Parenthood – Trouble In Candyland


S04xE10 – Mark calls Lorelai a bad fiance for going to LA with Hank to wrangle his daughter from Marie (she likes her Hanks, but not her MINERAL’S MARIE). Mark tries to surprise her by showing up to reconcile but where she is intoxicated and hanging all over Hank he isn’t too keen on that and breaks it off. Amber gets Ryan a job with Joel but he has a hard time being accepted by the older men. Julia asks a very high Kristina how she helps Max to not feel stupid, she’s having trouble with Victor. Kristina lets her in on her “bribing” secret and it seems to slightly work. Crosby and Adam go to court with Bobby Hill (Marleise) and the community shows what an asset the Luncheonette is to the community of Haight Ashbury, and they win!

Best of the episode: Kristina being totally high and caught by Julia.

Worst of the episode: Poor Victor. And POOR MARK.

Where this episode leaves us: So are Mark and Lorelai totally done? Will Victor ever be accepted?

Best one-liner: “I bribe him. *LAUGH*” – Kristina

What this episode ruined for us: Definitely not weed.


Holler, Jordan


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