New Girl – Bath Tub

new girlS02xE10 – Jess wants a bath tub in the bathroom, and so she gives a presentation consisting of a poster with all of them in a bath together, and then they take a vote. Three against one in favor of no bath tub. Sad for Jess. Later Winston confesses that he really does want a bath tub, and so Jess and Winston conspire on how to make that happen.

Meanwhile Schmidt has finally admitted that he’s in love with Cece. The others already knew this so his announcement was less than climactic. So Schmidt goes and pours his soul out to Cece who doesn’t reciprocate and this depresses Schmidt.

Nick is at work and really digs this emo girl sitting by herself drinking. So he ignores his own rule of hitting on the customers and goes and does so. Even though his approach was totally awkward she seemed to like it and invites him to sit. They seem to get along, but then this girl’s ex-boyfriend shows up and threatens to hurt her, and Nick tries to be the hero, but the girl ends up knocking him out, and then they take the guy to a strip club because there’s a guy there that does stitches. Also the girl is a stripper, so that’s why they go there. Then another stripper sees that the guy is knocked out, and it’s her husband, so the two girls start to fight and Nick gets caught in the middle trying to break it up. That doesn’t work very well. The next day the girl shows up and Nick tells her that he can’t see her because breaking his own rule leads to bad things. But that doesn’t work either. Nick likes the bad girls it seems.

So Jess and Winston have got them self an old rickety bath tub and are filling it up with water up on the roof when one of the claw feet breaks under the weight and the tub collapses spilling water all over the roof, which then leaks down into the loft, specifically into Schmidt’s room ruining all of his suits. So Jess and Winston devise a plan to say that they were robbed by meth addicts. So they start taking things from around the apartment, tie themselves up and wait for Schmidt to come home. When he does they explain the whole situation and he finds it odd that the addicts didn’t take the douche bag jar money. Oops. After the fake robbery, Jess and Winston still have to figure out what to do with the suits and realize they can dry clean them, so they do so and then devise another robbery where the addicts take the douche bag jar money this time, but bring back the suits all clean and pretty. They’ve got Schmidt believing until Winston who has been having a hard time with the lying gives up the truth. Schmidt doesn’t seem to really care all that much with Cece having rejected him. Schmidt deserves a hug.

Best of the episode: The meth addict robberies.

Worst of the episode: Cece not wanting to be with Schmidt.

Where this episode left us: It sounds like we need to play the Taylor Swift Never Getting Back Together song for Schmidt and Cece. And Nick’s going through something too.

What this episode ruined for us: Roof Bath Tubs


– a la Chryshele


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