Mike & Molly – Karaoke Christmas

mike&molly5S03xE10 – The Captain wants Mike to spend Christmas Eve with his mother, but Molly doesn’t know that yet. But when they actually go over there, they end up having a pretty ok time. At least Mike’s mom was happy, which doesn’t happen often. The Captain even let Mike call him by his first name. Progress! Vince decided to get a toupee for Christmas. I think it’s a gift that gave to not only himself, but Joyce as well. She could not stop petting Vince’s new rug. Victoria’s present is a karaoke machine that was to be a joint gift from both Molly and Harry, but Molly maxed out all of her cards, and couldn’t pay Harry her portion. So Harry got to give the gift to Victoria on his own, and they kinda sorta bonded over it. Precious.

Best of the episode: Mike and Molly having to spend Christmas eve with Mike’s mom and the Captain, which involved going to mass.

Worst of the episode: Vince’s toupee.

Where did this episode leave us?: Vince has a toupee that makes him apparently look like Al Pacino. I don’t dig it, but Joyce really does.

What this episode ruined for us: Credit Cards and Toupees


– a la Chryshele


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