Glee – Swan Song


S04xE09 – Rachel is given a golden ticket by Whoopie Goldberg to perform in the NYADA showcase, she is one of few freshman who have had that honor. She deserves it after having a Chicago-style dance-off with stupid Cassandra. She may not have her dance moves but her voice is totes better. This prompts Kurt to try and convince Whoopie one last time to let him in but he is told he lacks depth. Back at McKinley, the group has all joined different clubs after Marley fainted, glee club lost sectionals and the group disbanded. Marley tries to make up for it by getting them a new space to work and Finn is trying hard as ever to get them to be united again. Rachel performs at the showcase to a standing ovation/encore (which will make you cry, even if you don’t like her, she has the most amazing voice) and wins the showcase. Whoopie asks Kurt to perform and he wow’s her and ends up getting accepted into NYADA. Rachel calls Finn and they have a long talk about what glee means to them, its more than just the competing. Everyone meets at Marley’s spot (the quad) and in a Breakfast-club like ending they all unite and sing an 80’s song together. In this time, Sam and Brittany have gotten quite a bit closer and they may just be the new hottest couple at McKinely high.

Best of the episode: Rachel’s performances at the showcase. She may be a slightly annoying character but her voice will always bring you to tears. Good lord, I bawled through this all while thinking “Rachel you are so annoying”.

Worst of the episode: I have begun to rather dislike Tina. She’s getting more annoying than Rachel. Why does she have to hate on EVERYONE.

Where this episode leaves us: What will Glee club do now that the year is over? How will Kurt do at NYADA? Sam and Brittany? Yes, please.

What this episode ruined for us: Anorexia!


Holler, Jordan


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