Mike & Molly – Mike Likes Briefs

S03xE08 – Mike starts to get nervous that Molly still isn’t pregnant. Honestly they haven’t been trying for long. So Mike starts taking action to better the chances on the baby making. He buys a wedge and even goes to the Big & Tall to purchase a pair of boxer briefs. The ultimate item of purchase though is a rhino’s dried penis necklace. Yeah. Ew. Molly on the other hand is growing tired of the continual baby making sex, and is feeling more and more used than wanted. So when she finally sits Mike down to discuss how she feels, she lets it be known that whether there ends up being a child or not in the picture, she will still love and be with Mike.

Best of the episode: Not very much Carl. He’s been wearing thin with me.

Worst of the episode: The rhino penis necklace. That was creepy.

Where did this episode leave us?: The kids are still going to keep trying for that baby, but Mike needs to be more patient about it.

Best one-liner: Carl – “When someone says ‘get the hell away from me’ in a whisper, it doesn’t feel as bad.”

What the episode ruined for us: Rhinos


– a la Chryshele


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