Go On – The World Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over


S01xE11 – Mr. K is convinced the world is ending with the Mayan calendar so he plans a celebration so he can go out with the people he love. Steven and Ryan need a last minute trip with their ladies to wine country. Steven brings his girlfriend, Ryan brings Anne. Lauren’s boyfriend has started acting weird so she feels that he is going to propose to her. Ryan, is a little objective, but it’s more on a personal level. Sonia and Yolanda catch her boyfriend buying a ring and realize they’re worried about losing her. They try to sabotage the proposal but when he promises them they will not lose her they comply and help him. He proposes at the end of the world party, she says yes and the world doesn’t end.

Best of the episode: The first five minutes when Fausta tries really hard to make all of the Christian decorations seem non-denominational.

Worst of the episode: Ryan awkwardly trying to get Lauren to not get married. He’s coming off as a little creepy.

Where this episode leaves us: Lauren is engaged.

Best one-liner: Fausta – “Got it. This is not Christmas tree, it’s winter bush, perhaps enjoyed by Jewish. This normal baby from human father.” Nods.

What this episode ruined for us: Proposals and public restrooms.


Holler, Jordan


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