Hawaii Five-0 – Wahine’inoloa (Evil Woman)

S03xE08 – A couple kids are chasing a fire in the sugar fields when a man on fire runs out in front of their car, and they hit him. He died upon impact, but was likely to die from burns otherwise. Five-0 is on the case to find the man’s killer, and when they meet up with the man’s therapist to question her, McGarrett is immediately suspicious and also convinced that she is the murderer. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a lot of evidence to go off of, and this gets therapist lady released from custody. McGarrett now has to find the proof to put her away for good. The only thing is no one believes him entirely, and he’s coming off a bit unhinged. McGarrett is so sure she’s the killer that he begins to tail her, this leads to a restraining order, which isn’t exactly followed. Therapist lady invites McGarrett to lunch where she in so many words confesses to the murder and then plays him by having called the police and act attacked. She’s a crazy person. Eventually they find out that she’s not really a therapist, but a prostitute using her office as a cover. McGarrett was smart enough to put her on the “no fly” list at the airport and catch her in the process of trying to throw them off her trail. Crazy lady loses the game.

Meanwhile Doris, McGarrett’s mother, is being followed and basically stalked by a man who wants to kill her. Catherine and the guy she used to locate Doris when she was in hiding come to Doris’ aid and hunt down the guy. They lose him unfortunately and he finds Doris, and it looks like he’s taken her hostage, but it’s actually the opposite when they find her. Doris is torturing the dude for information rather brutally, it takes Catherine and other guy to stop her and get law enforcement to take the tortured dude into custody. Doris asks Catherine not to tell McGarrett about what’s happened, and shockingly, but reluctantly she agrees.

Best of the episode: McGarrett was able to prove that he wasn’t going crazy, and was right about the therapist.

Worst of the episode: Although McGarrett didn’t have much to go on, his team nonetheless were inclined to not believe him.

Where this episode leaves us: Catherine is now keeping a secret from McGarrett. I’m not sure it’s going to last very long.

Best one-liner: 

What this episode ruined for us: Sugar Cane Fields


– a la Chryshele


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