New Girl – Eggs


S02xE09 – While having a dinner party with their lesbian couple friends, Jess and CeCe decide to have their fertility tested. Turns out that Jess is fertile Myrtle over here but CeCe’s time to procreate is almost up. Schmidt finds out that he really can only have good sex if his heart is in it, the contract with his boss proved that. He made an appointment with the lesbian gyno and after him showing her some techniques (on a picture of a woman, good lord) she confirmed that he definitely knows what he was doing. He was good, but something was always missing and she pointed out that it was “feelings”. Turns out, he was in love with CeCe…and everyone knew it but him.

Best of the episode: Seeing Schmidt’s softer side.

Worst of the episode: Seeing CeCe be crushed when she finds out she’s got only a limited number of eggs left.

Where this episode left us: Will CeCe and Schmidt get back together and HAVE A BABY? Would Nick really be cool with fathering Jess’s child? Ha.

What this episode ruined for us: Lesbian dinner parties. Kidding, they’re probably not always downwers. Just don’t talk about vagina’s.


Holler, Jordan


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