Go On – Back, Back, Back…It’s Gone!

go onS01xE10 – Ryan is ready to get back into the dating game, and enlists Carrie’s help to find the women. Carrie’s not too excited though. So first they update his Facebook with a rocking picture and new relationship status of “widowed”. Now the ladies will come pouring in. First up are some volleyball players. They’re young, cute and fit, why not? Well playing with them doesn’t go so well when he falls and throws out his back. Totally sexy. None of the girls are initially interested until they find out he’s widowed. Now they’re all over him. Then at group Ryan decides he has feelings for Lauren and goes to her house where he tries to kiss her. All the while Wyatt has been fixing Ryan’s back because he’s a chiropractor, and when Ryan confesses he tried to kiss Lauren, Wyatt laughs. He then tells Ryan that everyone tries it at some point. Ryan shares this info with George (he’s back!) and George gossips, so now the entire group knows about Ryan and Lauren. But the jokes on them, because Ryan was informed about all of their tries on Lauren. In the end Ryan decides he’s ready, but not ready to get back in the dating game. George on the other hand is celebrating the fact that he’s still alive, and wants to complete his bucket list. The group thinks the items on his list are too dangerous and tell him no, but George goes out and does them anyway. Good for George. The group cat is lost and so Sonia and Danny go looking for the cat and end up falling in love. It’s kinda cute. Especially when he pretends to be the hero by finding the cat for Sonia.

Best of the episode: George is back and he’s a playa’. His pictures were awesome. For a blind dude he has more fun than I do.

Worst of the episode: Ryan’s feelings for Lauren are dismissed. And maybe they aren’t real yet, but I see them being real soon.

Where this episode leaves us: George knocked out half of his bucket list, even when he was told it was too dangerous.

What this episode ruined for us: Bucket Lists


– a la Chryshele


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