Suburgatory – Krampus

suburgatory5S02xE07 – George gives Tessa the gift of spending Christmas with her mother. Tessa is initially excited about the idea, but when she realizes how much she’s like her mother it unsettles her. She leaves her mom a note apologizing and heads back home. George is spending the holidays with Dallas and Dalia. All Dalia wants for Christmas is Carmen back. So she makes a music video about her love for Carmen and George ends up giving it to Carmen who has been having issues working for Noah now that his wife is back in town. So with the video George is able to persuade Carmen in going back to work for Dallas and Dalia. He wins big points with both girls.

Meanwhile with the Shays. Ryan finds out that he’s adopted from the photographer taking the family photograph. Ryan then loses control and goes wild. Literally. Malik and his family happen to drive by and see Ryan and take him home. Lisa who sees Tessa come home early stops her and begs her to go talk to Ryan and convince him to come home. She finds Ryan and talks with him, but he’s just not ready. Tessa then goes home and is greeted by a surprised George. Tessa’s just happy to be home for Christmas.

Best of the episode: Wild Ryan.

Worst of the episode: Noah’s evil wife.

Where did this episode leave us?:  Carmen is back with Dallas and Dalia. Malik is hoping to score points and win Lisa back by taking care of Ryan. Tessa isn’t ready for a relationship with her mother.

What this episode ruined for us: Photographers


– a la Chryshele


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