The New Normal – Baby Proofing

newnormal2S01xE12 – David’s going crazy with the baby proofing, Bryan’s going crazy with the booze. Goldie’s eating a lot more and Bryan attributes it to the pregnancy, but David has been eating a lot as well. What’s his reason? Bryan has a work Christmas party, but David doesn’t go to them, so on a whim of kindness Bryan invites Nanabigot along. Turns out she’s kind of a delight when she’s drunk. David’s concerned with Bryan’s drinking, and they both confront each other about their concerns for each other, but get nowhere.

At the party Nanabigot confesses she’s not sure where to begin her career in LA, Because in Ohio she was a big shot. Bryan tells her to start small and grow. They then head for home, but hit a DUI checkpoint, and Bryan starts to freak out. He’s barely had anything to drink. On the other hand Nanabigot has had enough for both of them, and starts to cause a scene. They end up getting off with a warning, but this make Bryan re-evaluate his choices.

Bryan and David come together at the Christmas tree that David has baby proofed. They both discuss their reasons for the over-eating and booze drinking and then admire the new ornament on the tree. A picture of their baby.

Best of the episode: A tolerable Nanabigot.

Worst of the episode: The ridiculous baby proofing. There is such thing as going overboard.

Where this episode leaves us: Bryan and Nanabigot are a little closer, and the house is officially baby proofed 5 months ahead of needing to do so.

What this episode ruined for us: baby proofing


– a la Chryshele


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