Glee – Thanksgiving


S04xE08 – All of the old seniors (well except Kurt and Rachel) gather home for the Thanksgiving holiday which also happens to be sectionals. Finn teams up new members of the New Directions with Mercedes, Quinn, Santana, Puck and Mike. Quinn is worried that Little Puck is interfering with Marley and he is becoming a distraction so she confronts him. He is actually really trying to help her, even though he isn’t aware that she is still concerned about her weight and puking up what she eats, if she eats at all. The bromance between Ryder and Little Puck continues as they help each other with their dance moves. Sectionals comes and goes and Marley passes out on stage. In New York, Kurt (told by Carrie Bradshaw-whatever lady) accepts Blaine’s apology but says he still isn’t ready to not be mad at him anymore but is willing to work on it. Rachel tries to reconcile with Brody despite her hatred that he slept with Cassandra.

Best of the episode: QUINN IS BACK and the make up between Kurt and Blaine. Thank lordy.

Worst of the episode: Marley still thinking she is fat.

Where this episode leaves us: Is Rachel going to truly move on? How is Marley going to face this?

Best one-liner: When Kurt tells Rachel and Brody they’re using the turkey as a “courting mechanism.”

What this episode ruined for us: Turkey.


Holler, Jordan


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