The Vampire Diaries – My Brother’s Keeper

tvdS04xE07 – It’s the Mystic Falls Pageant once again, and Caroline is the coordinator so watch out. Elena and Stefan have broken up, and Elena is having feelings for Damon of course, but has asked Matt to be her escort to the pageant. Jeremy is having dreams of killing Elena, and then Stefan shows up forcing him to kill more vampires so the map will grow. But this has bad consequences because the more he kills, the more he loses himself and the desire to kill all vampires grows. This is proven so when he does try to kill Elena, and Stefan has to stop him. Because Tyler and Caroline have made Klaus believe that they are no longer together, Klaus has asked Caroline to the go with him to the pageant. She reluctantly agrees, but when Tyler is there with Hayley and sees how Caroline is enjoying herself with Klaus, he’s not too happy. Hayley has been breaking the sire-bond with most of the hybrids, and Damon has accused Professor Shane of being a part of the cabin explosion that killed April’s father and other founding members. Hayley is actually in cahoots with Shane we find out, and I’m guessing it’s all part of the plan to find the cure before the vampires do. I’m not sure though. Caroline and Stefan are talking about Tyler breaking the sire-bond and it dons on Caroline that Elena is possibly sired to Damon. This would explain her strong feelings for Damon and why she does and listens to everything Damon says. Meanwhile because Jeremy wants to kill Elena, she has moved out of the house and asked Matt to move in and watch over Jeremy. Elena is moving in with the Salvatore’s, but Stefan offers to crash somewhere else. Oh the triangle drama.

Best of the episode: Klaus and Caroline. I know Klaus is a baddie, but for some reason I really like the idea of them together. I’ve never been a big Tyler fan, so I’m not too sad about him maybe hooking up with Hayley.

Worst of the episode: This crap about Elena being sired to Damon. She can’t just have real feelings for him? Really?

Where did this episode leave us: Matt and Jeremy are roommates now, and Jeremy wants to kill every vampire in site. Sad. Elena is shacking up with Damon while Stefan is brooding over his loss. AND Elena is sired to Damon. Ugh.

Best one-liner: Elena – “My brother wants to kill me.” Damon – “Welcome to the club.”

What this episode ruined for us: True Feelings


– a la Chryshele


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