Hawaii Five-0 – Ha’awe Make Loa (Death Wish)

hawaiifive03S03xE09 – In a new and weird change, Danny has a separate case to deal with than McGarrett. Danny is assigned to catch a Victoria’s Secret model stalker. So he gets to play it up with the girls and also save one’s life. It’s a simple side story that ends in Danny and McGarrett being able to attend the fashion show and take Grace with them. You know so she can learn what the pretty girls do.

McGarrett has a tougher case that involves solving the purpose of a bank robbery that left two people shot (one being a girl Max likes a lot) and only $5,000 stolen. It immediately screams odd and so they investigate into the reasons. They learn that one of the two shot was actually part of the whole thing. Turns out he’s dying from cancer and wanted to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex-wife and daughter by playing the hero dying while trying to stop a robbery in progress. Unfortunately it didn’t go entirely as planned and he ends up in the hospital and so does another. The guy hired to kill him does get it done while the guys in the hospital recovering from his wound. McGarrett then goes on a chase after the hit man when he’s spotted in the hospital having just killed the guy, but the hitman gets away. They discover that he too is dying from cancer and locate where he’s been getting treatments, but hit man is quick and ends up taking McGarrett hostage. They drive out into a field area, where the guy give McGarrett his gun and tells McGarrett to kill him because he’s dying anyway. McGarrett refuses saying that’s the easy way out, and so the hit man decides to shoot himself, but Five-0 shows up and puts a stop to his attempt assuring hit man that he will die in prison the slow way.

Best of the episode: Danny beaming about Grace. It’s always cute to see him so proud of his daughter.

Worst of the episode: McGarrett and Danny not working together, I missed the banter.

Where this episode leaves us: Max has a girlfriend. It was sweet to see how much he cares for her while she was recovering from her gun shot wound.

Best one-liner: Danny about the model he saved – “What are the odds I get her phone number?” Steve – “Zero.” Danny – “Ah.”

What this episode ruined for us: Models acting


– a la Chryshele


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