Parenthood – What to My Wondering Eyes

parenthood5S04xE11 – The Braverman’s are preparing for Christmas in their own ways, but when Kristina gets severely ill everything for their family is put on hold. Adam has Crosby watch the kids while he takes Kristina to the ER. It’s a chaotic morning, but Crosby works through it with Jasmine’s help. They take them shopping at the mall, and to see Santa, where Sarah and Hank happen to be working taking pictures. Sarah’s having a hard time with her breakup and is taking it out on the customers. But after work, Hank and Sarah talk over drinks and admit their feelings for each other, which leads to sex, and then Hank telling her it was a one time thing because they work together. Amber takes a couple gifts over to Julia and Joel’s and she learns from Julia that Ryan quit his job on day one. So now Amber has to confront Ryan about it, and he brushes it off as not a right fit for him. Amber asks him to go apologize to Joel, and so he leaves to do so in Amber’s car. He doesn’t show for hours and when he does, he’s drunk and scratched her car badly. Amber tries to talk to him, but he’s too drunk to listen and storms off on foot. Kristina has taken a turn for the worse, and Haddie is stuck at the airport trying to catch a flight home. Kristina in a brief moment of consciousness, tells Adam she made a goodbye video for the kids, and so Adam asks Zeek to grab the computer from home. Adam watches the video, which is a total tear jerker, and then begs to God I suppose to not let Kristina die. Christmas morning comes and everyone is at the Braverman house opening their gifts. Ryan shows up to apologize to Amber, and although she’s in love with him, she tells Ryan they need some time apart. Hank shows up Christmas eve to give Sarah a gift, and tell her that he doesn’t feel the way he said earlier, that he really likes her and wants more with her. Sarah opens her gift, and it’s a picture of herself taken by Hank. Kristina has improved over night enough that she’s conscious. The whole Braverman clan visits her so she can open her gifts, and Haddie makes it there in time as well. A very Merry Christmas is had by all.

Best of the episode: Sarah and Hank finally getting together. Seems like they dragged that out forever.

Worst of the episode: Kristina almost died. I don’t think I could have handled that.

Where this episode leaves us: Kristina is still with us. Crosby and Jasmine decided they want another baby, and Zeek convinced Victor that Santa exists.

Best one-liner: Hank – “You’re not horrible, that’s what I came to say. You’re incredible. Good night.”

What this episode ruined for us: Not Santa!

Rating:Rating Potato

– a la Chryshele


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