Dexter – Do You See What I See?

dexter2S07xE11 – Deb has no intention of letting Hannah get away with anything and hits up her old roommate to see if she will rat out Hannah over the killing of a counselor when she was a teen. Deb was tipped off by Hannah’s dad before he met Dexter’s knife. Hannah’s friend doesn’t give up Hannah right away, but says she needs to think on it, and then talks to Hannah where she’s promised that Hannah will take care of it.

Hector Estrada has been released from prison. Who is he? The leader of the group that killed Dexter’s mother, and the last one still alive. So now that he’s out of prison, Dexter plots his murder. He confronts Estrada and tells him he has a huge drug load to move and wants Estrada to get in on it and tells him to meet him late on Christmas Eve.

Hannah shows up to Deb’s house to try and convince Deb to back off on her, but Deb’s not having any of it. The next day Deb is driving out to go see Hannah’s roommate again to see if she’s decided to rat out Hannah, but gets in a car crash. She apparently passed out behind the wheel, and is told she took too much of her anxiety meds. Both Deb and Dexter suspect otherwise, so Dexter questions Hannah about it after their picturesque Christmas Eve dinner, which she denies, and then Dexter tries to find any evidence to discredit her denial. And he does. Deb’s water bottle in her smooshed car is tested and the results show high quantities of Deb’s anxiety medication. Enough to make her unconscious. So Dexter does the only thing he can. He turns Hannah in for the murder of Price by giving Deb the chewed pen with poison and Hannah’s fingerprint.

So before Dexter checks out Hannah’s story about harming Deb, he has a job to take care of with Estrada. He meets up with Estrada at a storage connex facility where he lures him into an empty container. There he overtakes Estrada and straps him to his already prepped murder table. Just as he’s about to make the kill, Estrada mentions that a lady officer worked really hard to get him released from prison, and this makes Dexter realize the whole thing is a trap for him. Luckily he gets away in time before La Guerta sees him, but the problem is that Estrada gets away too, and he’s seen Dexter. This means serious trouble for Dexter ahead.

Best of the episode: Hannah and Dexter having an “I love you” moment before he turns her in for murder.

Worst of the episode: La Guerta not giving up the search for the real Bay Harbor Butcher.

Where this episode left us: Hannah has been arrested for murder, and she’s not going to let Dexter get away with his past like La Guerta, who is convinced that Dexter is the Baby Harbor Butcher.

Best one-liner: Masuka – “The Christmas spirit around here sucks big reindeer dic*s.”

What this episode ruined for us: Water Bottles


– a la Chryshele


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