Hawaii Five-0 – Kahu

hawaiifive04S03xE11 – McGarrett sees a boy at the station that is in need of help. Turns out his father has gone missing, and McGarrett is taking on the search. Through the search they find out that this boy’s father has got himself into a bit of trouble. He’s been messing with the wrong people. Moonshiners. Well we find out that daddy dearest has been taken prisoner by the baddies and they want money in exchange for him keeping his life. So dad leads them to his house where his son happens to be along with Katherine. When the baddies find out the money isn’t there, dad and son are about to die, but Katherine kicks into action just as McGarrett and the rest of the team storm in after figuring out the whole story. Everyone is alright and dad and son are reunited.

Best of the episode: George Takei guest starring as Chin’s uncle!

Worst of the episode: Not a long enough guest stint for George Takei.

Where this episode leaves us: Catherine and McGarrett’s relationship is still trying to be defined. And Catherine is going on leave again soon.

What this episode ruined for us: Moonshine


– a la Chryshele


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