The Big Bang Theory – The Parking Lot Escalation

tbbtS06xE09 – Howard has bought a new car and is parking it in spot 294. Uh oh. That’s Sheldon’s spot, and he wants Howard to move. Howard won’t because Sheldon doesn’t even have a car. So Howard goes to the boss or someone high up and makes it that the parking spot is now his. This upsets Sheldon and he exacts revenge on Howard by stealing his $500 dollar Iron Man Mask. So Howard gets revenge on Sheldon by stealing his diploma. So Sheldon paints his name onto the bumper in the parking space and then has Amy leave her car there. Amy’s car gets towed by Bernadette and then Howard gets more revenge by sitting in Sheldon’s spot on the couch naked using Sheldon’s computer. Ew. So Sheldon gets further revenge by setting up a make-shift office in the parking spot. When Howard pulls up he tries to push Sheldon out of the way with the car. Finally Leonard intervenes, but it’s too late because Sheldon has made his way into Howard’s brand new car and undressed himself. Naked Sheldon in a car is unsettling too. Raj finally makes Howard apologize to Sheldon and let Sheldon have the parking space. Sheldon is happy, but then realizes this makes Howard the bigger man, so he decides he will let Howard use the spot until Sheldon learns how to drive. There now Sheldon is the bigger man, and to seal the deal, makes Howard say it out loud; “Sheldon you’re the bigger man.” The girls who also got involved in the fight also apologize to each other. All is better now.

Best of the episode: The thought of Sheldon wearing the Iron Man mask into a bank and getting tackled.

Worst of the episode: Naked Howard on the couch. Ew. Naked Sheldon in the car wasn’t much better to be honest.

Where this episode left us: Everyone has made up after the parking space incident. Well kind of. Sheldon still has some cleaning up to do.

Best one-liner: Bernadette – “Gosh, Amy. I’m sensing a little hostility. Is it maybe because like Sheldon’s work, your sex life is also theoretical?”
Penny – “Damn.”
Amy – “Well, at least, when we do make love, Sheldon won’t be thinking about his mother.”

What this episode ruined for us: Parking Spaces


– a la Chryshele


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