The Walking Dead – Made to Suffer

walking dead 5S03xE08 – We happen upon a new group of survivors in the woods. They’re names are Tyrese, Sasha, Ben, Donna and Allen. I do pay attention at times. They’re surrounded by walkers and Donna gets bit in the arm. They’re not about to leave her, and they head out of the woods. They come upon a crumbling building and hurry inside. It’s the backside of the prison. Oh great.

Andrea tells the Governor she wants to help Doc Milton cremate the old dude they experimented with. The Governor thinks the town is growing on her. When she leaves the Governor goes into his oh so secret room and unlocks the door where his walker daughter is stored. He pulls off the hood covering her face and undoes the neck chain and tries to get her to look at him. When she doesn’t he gets upset and restrains her and puts her away again for another day.

Glenn and Maggie are down in holding still huddled together. Maggie is wearing Glenn’s shirt and he makes sure that she wasn’t assaulted sexually. Then he goes and breaks off the arm of the walker he killed and rips out the jagged bones to use as weapons. Dang this show is gruesome.

Rick and the gang are just outside Woodbury trying to figure their way into the building. Michonne finds a way in on the side of town and so they proceed.

The Governor is talking to Merle about wanting to take out Rick’s group and let the walker overrun the prison again. No one will be the wiser. He tells Merle they could use Daryl as an inside man if Merle can get to him. The Governor then tells Merle to take Glenn and Maggie to the screamer pits before Andrea finds out they’re there.

At the prison Axel is hitting on Beth while she’s holding the baby, and Carol has to intervene. She tells Axel to back off and Axel explains that all the women are taken, and Carol is a lesbian so she’s off limits too. Carol tells him she’s not a lesbian, but there’s still not a chance for him.

Rick and the group have infiltrated the town and are on the hunt for Glenn and Maggie when they hear the sounds of a struggle. They follow the sounds and there are Maggie and Glenn fighting Merle and his men after Merle came to collect them. Maggie kills one of them with the jagged bone, but they’re still defeated until Rick and the gang show up throw a few smoke bombs, exchange some gun fire, and get Glenn and Maggie out of the danger of Merle. It’s now up to the group to find a way out of the town.

As they’ve found a safe spot for the moment, Glenn is able to explain what happens and tells Daryl that it was Merle who had taken them and beat them. Daryl wants to find him, but Rick tells him he needs him to help get the group out of the town, and once that’s done he can go after Merle. Daryl agrees and they proceed to find a way out of the town.

Meanwhile Michonne has separated herself and found her way to the Governor’s apartment where she intends to wait for him to show up and kill him. While she’s waiting she hears some noise and chases after it. There she finds the Governor’s secret room with the walker head wall and the room where his daughter is locked up. Michonne lets the girl out thinking she’s human and has been detained for wrong reasons, but when she pulls the hood off she sees the girl is a walker and goes to kill her, but just then the Governor shows up with gun in hand pleading for her not kill his daughter. Michonne not caring one bit, shoves her sword through the girl’s head killing her. The Governor screams and then charges Michonne. They roll around the floor taking turns overtaking each other (it’s not how it sounds). The Governor has the upper hand on Michonne until she is able to grab a shard of glass and ram it into the Governor’s right eye. He reels in pain and she gets away. She’s about to kill the Governor with her sword when Andrea shows up also with gun in hand. Michonne and Andrea stare each other down and then Michonne gives up and leaves. Andrea goes over to the Governor who is cradling his daughter while sobbing.

At the prison, screams are heard from within the prison itself, so Carl sets out on his own to see where they’re coming from, and he comes upon Tyrese and his group. They are being attacked by walkers and Carl helps them escape. Carl leads them to just outside their cell block and then locks the them up. Sasha is seriously upset about being secluded from Carl and his group, but Tyrese reminds her that no matter what, they are in a nicer place than they have been in a long time. Unfortunately they have to kill Donna for good because the walker virus has taken over her body, and so they attend to that matter.

Back in Woodbury, Rick and the group manage to get over the wall, but Daryl is missing. Michonne soon joins up with Rick and explains when Rick is furious with her that they still need her help to rescue Daryl and get back to the prison. The Governor is having a doctor place gauze over his eye, when Merle walks in clearly shaken by what’s happened, but not knowing who attacked the Governor. We then see the town gathering in the bleachers and the Governor walks out to address them. He tells them of the attack and that there is a mole on the inside by the name of Merle. Merle lied to the Governor and helped his brother Daryl penetrate the town. They bring out Daryl at this point, and then the Governor asks the townspeople what they should do with Daryl and Merle, and of course they all start yelling to kill them. And there in the crowd you see a shock-faced Andrea hopefully and finally catching on to what is really happening. But I don’t have high hopes.

Best of the episode: Michonne attacking the Governor and shoving the glass into his eye. All I can remember saying when that happened was “oh damn!”

Worst of the episode: Daryl getting caught. Not Daryl!!

Where this episode left us: Merle and Daryl are pitted against each other with the entire Woodbury town looking on wanting them dead. Holy Crap! Oh and new people are in the prison. Shall be interesting to see how Rick reacts with that one. And what does it mean that Rick saw Shane’s apparition? Guilt?

Best one-liner: Carol – “I’m not a lesbian.” Axel – “But you’ve got the short hair.”

What this episode ruined for us: EVERYTHING

Rating:Rating Potato

– a la Chryshele


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