New Girl – Santa


S02xE11 – Jess, CeCe, Schmidt, Nick and Winston party crawl to several holiday celebrations. At many of them they run into Sam who admitted that he made a mistake and tries to win Jess back. Nick’s new girlfriend Olivia Munn tries to get him to screw outside the box which doesn’t prove to be too easy for him. Winston gets a cranberry stuck in his ear and can’t hear anything the entire night until doctor Sam helps him out.

Best of the episode: Everything is always fun when they share one big storyline.

Worst of the episode: The cranberry incident. Eep.

Where this episode leaves us: Jess is going to give Sam another chance. Nick realizes he can’t change who he is.

What this episode ruined for us: Anything with cranberries.

Rating: Rating PotatoRating PotatoRating Potato

Holler, Jordan


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