Modern Family – Diamond in the Rough

modern family 5S04xE10 – Cam and Claire are building a baseball field for Luke and Manny’s team. Seems all the other ones are taken, so they’re creating a new one. In the meantime they learn of a house for sale nearby, and Cam and Claire get the genius idea of flipping the house. When they have Phil and Mitchell come take a look, they seem all for it, but neither of them really think it’s a good idea. And they decide to tell their own spouse, but Phil chickens out and leaves Mitchell looking like the bad guy. So they go back and forth with threats until during a text fight they don’t realize it’s a group text and Claire is getting them as well. The jig is up. So now Cam and Claire are upset because their men don’t believe in them. But when Phil and Mitchell come to watch the baseball game, they see how great of a job they did on the field, and they start to think maybe they really can flip a house. They all agree to do it, and when they tell Jay, he tells them it’s a horrible idea and that it will end in no one speaking to each other. They start to rethink the house flipping, until the woman selling the house calls and says she has an offer put in, and then next thing we know Cam, Mitchell, Claire and Phil have bought the house. This shall be interesting.

Meanwhile Gloria has taken to the idea of the baby needing to hear her voice because it’s supposed to be soothing, but when she starts singing to the baby, Jay has to intervene. He does so by talking to the baby himself and not letting Gloria have the mic at all. Gloria starts to wonder what is going on, and they start to fight. Manny interrupts the fighting and tells them that the baby should not be surrounded by fighting while in the womb. So Jay takes the opportunity to tell Gloria she’s a horrible singer, and because they can’t fight, Gloria has to take it. But at the baseball game she talks the coach into letting her sing the national anthem to prove to Jay she can sing, and even then she’s horrible. Oh the poor people.

Best of the episode: The threats between Phil and Mitchell.

Worst of the episode: Gloria’s singing. It was more annoying than funny.

Where did this episode leave us?: The siblings are flipping a house together. This could be a total nightmare. But good for a laugh I hope.

Best one-liner: Phil – “That’s the funny thing about marriage, you fall in love with this extraordinary person, and over time they begin to seem ordinary. Maybe it’s all the nagging.”

What this episode ruined for us: Singing


– a la Chryshele


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