The Middle – Twenty Years

the middle 3S04xE09 – It’s Mike and Frankie’s 20th wedding anniversary, and Sue is planning a big event to celebrate. Frankie on the other hand thinks Mike is bored with her when she sees him ignore a phone call from her, and then finds him midnight eating without her. And it’s not his first time doing it either! For shame. Sue is having horrible luck getting anyone to attend the party she’s planning. Even Big Mike (Mike’s dad) can’t be bothered to attend. No surprise there. Axl angry with Brick for using his guitar as a post-it board, decides that the best revenge is to ruin the ending to a book that Brick has been waiting six years to read. By having the ending ruined, this puts Brick in a catatonic state which worries Axl. When Brick breaks out of it, he explains to Axl just how important books are to him. This makes Axl for a brief moment not think only of himself, but of Brick. Axl writes an alternative ending to the book for Brick. It’s horrible, but Brick appreciates the sentiment. Brick then tells Axl the best way he can make it up to him is by letting Brick read the book to him, so he can better understand Brick’s enjoyment for books. Sue was not the best at keeping the party plans under wraps from the parents, so Mike and Frankie casually sit down on the couch in their best dress and act as if they know nothing. Sue “surprises” them with the party, but because she was so unsuccessful in getting others to attend, the party is for two. Sue attempts to make them dinner and fails. Frankie tries to console a very upset Sue, and then Mike surprises Frankie with a ring. Turns out he was ignoring her call because he was picking up the ring he’d been saving for all year. She had a card for him somewhere. Here’s to another 20 years Mike and Frankie Heck!

Best of the episode: Sue’s attempt at making dinner. She actually charred spaghetti. That takes talent.

Worst of the episode: Axl ruining Brick’s book for him. I totally get the whole living in the world of your book. So I felt Brick’s pain.

Where did this episode leave us?: Mike and Frankie had a nice 20th anniversary even if it wasn’t what they had planned.

Best one-liner: Axl – “Until I see some proof, I will not even address these malicious and spurious charges. Law & Order. Watch it.”

What the episode ruined for us: Spaghetti


– a la Chryshele


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