Dexter – The Dark…Whatever


S07xE10 – Hannah’s father shows up and tries to get her to invest in his shellfish company. Turns out it’s just a ploy to get more money out of her. He has information that she poisoned a guard in Juvi and has a witness. Dexter takes care of Hannah’s dad but it’s a little late, the man had already called Deb so she gets to work on investigating the witness. La Guerta has pinpointed Dexter and wants to follow up on him as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Matthews isn’t too keen on that but offers to talk to Dexter first since they have history. Quinn shot one of the Kafka guys, then had Nadia shoot him in the arm so that he could claim “self defense”. Glad that’s over.

Best of the episode: The tension of La Guerta being thisclose to figuring Dexter out.

Worst of the episode: Seeing Hannah’s dad be a creep around Jamie.

Where this episode left us: What is Deb going to uncover now? And La Guerta?

Best one-liner: It’s all in the title. Hannah can’t accept the term “Dark Passenger” either.

What this episode ruined for us: Bananas.


Holler, Jordan


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