The Walking Dead – When The Dead Come Knocking


S03xE07 – Michonne has found the prison and Rick and the gang let her in to help her out. She had formula so they knew she had a link to Glenn and Maggie. She tells them of Woodbury and a small group of them set off to find it. Hershel helps her wounds and Carol is re-introduced to the group. In Woodbury, Andrea is continuing her affair with the governor, Merle tortures Glenn while the governor practically rapes Maggie to give up the location of their group when finally Maggie caves.

Best of the episode: Carol’s return, she wasn’t my favorite but it was a very tender moment.

Worst of the episode: Watching the governor torture Maggie.

Where this episode left us: Michonne has led Rick and Daryl to Woodbury, now they just have to find a way in. The governor knows that Maggie and Glenn’s group will be on their way to find them and he needs to be prepared.

Best one-liner: Carl – “Daryl calls her ass-kicker.”

What this episode ruined for us: Rest homes.


Holler, Jordan


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