The Vampire Diaries – Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

vampdiaries5S04xE09 – Damon is mad at himself because he didn’t send Elena away. She’s mad because he won’t express his true feelings for her. Jeremy has been sent to the family lake house to have Bonnie help him subside his urge to kill Elena. Elena plans to head out to the house too, in hopes that her presence can help the situation. She invites Damon along for the ride. Elena also invited professor Shane to help, much to Damon’s disapproval. Stefan has moved out of the Salvatore house, but I’m not sure where he’s staying. Tyler and Hayley are still working on breaking the sire bonds of the hybrids, but Haley is still working on her alternate agenda with professor Shane. Tyler has been convinced that he should place Klaus inside his body once again and then encase his body in concrete until the hybrids disappear away from Klaus. Caroline is not exactly thrilled about this idea. At the lake house Jeremy is having a hard time not killing Elena, but Bonnie is able to work her magic and through hypnosis turn off his urge to kill her. Caroline talks with Stefan about Tyler’s plan and they come up with the idea of placing Klaus inside Rebekah’s body that is already staked and waiting. Hayley obviously doesn’t like this idea and let’s professor Shane know about it, whom of which tells her to fix it. By fixing it she sends all of the hybrids into the forest, and Klaus ends up killing them all. Hayley needed the twelve hybrids for the sacrifice. Dark magic is in the works. And because Klaus thinks Tyler was behind the whole thing, he goes to find him, and instead finds his mother who he drowns to hurt Tyler. I’m not sure how professor Shane is going to act after hearing about all of this. Oh and April happened to witness a bunch of vampire and hybrid killing, and because she’s wearing Jeremy’s vervane bracelet, there’s no telling her to forget things. This is going to play into something somewhere. And Damon dismissed Elena in hopes it will break the sire bond. We shall see if this happens. Stefan wasn’t too happy to hear from Caroline that Damon and Elena are together.

Best of the episode: Klaus’ killing spree. Not gonna lie it was kinda cool.

Worst of the episode: Stefan thinking Damon and Elena are really together. This is so complicated!

Where did this episode leave us: Jeremy is seemingly able to fight the urge to kill Elena, but who knows how long that will last. All of the hybrids are dead, and so is Tyler’s mother. Tyler is officially an orphan.

Best one-liner: Caroline to Stefan -“Is this you in crisis mode? Because it’s a lot more subtle than mine.”

What this episode ruined for us: Hayley (not hard to do)


– a la Chryshele


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