The Neighbors – Juan of the Dead

theneighbors3S01xE10 – The neighborhood loves their gardener Juan so much. Max even spends his time with Juan like it’s the best thing in the world. So when Jackie decides to go take a bath at the suggestion of Debbie with the express direction of being in what you were born with only, this prompts Jackie to clap into her alien body which happens to be right as Juan climbs a ladder by the window. Juan has a heart attack and dies. So now the Weaver’s have the pleasure of explaining death to the Zabvronians, which is harder than one would expect. They also have the pleasure of explaining Juan’s death to Max which goes really well…

The Weaver’s decide to take the Zabvronians to Juan’s funeral, but they mistook Debbie’s mention of celebration of Juan’s life as an actual celebration. So they came to the funeral dressed in their best Hawaiian attire, and even brought a roasted pig. They sure know how to celebrate! At the funeral they all share their funny stories about Juan, and then Larry takes it upon himself to bring Juan back to life. Yep. Turns out Larry has a medicine given to him by his father as a just in case, but only had one dose and he used it on Juan. Only problem is that Juan is now basically a zombie. He’s lost the ability to speak, and pretty much walks around aimlessly. It’s the same thing as alive. So because Juan can’t really be their gardener anymore, they send him off to his cousin out of state. Good luck to the cousin.

Best of the episode: Max being confused about life and death after seeing zombie Juan.

Worst of the episode: No Reggie Jackson.

Where this episode leaves us: The neighborhood now needs to find a new gardener it seems.

Best one-liner: Debbie – “Did you just promise our son a murder suicide pact?”

What this episode ruined for us: death


– a la Chryshele


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