The Vampire Diaries – We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

We’ll Always Have Bourbon StreetS04xE08 – Stefan reveals to Damon his theory of Elena being sired to him. So Stefan and Damon set off for answers. They end up in New Orleans where Damon retells the story of Charlotte, the first girl he suspects was sired to him. There they find Charlotte still hanging around waiting for Damon since 1942. They then go on the lookout for a witch that Damon knew that was able to perform a spell to break a sire bond. There he finds the daughter of the woman he knew and she tells Damon there is no such spell, that he was duped into providing the dark magic her mother had desired. Now knowing that there is no way to truly break a vampire sire bond other than dismissing them and the leaving them, they are at a loss on what to do with Elena.

Meanwhile Elena is having a girl’s night with Bonnie and Caroline in the empty Salvatore house. Elena reveals that she had sex with Damon, and Caroline can’t hold back her tongue any longer. This ruins the night, but when the wolves show up to take Caroline hostage, it’s now up to Elena to get her back.

The reason the wolves took Caroline is to get back at Tyler who has pissed off a certain hybrid Kimberly who is not too keen on breaking the sire bonds nor that Tyler is being as pushy as he is. So when Tyler tells her she has no choice, she takes matters into her own hands. Tyler and Elena try to save Caroline, but are confronted by a large group of hybrids. Elena offers herself up in place of Caroline, but Tyler intervenes and tells the group that in order to be free they all have to work together, and gives them the option of submitting to him or dying. They all submit to him, making him the new pack leader of the hybrids. Oooh.

Best of the episode: Flashbacks! I love the flashbacks.

Worst of the episode: No one being happy about Elena and Damon. I get it, but I still like the idea, so let’s see where it goes.

Where did this episode leave us: Elena is still sired to Damon, and the only way to break it is for Damon to leave her, which I don’t see happening. Oh and Tyler is now pack leader of the hybrids who have broke their sire bond with Klaus.

Best one-liner: Damon – “I finally got Elena to a good place about being a vampire and you two idiots can’t stand that she’s happy because of me.”

What this episode ruined for us: A happy union between Damon and Elena


– a la Chryshele


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