Grey’s Anatomy – Love Turns You Upside Down


S09xE08 – Little Heigl is sick of Karev calling her princess, so she is out to prove herself. A young girl who has a baby tries to leave her baby at the hospital because it’s “messed up”. It hits home because Little Heigl was left at a fire station two weeks after birth and worked really hard to get good grades and put herself through medical school with the support of only one of her high school teachers. Two of Christina’s interns battle it out and end up banned from surgery. There are two little baby heart patients who’s parents have bonded until one child gets a heart transplant over another. Eventually the come to terms with the decision and reconnect. Meredith is trying to get her intern to call all of Derek’s sisters to use a live nerve in his surgery much to his dismay, and her intern also finds out that she is pregnant.

Best of the episode: Seeing little Heigl stand up to Karev and tell him who she really is.

Worst of the episode: That teenage mother leaving her baby there. I wanted to kick her.

Where this episode leaves us: I’m excited to see the relationship between Karev and little Heigl…maybe that’s why he likes her? Neve Campbell showing up as Derek’s sister, I think that’s a great casting choice.

What this episode ruined for us: Watches.


Holler, Jordan


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