Hawaii Five-0 – Huaka’i Kula (Field Trip)

hawaii5-06S03xE10 – McGarrett and Danny are with Grace camping out. It’s the Aloha Girl’s outing and McGarrett is teaching the girls survival techniques. Not necessarily the ones you would think though. While he’s teaching them how to throw a knife, little Lucy decides she wants to go get her jacket, and doesn’t come back, so Danny and McGarrett go look for her in the jungle and McGarrett finds her as well as an injured man. After McGarrett helps the man with his wound, the guy holds McGarrett and Lucy at gunpoint and has them go back to camp where he puts all of the girls as well as Danny (after he shot him) in a shed and locks them in. With Grace’s help they are able to break free from the shed, make a phone out of pieces of other phones and call for help. Turns out this guy’s name is Roy and he was posing as a security guy on a plane that had diamonds. The plane went down and so did Roy with the diamonds, but he lost them. So he has McGarrett and Lucy as his hostages while he tries to find the diamonds. When they do, the diamonds are up in a tree, and Lucy has to go get them. As she’s doing so, McGarrett uses this time to overtake a distracted Roy. But overtaking Roy wasn’t enough because Roy has a partner that has just shown up with a nice big gun.This partner kills Roy and  McGarrett and Lucy manage to break away and Lucy having the diamonds is told to hide in the bushes while McGarrett assesses the situation. Danny who has been able to get a hold of Chin and Kono has enlisted their help. Chin is now looking for McGarrett and Lucy as well as Danny and the Aloha Girl leader lady. Chin finds a dead Roy and Danny finds Chin. They split up and Danny goes after the partner and McGarrett, and Chin ends up finding Lucy with the diamonds (haha that’s a good one, too bad she wasn’t in the sky). McGarrett ends up getting cornered by the partner of Roy’s and is about to be shot, but Danny catches up and shoots the guy dead first. They all make it back to camp and all is ok.

Meanwhile Kono’s boyfriend Adam has his brother coming to visit having been released from prison. At first the brother seems very nice and ok with Adam changing his ways, but later reveals to Kono that he’s not ok with it at all. Chin expresses his concern about her being around Adam’s brother, and Kono tries to brush it off, but when we see Kono and Adam sleeping and Adam’s brother standing over their bed holding a gun, you start to think otherwise. Especially when you find out it’s Kono’s gun, and he’s returning it to its holster. Crap.

Best of the episode: Danny not understand a 10 year old explaining how she’s going to use two phones to make one working phone.

Worst of the episode: It seems every time Danny spends time with Grace something bad happens. Ex-wife Rachel has got to say something soon about this, and it’s not going to go well for Danny.

Where this episode leaves us: Kono can’t seem to catch a break while dating Adam. Now his brother seems to be causing trouble.

Best one-liner: Steve – “I’m going to teach these how to kill and gut a pig tonight Danny.”
Danny – “That’s actually a horror film.”

What this episode ruined for us: Camping

Rating:Rating Potato

– a la Chryshele


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