The New Normal – The XY Factor


S01xE11 – After accidently finding out that their child is a boy (YAY) Bryan and David struggle with how to handle a son. Bryan is nervous he won’t be as liked as David because he isn’t the typical “man”, but ends up hitting his stride with David’s football team (homemade pizzas)! They reach a compromise that will make life great for baby boy. Meanwhile NO NANABIGOT and I think I enjoyed the episode more. Shania gets suspended from school after doing her Inspirational Woman report on Cher and singing Half-Breed. Apparently it goes agains the school’s zero tolerance policy. Goldie attempts to lawyer her way out of it but the punishment stands, which causes Goldie to rethink her dream of being a lawyer.

Best of the episode: Well besides the fact that it wasn’t agenda driven, I loved Shannon Doherty’s guest appearance as David’s potential future wife.

Worst of the episode: Just shoving Goldie’s lawyer dreams under the rug. I hope she figures out a dream soon.

Where this episode leaves us: THEY ARE HAVING A BOY.

Best one-liner: Just Shania’s rendition of Half-Breed. Typing it wouldn’t even do it justice.

What this episode ruined for us: Pee-wee football games.


Holler, Jordan


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