The Middle – Christmas Help

themiddle3S04xE08 – Brick is asked by Reverend Timtom to participate in the holiday play. Sue is baking cookies for the play. Frankie gets a job at JJ Mackay’s so they can get gifts for the kids with her employee discount. Unfortunately the discount doesn’t kick in for 20 days, which takes her right up until Christmas Eve. To make matters worse all of the gifts she’s planned for the kids are being purchased leaving her with nothing. It seems that they don’t restock shelves there at the JJ Mackay’s. So Frankie takes to hiding the things she plans to buy, but they keep getting found. Mike’s brother has asked Mike to help him move some furniture, but when the plan is to store it in Mike’s garage, he realizes that the furniture is stolen. His brother disappears and leaves Mike to clean up the mess. Axl takes this opportunity to use the furniture in the garage as his new bachelor pad. But gets a bit upset when Mike finally has it hauled away. Everyone ends the night watching Brick in the play where he’s his typical self not paying attention. Sue’s cookies aren’t a hit except with Reverend Timtom and Frankie is able to take the kids shopping the day after Christmas and hit the sales and use her employee discount. Everyone wins.

Best of the episode: Brick in the play.

Worst of the episode: Sue’s hard work nearly going to waste.

Where did this episode leave us?: Frankie seems to still have a job, not sure if it was just seasonal. Axl will have to deal with just having his bedroom now that the furniture is gone.

Best one-liner: Sue – “Mom, where do we keep the cookies?” Frankie – “At the store.”

What the episode ruined for us: Christmas plays


– a la Chryshele


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