The Neighbors – Merry Crap-Mas

theneighbors2S01xE09 – The Weavers have asked the Bird-Kersee’s to hold onto their presents for the kids until Christmas Eve. Larry makes it a point to express his dislike for the holiday and that the Weaver’s are too focused on presents. Not wanting to admit they have a problem, the kids confirm their worst fears when they start making demands and changes to their Christmas lists. Debbie and Marty decide that they are going to take back all of the presents and use the money for a trip to Hawaii instead. When they break it to the kids, they are expectantly unhappy about the idea. So when the Weaver’s go to retrieve the gifts to return to the stores, they find that Bird-Kersee’s have opened all of the gifts and are either using them improperly or completely destroying them. Debbie tells Jackie she’s screwed up majorly, and Abby has a talk with Larry, making him realize that even Santa promotes family at Christmas. So Larry and Dick go about to make it a perfect Christmas for the Weavers. And this is done by stealing gifts from a dealership, hiring hookers to play hula girls, and purchasing a pig for what I’m only guessing is the holiday ham dinner. When the Weavers awake and head down to face the Christmas morning, they find the whole neighborhood plus hula girls singing and dancing in their house. And Larry is dressed as Santa Claus. Although they may have screwed up, they made up for it in a big way.

Best of the episode: Larry thinking the etch-a-sketch is an iPad and asks Siri if he ruined Christmas.

Worst of the episode: The thought of the poor piglet being dinner later that night.

Where this episode leaves us: Christmas wasn’t ruined after all. Well not entirely.

Best one-liner: Marty – “Oh honey they have the tushy squirting thing!”

What this episode ruined for us: iPads


– a la Chryshele


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