hit it on the head with this one Moffatt.

Worst of the episode: Obviously it’s having to say goodbye to the Ponds. Why must we have to say goodbye? And tears again.

Where this episode leaves us: Wondering how River can send the book to Amy? Is it with her vortex manipulator? That left me a little confused. It also left us aching for more Ponds, but excited to enter the next chapter. Oswin!

Best One-Liner: Rory – “I always wanted to visit the statue of liberty. I guess she got impatient.”

What the episode ruined for us: The Statue of Liberty



– a la Chryshele


Doctor Who – The Power of Three

S07xE04 – Thousand upon thousands of little black cubes magically appear on Earth one day. What are they? What do they do? Are they dangerous? The Doctor concludes as well as UNIT (a welcoming and long awaited return) that it’s a slow invasion of Earth. How slow? Try nearly a year before a move is made. And even then it’s not an invasion like you’ve seen before. Each cube reacts in a different way; one plays with your emotions, another plays The Chicken Dance, another pricks your hand and monitors your heartbeat, and another shoots at you. And then almost all at once, people start dropping dead of cardiac arrest, even The Doctor loses one beating heart. Good thing he’s got another! So who is behind this cube invasion? The Shakri. And their plan is to wipe out the human race before they colonize space. Sheesh talk about ego issues. So now The Doctor needs to figure out how to save Earth, again. This happens a lot. Thank God for The Doctor. Anyway The Doctor being the genius he is, reverses the actions of the cubes, where basically they are taking away life, they will now return life. This will require a big giant electrical surge that will jolt Earth back to life, and explode the ship behind the invasion that has been orbiting the Earth’s atmosphere this entire time. The episode wraps up with The Doctor telling the Ponds he’d best be on his way, that he knows they have their own lives to live. It’s Brian who actually encourages Amy and Rory to go with The Doctor telling them  that life will still be here when they get back. The Doctor invites Brian along, but he declines. And with this we get the ultimate hint that the Ponds won’t be returning. Gah.

Best of the episode: There were so many things about this episode that I loved. An homage to the Brigadier. We had the opportunity to meet his daughter Kate Stewart, who happens to be heading up the science division of UNIT. Rory’s dad returning and wanting to help determine the purpose of the cubes. It was absolutely adorable that he was filming every minute of every day of a cube and then reviewing the footage! Mark Williams is perfect for the role of Rory’s dad. The Doctor actually having to be patient, which is not a virtue he typically displays, and at first he doesn’t. He goes travelling while leaving the Ponds to monitor the cube situation, but then realizes how much he actually misses them and decides to stay and wait out the possible invasion. We even get a return of fish fingers and custard! The dynamic between Amy and The Doctor is going to be missed very much, and the chance to see how life is led when The Doctor is away was a nice change as well.

Worst of the episode: The not-so-subtle implications that the Ponds are going to die. We’ve all known for a while now that the Ponds will be leaving us soon, and there have been some theories that they may die, but let’s be honest, we are all hoping it will be a simple decision to stop travelling with The Doctor. From this episode alone, it sounds like this won’t be the case. I’m positive something very bad is going to happen with the Weeping Angels in the next episode. That either they will be sent to another time period lost forever, or the angels will kill them. They’ve been known to take this option before. Not to mention the eerie similarities between this episode and Billie Piper’s final episodes, Army of Ghosts/Doomsday. Both were narrated by the companion in a style of recapping their final moments with The Doctor and both had slow invasions of Earth. If this is on purpose and is to be a sign of what’s coming, then my guess is that they are displaced by the Weeping Angels. Oh the stress.

Where did this episode leave us?: Honestly wondering how the Pond’s are going to leave us. The “hints” have been so heavy in these episodes so far. We know they’re going to leave us, we know the Weeping Angels will be involved, and that even though Christmas is typically a joyous time, this year it’s going to be a very sad episode most likely dealing with the aftermath of what will happen in The Angels Take Manhattan. Man the stress.

Best one-liner: Rory – “There are soldiers all over my house, and I’m in my pants.” (underwear for us Americans).

What the episode ruined for us: Cubes. We will now assume they are alien torture devices.


– a la Chryshele

Doctor Who – A Town Called Mercy

S07xE03 – We begin with what looks like a scene out of a terminator movie, with a western narration. Turns out it’s more of a Cowboys and Aliens sequel. We have a man that looks similar to Borg, with a giant laser gun for an arm tracking down a man with a green tattoo on his face. Borg man (the Gunslinger) tells the guy to make peace with his gods and then terminates him. We then see The Doctor, Amy and Rory standing outside a small western town called Mercy with 81 residents. They come across a border made with stones and wood, and a sign that says “keep out” on the edge of the town (when has this ever stopped The Doctor or Amy?). The atmosphere of the town is eerie, and The Doctor notices an electric street light that is ahead of the technology for the time by 10 years. Next you get the typical belly up to the bar scene, where The Doctor in his toughest cowboy impersonation asks for tea and tries to look “cool” with a toothpick in his mouth (yeah it didn’t work). The town residents ask who he is and when he says The Doctor, they all become startled, and then ask if he’s an alien (odd and kind of personal, but ok). He says yes, and they proceed to throw him out of town, literally. We then see the Gunslinger flash in and out getting closer and closer, the Marshal stops this revolt and gets The Doctor back on the town side of the border where the Gunslinger then disappears.

Marshal Isaac tells the town he’s not the alien doctor the Gunglinger is looking for and proceeds to explain the situation. We then meet the actual doctor the town is so eager to get rid of, Kahler Jex. We find that the electricity is stemming from Jex’s ship, and that he was also able to cure Cholera. The Doctor asks Jex why he doesn’t just leave, and Jex replies that his ship was very badly damaged. You see a look in The Doctor’s face that implies he knows there’s more to that story, and hatches a plan to get back to the TARDIS to take everyone away from the town. Or so that’s the plan he claims it to be. Rory and Isaac are used as decoys running across the desert for the Gunslinger to be distracted by while The Doctor rides toward the TARDIS. Amy and Jex have a heart to heart where Jex explains that he’s comfrotable in Mercy taking care of the townspeople and has no desire to go back to his home planet (curious).

Meanwhile on The Doctor’s journey to the TARDIS, he comes across the electrical conduit stretching from Jex’s ship to the town, and traces the conduit back to the ship. The Doctor tries to open the ship and sounds the ship’s alarm. The alarm is so loud, they can hear it back in Mercy and Jex becomes worried that The Doctor isn’t following the plan he laid out. The Doctor manages to open the ship and view the personal files of Jex. There he learns the truth about Jex (no wonder Jex is worried). Jex knows he’s in trouble and holds Amy at gunpoint. The Doctor officially meets the Gunslinger and explains he knows everything and tells the Gunslinger he deserves justice. The Gunslinger warns The Doctor that he will kill the next person to step over the borderline, so he best make sure it’s Jex.

Back in town Jex is “explaining” his actions when The Doctor strides in calling him a liar. The Doctor explains to Isaac and the group that the Gunslinger is a cyborg and that Jex was the one who created him along with others by telling the people they were selected for special training and then fused their bodies with machinery making them weapons for war. After the war, Jex explains that they had all the cyborgs decommissioned, but it seems that one got its circuitry damaged and went offline hunting the team of creators, killing them one by one after they fled their planet crashing on Earth, and now Jex is all that’s left.

Amy decides Jex needs to be protected, but The Doctor, Rory and Isaac decide that Jex needs to be given to the Gunslinger for justice, and to save the town. Here Amy becomes the voice of reason, and convinces The Doctor he is wrong and makes him question what has become of him while he’s been travelling alone (about time something’s said!). The Doctor agrees to come up with another plan, but it’s too late, the Gunslinger has arrived. Jex tries to reason with Gunslinger, but it doesn’t work and he goes to terminate Jex, but Isaac gets in the way and gets shot instead. He asks The Doctor with his dying breath to take care of his town, and so The Doctor dons the Marshall badge and does just that (I’m a Marshal now! Marshal’s are cool).

The Gunslinger warns The Doctor that he has until noon tomorrow to give up Jex. The Doctor devises a plan to use the townspeople as decoys to distract the Gunslinger while Jex makes a run for it. The plan is working until Jex decides that enough is enough and that it must end. He destroys himself and his ship thus satisfying the Gunslinger’s vendetta. The Gunslinger says he now has no purpose and will self-destruct as he is a creature of war, but The Doctor interjects and tells the Gunslinger he can protect the town and therefore have a purpose. And off they go in the TARDIS. We then get a super sappy episode ending where the western lady narration comes back, a little girl stares at the Gunslinger protecting the town, and with a final shot, the Gunslinger stands proud wearing the Marshal badge (and now I need something salty).

Best of the episode: Amy reminding The Doctor of who he is and can be, not who he thinks he has to be. In these three episodes so far, we have watched The Doctor’s morality line grow increasingly more gray. And this time instead of trying to see a way where Jex doesn’t have to be sacrificed to the Gunslinger, he decides to just give him up and end it all with yet another unnecessary death. Leave it to Amy to be the voice of reason, thank God.

Worst of the episode: The tiring theatrics that seem to plague the series with Steven Moffatt under the helm. I feel that there is a large disconnect at the heart of the show where Moffatt feels its “Little Engine That Could” persona isn’t good enough. And that’s fine, but while he’s trying to make it a bigger show than it once was, he’s lost the true meaning of the show that makes the fandom so passionate, having your mind blown. Remember the days when the hints were subtle and then it all comes together in one big explosion like Bad Wolf or Harold Saxon? Yeah me too. Those were the days.

Where did this episode leave us?: With the first acknowledgement that Amy is a mother. The previous two episodes have not acknowledged this, with Asylum going as far as to make you think they’ve completely forgot about River Song. Amy saying she is a mother makes us think that maybe she is finally starting to accept that even though the circumstances of her only child were not ideal, she is still River’s mother. This episode also left us with the continual foreshadowing of the soon to come Pond’s departure. They have managed to bring up Christmas in every episode so far, if that’s not a clue for you…

Best one-liner: The Doctor about Joshua the horse – “I speak horse. He’s called Susan and he wants you to respect his life choices.”

What the episode ruined for us: So far the idea that Christmas is going to be something to look forward to.


– a la Chryshele

Doctor Who – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

S07xE02 – Trying to make logical sense of Doctor Who is not something that can be accomplished typically. And this episode proved just that in the first five minutes alone. We begin with The Doctor hanging out with Queen Nefertiti in ancient Egypt whilst she’s making the moves on The Doctor (who wouldn’t right?) when he gets a message to meet up with Earth in 2367 (wait they know he’s alive?) where he finds out that there is a spaceship hurtling toward Earth and that if its course can’t be changed they are going to have to destroy it missile style. Of course The Doctor doesn’t like this and decides he’s going to round up a gang (he’s got a gang now. Yes!), and go check out this spaceship and see what’s up. We next see him in 1902 picking up his old friend Lestrade Riddell (first time we’ve met him, but we are to believe he’s an old friend. This is The Doctor after all).  Final stop is the Pond’s home where Rory’s dad, Arthur Weasley Brian Williams just happens to be changing a light bulb, because apparently Rory and Amy are helpless (cue the obvious joke how many Ponds does it take to change a light bulb?) when the TARDIS materializes around them taking all three along for the ride.

Next we find “the gang” stepping out onto the spaceship. On a typical spaceship you would expect to see aliens, robots, other humans, pretty much anything but dinosaurs. So what comes running around the corner? That’s right, dinosaurs! Which then precipitates The Doctor’s typical response of “run!” to which he continues to stand in awe of something “cool” and Amy has to drag him back to his senses after he states the obvious “dinosaurs on a spaceship!” Remember kids only on Doctor Who can you have Queen Nefertiti, Arthur Weasley, Detective Inspector Lestrade, Filch and Dinosaurs all in the same place after travelling in a blue police box with a mad man. God this show is great.

We watch I believe Stegosaurs (never been good with dinosaurs) barreling down the corridor of the spaceship. The gang is deciding how to handle this unexpected circumstance. The Doctor decides they need to get down to the Engine Room, when boom they find themselves transported to a beach. But is it? First we need to find out if the beach is on Earth, so The Doctor sticks his tongue out and says “it’s not Earth it doesn’t taste right” (of course Doctor why didn’t I think of that?). They then decide that the ground feels more solid than it should and Brian begins to dig with the trowel he always carries with him (you know like you do). They find steel floor under the sand and Pterodactyls start flying around. Turns out the beach is actually the Engine Room powered by the water. Genius! Meanwhile Amy, Nefertiti and Riddell roam the ship and find a computer to where Amy channels The Doctor and becomes the brilliant one of the group discovering the ship is a Silurian ship. But where are all the Silurians?

The Doctor, Rory and Brian manage to avoid being eaten by the Pterodactyls and find their way out of the Engine Room. They meet Filch Solomon who has been injured and is looking for a doctor. The Doctor takes on the role of his title and manages to help Solomon to where he can at least walk, but not before Solomon’s increasingly irritating robots injure Brian to get The Doctor to help Solomon. Not a good move. The Doctor doesn’t respond to violence (um…). We find out that Solomon is a treasure hunter and saw the ship had valuable cargo, so he killed all the Silurians and took over the ship. After The Doctor mends Solomon, he is on his way, but not so fast, he still has to figure out how to save the ship from the missiles and Solomon has now noticed that something more valuable is on the ship. Nefertiti. The Doctor has instructed Solomon to leave the ship, which he will do, but for a price.

He takes Nefertiti into his custody and begins to leave the Silurian ship, but The Doctor has magnetized Solomon’s ship, because of course Nefertiti isn’t going anywhere with Solomon. The Doctor pulls a few tricks out of his hat, gets Nefertiti back and defeats Solomon sending him on his way without any treasure of any sort. It all seems to have ended happily and they can all be on their way, but what about the missiles? They’ve already been launched, so The Doctor reroutes their signal and aims them at Solomon, killing him. The Doctor justifies this to be for the greater good and they all hop into the TARDIS. The Doctor begins to take everyone home, and Nefertiti decides she is going to shack up with Riddell in 1902 (thus explaining her disappearance that plagues the history books), and Amy and Rory ask to go home for a couple months. Brian has a request before they head back home, and you wrap up the episode with Brian sitting on the edge of the TARDIS drinking tea in space, *tear*.

Best of the episode: The Doctor, Rory and Brian riding a triceratops to get away from the annoying robots. And how do you start a triceratops? By throwing one of Brian’s balls (golf balls that is) for Tricey to chase.

Worst of the episode: The fact that The Doctor killed Solomon. I know he’s killed before, he even killed his entire race, but for some reason this resonated with me. I didn’t feel it was entirely necessary, and he could have found another target for the missiles.

Where did this episode leave us?: It left us wondering why the Ponds wanted another couple months at home before travelling with The Doctor again. It also left us wondering if killing Solomon will have any future impact. I doubt it will, the whole thing seemed so casual and like it really didn’t affect the outcome of anything. But with Doctor Who even the most insignificant thing can surprise you and end up being much larger than you thought. Only time will tell (pun intended).

Best one-liner: The Doctor – “I’m a Sagittarius. Probably.”

What the episode ruined for us: The chances of having another Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Sherlock mash-up is slim to none.


– a la Chryshele

Doctor Who – Asylum of the Daleks

S07xE01 – Season 7 begins with The Doctor, Amy and Rory being kidnapped and brought to a Dalek Asylum to stop the weird music and happenings that have been going on. At least that’s what I think they were brought there to do. It’s hard to tell sometimes with Moffatt episodes. Either that or I’m just dumb, which is a good chance.  Anyway the Daleks are afraid to go down to the asylum themselves so they enlist The Doctor to go down for them, and they decide The Doctor needs his companions to join him. Yay for Rory and Amy being roped into the madness.

Best of the episode: Oswin Oswald hands down was the best part of the episode, because she was a surprise! Who is Oswin Oswald? The Doctor’s new companion later in the season, after we are forced to say goodbye to the Ponds *sob*. Why was it a surprise? Because we were told she would be joining the show in the episodes to air next year. No one expected to see her in the Season Premiere.  In this episode Oswin is a damsel in distress, but with chops basically. Her ship has crashed on the Dalek Asylum which happens to be an entire planet full of Daleks. She is trapped in her ship, but able to hack into the Dalek technology and converse with The Doctor (The Chin) and Rory (The Nose) all while baking souffles, where did she get the milk?

Worst of the episode: Rory and Amy’s marriage on the verge of divorce. I’m really not sure how to feel about how this went. Amy apparently decided to become a model. We know this because the first time we see it is in Closing Time from Season 6 where The Doctor sees her giving her autograph to a little girl, and seeing a giant poster of Amy in a department store. So back to this episode, you find Amy at a photo shoot where Rory is waiting in her dressing room. He’s there to have her sign the divorce papers and then “like magic” they aren’t married anymore. This is where every Whovian screams at the same time “what the hell? No!” Well I know I did. And this leads you to immediately think the fame has gone to her head and she is too good for Rory now. Luckily this wasn’t the case. We later find out that she chose to leave Rory because she can’t have children and Rory wants kids (uh, did they forget they have a daughter?). Rory reassures her that he loves her for her and would never regret his choice to be with her (awww).

Where did this episode leave us?: We were left with The Doctor blowing up a chunk of Daleks, Amy and Rory getting back together, discovering a new creepier Dalek (dead humans with the Dalek eye protruding from their forehead. ew!), and oh that’s right, Oswin is a Dalek too! Which leads us to think that The Doctor is going to somehow save Oswin at some point either before she crashes onto the Asylum, or directly after. This we will have to wait until I believe the Christmas episode to know how it plays out. Gah. The episode wraps up with Oswin deleting The Doctor from every Dalek’s memory, which sparks a big chorus of “Doctor Who?” from all the Daleks, and then it was time for The Doctor to take Amy and Rory back home. Final shot? The Doctor himself singing “Doctor Who?” while dancing around the TARDIS. Adorable.

Best one-liner: Oswin – “Loving this. The Nose and The Chin. You two could fence.”

What the episode ruined for us: Eggs


– a la Chryshele