Mike & Molly – Mike Takes a Test

mike&molly4S03xE09 – With Mike’s mom dating Mike’s Captain, it’s making for a lot of pressure on Mike. And it doesn’t let up when they go to dinner and his Captain mentions how he would like Mike to take the detective’s test. Mike agrees to do so because it would be an additional $20,000/year. So Mike hunkers down and gets his study on, but by doing this he’s secluding himself from Molly and life. So Molly goes to talk to him about it, and let him know that if it’s going to be too much pressure on him to take the test, he doesn’t have to. And then they realize that Mike can compare his current work to detective work and just use smarter words on how to address the problem. Mike feels better and more confident he can pass the test. And he does! He places 112th in line for detective. Which could be a while, but at least he’s on the list.

Best of the episode: Mike passing the test for detective.

Worst of the episode: Carl thinking he could be a better detective than Mike.

Where did this episode leave us?: In twenty years, Mike could be a detective.

Best one-liner: Molly to Mike’s mom – “Your boyfriend has a gun, my husband has a gun; how do you want to play this?”


– a la Chryshele


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